May 23, 2010

Show #108: The Braves Keep Winning

The Comeback.  What to do with Medlen?  Tracking Chipper’s progress.  And a state of the team discussion.



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  1. 176
    Mara Wanna Says:

    How do you NOT sit Chipper? Is Bobby the only one who can make that decision? Can’t SOMEONE speak up?

  2. 177
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Marlin’s bullpen…not fantastic.

  3. 178
    Steve Says:

    Does anyone feel any better about Esco? Melky? Chipper?

    My answers: maybe, yes, no

    nice win. more wack-job bullpen management tonight

  4. 179
    Show all Says:

    I say: yes, yes and maybe. Chipper still is dangerous, and I think he will have occasional streaks of hitting. Do we see the light at the end of the tunnel? Yep. Do we know when the train will reach the station? No.

  5. 180
    Yusmell Asscobar Says:

    We won- didn’t get to see the game. I noticed Chipper didn’t get a hit. Did he hit any “line drives” like his double play in the first inning of Tuesday’s game. Bobby calling that ball a line drive is proof enough that he is out of touch with the game. maybe the Melk Dud is coming around. I doubt it, but maybe. He really is a 4th outfielder when it comes down to it. The only one I would bank on coming around is Escobar. He sucks something awful right now, but I he could still turn it around with his talent.

  6. 181
    Yusmell Asscobar Says:

    BTW, If we had won both Sunday and Tueaday we would be only a 1/2 game out of first, which should of happened, but, for some reason, Cox is still the manager. Thanks Bobby.

  7. 182
    Mara Wanna Says:

    ” Chipper had a big walk. “. Guess who said it…big wild guess. That made me laugh. His “big walk” plated a run so i suppose that should probably count for something.

  8. 183
    Curt Says:

    A big walk when the pitches were so bad Escobar wouldn’t have even swung at them. Way to go Chip

  9. 184
    McOut Says:

    I DVRed the game and watched after I got home. Probably the most unimpressive 4-run win I’ve ever seen. Thank god we keep playing teams with awful bullpens. I don’t quite understand why Moylan pitched two innings last night instead of maybe the 8th Tuesday and the 8th last night. I still don’t get why Chavez pitched in a one run game after everyone had a day off. It also seems like Tuesday night, 8th inning, 1 out, runners on first and second, and Cody Ross, a right hander, at the plate would have been the ideal Moylan spot. It probably keeps that game a one run game. The Braves probably win. But….
    The offense looks questionable at best, again. I guess Troy Glaus’s foot problem is why he is slower than Sid Bream. Do we really need to say anything about Chipper? I mean, it so obvious to everyone except Bobby that he shouldn’t hit 3rd anymore. It’s not Chipper’s fault, he’s suggested he be moved in the order. It might take some of the pressure off of him. The Marlins announcers were even talking about how they’d bat him 6th or 7th at this point in his career. It’s funny going through this Chipper thing, and Francona is up in Boston pulling Big Papi at every wise opportunity, like good managers will do. Big Papi is having a better year than Chipper, is a Boston sports icon, and yet even he is not immune to tough managerial decisions. That’s what managers do who care about winning above everything else. Something tells me that if a guy like Tito were making out our line up, a guy like Chipper might not be batting where he is just because that’s where he’s always hit. Decisions might be made based on a player’s actual CURRENT performance.

  10. 185
    McOut Says:

    BTW, “Crime Dog” Fred McGriff was at the gig I played last night. Pretty cool. He’s not as tall as I expected, but he is probably one of the nicest guys I have ever met in my life. I always loved him when he was paying, and I like him even more now. He was very kind to take a moment from his evening with friends to talk to a fan. I will never forget going to Atlanta Fulton County Stadium in the Summer one year and the Braves were playing the Cardinals. I went with my dad and two older brothers, all of whom are Cards fans. (My Dad is fro St. Louis, My Mom is from Dalton, GA-thus the split in the family with sports allegiances) Glavine was pitching. The Braves won 5-3 and Fred McGriff hit the game winning 3-run homer. If any of you have brothers, older brothers in particular, then you know how special that game was for me. GO BRAVES!

  11. 186
    McOut Says:

    Does anyone know anything about this Yasser Gomez the Braves signed? Cuban defector, CF, apparently he’s going to start out in AAA.

  12. 187
    Mara Wanna Says:

    “the gig I played last night.”. You Bub and Cledus should start an ABT band. Cool story!

  13. 188
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Am I right that HAnson will pitch Tuesday night? Any idea who he’ll face?

  14. 189
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Wait…Hudson’s pitching Tuesday. It’s just counting to 5,you’d think I could do that. Packing for 5 people has taken all my math abilities away.

  15. 190
    Steve Says:

    McOut – where were you playing? And why was McGriff there?

  16. 191
    McOut Says:

    This place called Grille 116 in Tampa. It’s a very nice restaurant/bar. He apparently goes there a lot. I randomly saw Ronde Barber there a couple weeks ago, too. Also a really nice guy, but it was bitter for me because he usually has some of his best games against the Falcons. Pretty crazy gig.

  17. 192
    Mara Wanna Says:

    We miss Halladay next week. Scheduled matchups are — Blanton vs. Hanson, Hamels vs. Hudson, Kendrick vs. Lowe.

  18. 193
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Of course we need to take care of Fish tonight and the Pirates over the weekend. Go Braves!

  19. 194
    McOut Says:

    I like the Melky for McLouth move in the line up today. I also like Hinske at 4. Chipper still 3….
    Actual: Prado, Heyward, Chipper, Hinske, Glaus, Melky, Escobar, Ross, Hudson.

    With Glaus’s bum foot, I would do this:
    1. Infante 2B
    2. Prado 1B
    3. Heyward RF
    4. Hinske LF
    5. Chipper 3B
    6. Escobar SS
    7. Melky CF
    8. Ross C
    9. Hudson P

  20. 195
    McOut Says:

    Hahaha. Might want to turn the field mics down. Hinske just yelled four very audible F bombs.

  21. 196
    McOut Says:

    The Braves have to be the worst hitting team with RISP.

  22. 197
    McOut Says:

    Melky just saved at least 2 runs.

  23. 198
    McOut Says:

    What’s the history between Hanley and Hudson? Hudson inexplicably hit Hanley. Hanley then stole 2nd and scored on a single.

  24. 199
    McOut Says:

    FSMarlins just broadcasted about 20 sec. of straight feedback. Thanks.

  25. 200
    McOut Says:

    A very long, wet 4th inning.

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