May 23, 2010

Show #108: The Braves Keep Winning

The Comeback.  What to do with Medlen?  Tracking Chipper’s progress.  And a state of the team discussion.



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  1. 251
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Glad we won! I was shaking my groove thang on the dance floor at my cousin’s wedding. Did we play good? Any goodness out of Chipper or Escobar?

  2. 252
    McOut Says:

    Mara, Chipper got a hit, maybe 2, and a walk, maybe 2. Can’t remember. Escobar .188, McOut .188ish, Omar .319ish… Who would you play???? I know Bobby doesn’t like playing Omar in the OF b/c he likes having another infielder on the bench. Here’s a crazy concept, if and when an infielder gets hurt in a game- cough, Chipper, cough- I think your allowed to move a guy from the OF and put him in an IF position. I still think Escobar is a much better player than McOut. Melky should play CF, which is something I never thought I’d think again. Use the Omar/Hinske combo in LF since Hinske struggles against lefties. After listening to a Frank Wren interview about the team, and this is reading a lot into it, I think he will make a move for another outfield bat if McOut doesn’t come around. He said he was open to making moves if guys can’t turn it around, and he sounded like he will make a trade at some point to fill holes, which is needed if you want to play in October.
    IDK, he also said he wants to keep all his young pitchers on the farm b/c the odds of all of them turning into ML pitchers are very slim. That said, if he wants another bat before the deadline, then he’s probably going to have to part with some of them. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Schafer traded. Prado is a great leadoff man, and Schafer plus Redmond, Resop, and maybe a couple other pitchers could probably get another power bat so we actually have a legit cleanup hitter. The Braves have a ton of good young arms and no cleanup hitter…..

  3. 253
    McOut Says:

    The Braves will be players at the deadline is a better way to sum it up.

  4. 254
    Anne Says:

    I admit it: I talk to myself. Don’t we all? (don’t answer that) Last night at the game I asked myself, “Wonder where Garret Anderson is now?” I feel better now:
    May 24: Anderson has had 17 at-bats and four starts, leading to a 2-for-4 performance Sunday, his first multi-hit game of the year. (ouch!)
    160 average, 1 HR, 7 RBI, 4 runs. (insert Price is Right losing horns here)

  5. 255
    McOut Says:

    Today’s lineup: Prado, Infante, MANBEAST, Glaus, Escobar, Cabrera, Ross, McOut, Car Keys. Infante’s playing 3rd today. Maybe we actually get a sweep with a decent lineup. The Venezuelan Dynamic Duo + MANBEAST= Runs. Does anyone know of a site where you can customize an MLB jersey? I want a number 22 jersey, but I want it to say MANBEAST on the back instead of Heyward. MANBEAST seems more appropriate. Steve, if you get a shot at an interview with Heyward, suggest the name change. It could be like Ochocinco, except it won’t be annoying: Jason MANBEAST.

  6. 256
    McOut Says:

    Also, what’s going to happen when they call up Resop? Medlen or KK to the pen? They have to call up Resop in the next two weeks if they want to keep him. He’s having a great year at AAA.

  7. 257
    McOut Says:

    The same article mentions that Minor in the Majors before the end of the year is also a strong possibility. Then there’s still Delgado, Teheran, Vizcaino, and Masters. Now you see why I mentioned the possibility of trading some of these guys. Wren said Venters will probably start in the future, so the Braves have like 9 potential starters in their early 20s: Resop, Medlen, Hanson, Vizcaino, Delgado, Teheran, Masters, Minor, and Venters. Resop is the exception, since his old self is 27, lol. I guess you could put the ones who don’t start in the pen with Kimbrel, Dunn, and Marek. It just seems like a lot of pitchers when you throw in the older guys who are good like Moylan and Hudson. I didn’t mention JJ because I don’t think they can resign him, but they will still have him for a few more years. He’s a Scott Boras guy.

  8. 258
    McOut Says:

    The Angels lost their best offensive player due to a walk off celebration. That really sucks.

  9. 259
    Anne Says:

    Hello from Turner Field – at least in a Kawakami game I can look forward to Kawakami’s Geishas high atop Manbeast land. (I’ll join in the name fest)

  10. 260
    Anne Says:

    The wimps up in the Press Box have the windows shut. Pansies!! (unless you’re there, Steve or Curt…)

  11. 261
    Anne Says:

    Press Box boys are ABT comment-readers: windows now open.

  12. 262
    McOut Says:

    I’m so jealous of you Atl folk. Wish I could be there. Scream Manbeast for me.

  13. 263
    Anne Says:

    Raindrops falling, McOut…but I’ll scream if I can!

  14. 264
    Anne Says:

    Chipper not in line-up, but autographing baseballs like a Mo Fo. Signs with his right hand (for those who care) and if you toss him a cap or a mitt to sign, he’ll throw ‘em back. Just balls. Balls!!

  15. 265
    Anne Says:

    First pitch thrown out by Phil Neikro’s grandson (grandpa right there with him) caught by Chipper. Nice.

  16. 266
    McOut Says:

    The radio guys were acting like we needed a hit from Ross bad because we essentially have two pitchers at the bottom of the order. They might be onto something.

  17. 267
    Anne Says:

    Jurrgens in uniform in dugout – good sign for recovery (?)

  18. 268
    Heyward+Hanson=World Series Ring Says:

    McLouth is doing Steve, Curt, and Hammy’s homework for the LVP discussion. 6 men left on base in his first 2 at-bats? Pathetic.

    O Schafer, where are thou?

  19. 269
    Anne Says:

    Random possibly bogus observation: has Bobby Cox lost weight? He doesn’t look quite as round as he used to.

  20. 270
    McOut Says:

    Malholm is blatantly pitching around Ross to get to McOut.

  21. 271
    Anne Says:

    …except that McLouth at least can field well…wish he’d figure out his swing ESP against his former – and crappy – team!

  22. 272
    Bub Says:

    I can’t BELIEVE Bobby Cox made as savvy and intelligent a decision as pulling KK out with 2 outs and none on base, costing him a chance at a win, to put EOF in to strike out last guy in the 7th.

    Have any of you ever seen him do that? I’ve never seen him do it. No words for how impressed I am with that move.

  23. 273
    McOut Says:

    I don’t get why he didn’t pull him after the leadoff walk. I guess the guy who went yard must have been one of those by the book righty/righty match ups. He pulled him to bring EOF to face a guy hitting .174…..

  24. 274
    McOut Says:

    Here’s something weird, the Braves have scored over 6 runs every game this week except Tuesday and Sunday. Guess who pitched on those days… I’ll give you a hint… his name rhymes with Salami….

  25. 275
    Anne Says:


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