May 30, 2010

Show #109: The Braves Close In On First Place

The amazing month of May.  McLouth’s struggles.  Heyward vs. Hanson.  And ranking the NL East.



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  1. 301
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Curt was told there’d be no math.

  2. 302
    Curt Says:

    When we win 8 in a row it will be a nice thing to worry about. Until then, I probably won’t.

    Bring on the Dodgers

  3. 303
    Steve Says:

    “He tweaked his ability.” – Fantastic!

    LOVE that the crowd was chanting sweep. Seriously people, when was the last time we had this kind of baseball energy around here. Even in the first half of the aughts when we were winning the division, it was pretty tame around here. I love this run!

    And how about Lowedemort? And eight innings, no less. I’m going to start calling him Derek soon.

    Mara – more description of the crowd and energy, please.

  4. 304
    Cledus Says:

    Hello Anne and all. Come and listen to my story about..driving to Atlanta and back in one day for a ball game. I got home about 30 minutes ago. Post game ATL traffic was horrible! Left this morning at 7:30. whew!! And all that for what??

    For the pleasure of meeting her Highness, Princess Leah (quite charming), and for the pleasure of seeing Lowe look like a stud to win for once with no run support, and to be able to Sweep the phinkin stillies!

    Oh, and Wags, the amazingly friendly ballpark staff, the very occasional cloud and wisp of a breeze that might have reduced my sunburn from 3rd to 2nd degree.

    My only regret on the day is that I wish I had eaten two Italian sausage dogs instead of just one!

    Go Braves!

  5. 305
    Cledus Says:

    Steve, I just saw that the Attendance was 26, 309. I have no idea how accurate that is but just eyeballing the crowd it looked like a lot of people for a weekday game. I’m guessing that the possibility of a sweep brought in more local fans. As far as energy, it was very hot and the game was tied at 1 all for much of the game. That’s hard to get people charged up, but when Infante gave us the lead and when Wags came in, there was a great, palpable energy!

  6. 306
    Ham Says:

    Curtis – check out the streak number, we are there, brother. WE ARE THERE!

    and like Bub, I could look at this all day.

  7. 307
    Cledus Says:

    Funniest musical moment was when the Phillies right fielder came to bat and the organist played the “rice a roni” song. You know…the Ben Francisco treat! Don’t know if that was mentioned earlier. I do know that I suggested last year that you guys interview that organist. I hear he’s a famous jazz musician, right?

  8. 308
    Mara Wanna Sweep Says:

    Here ya go…you can experience the last minute and a half from the Rev’s perspective. This is how it was for the entire top of the 9th. When Billy walked what’s his toes (honestly so tired I can’t remember) there was a collective sigh. After the win you can see a few dejected Phillies fans walking up the stairs. Did they really think they could pull out a win? Really? See Steve, no compassion when it comes to baseball.
    ENJOY ABT!!!

  9. 309
    Mara Wanna Sweep Says:

    It’s still a little fuzzy but I hear once it’s approved it will clear up.
    Cledus, so fun putting a face with a name…the real one. And seems like a nice lady friend ya got there. We noticed the “Rice a Roni” as well…pretty clever. The Office theme for Ryan Howard is my absolute favorite.
    Curt, I couldn’t tell what they were chanting at Howard but if I had picked up on “O-ver-rat-ted” I would have joined in fo’ shizzle.

    GREAT SERIES! What do we think about those Dodgers?

  10. 310
    Will Says:

    yesterday’s paper said 17 out of last 21 and 7 straight…so my superior math skills say it now must be 18 out of last 22 and 8 straight. Curt, if Bobby was not there, it would be 25 out of last 22, right?

  11. 311
    Nate Says:

    The organist is Matthew Kaminski. He’s a really good jazz organist. In February he released his debut CD “Taking My Time”. I had a feeling he was a jazzer when he played a very solid “A Night in Tunisia” when some guy named Gillespie was batting earlier this year.

    Did anyone see that Jim Joyce cost Armando Galarraga of the Tigers a perfect game tonight with a missed call at first base with two outs in the 9th. Unbelievable. The guy was out by a step too. It wasn’t even that close of a play. Could of been the 3rd perfect game in less than a month.

  12. 312
    Nate Says:

    Is it possible to reverse the call now. That’s really really terrible. How do you not give a pitcher the benefit of the doubt in that situation even if it’s a close play? What’s worse is that he hesitated before he made the call. Jim Joyce must of been thinking about what he was going to eat after the game or something.

  13. 313
    Mara Wanna Sweep Says:

    Nate, I did see that. You know Jim Joyce must feel just terrible. It seemed like even the runner was disappointed he wasn’t called out. Just gut wrenching.

  14. 314
    Tcc Says:

    Hold your horses there, Nate! Are you suggesting MLB should intervene on a disastrous call when they can’t clean up PED’s, can’t see the stupidity of the DH or of giving home field advantage in the biggest series of the year to an exhibition game winner??

    What are you thinking??

  15. 315
    Tcc Says:

    Mara…I’m exhausted, but still pumped up about the game today! Fun stuff!

  16. 316
    Nate Says:

    Lol, are you watching BBT, too? I like how Bill Hohn appeared twice in their bad calls of the week segment. The guy is obviously a terrible umpire and should be removed form baseball and soon. He cost the Natinals that game, and he cost us 2 games last year. To top off the bad calls, Hahn had a congratulatory fist bump with the Marlins catcher after one of them.

  17. 317
    Nate Says:

    Jim Leyland and Bobby Cox are obviously both legends in Major League Baseball, but every time I see their teeth I get ill. Talk about some serious tobacco stains.

  18. 318
    Nate Says:

    Got to chat with the Crime Dog a little at my gig tonight. I’m sad to report he will be pulling for the Rays over the Braves when the two teams face each other later this month. In spite of that, he is still a very classy, humble individual.

  19. 319
    Nate Says:

    Tcc, well said sir, well said.

  20. 320
    Tcc Says:

    And just what “gig” was that, Nate? Shame on the Dog for biting the hand that fed him?

  21. 321
    Nate Says:

    On Wednesday nights I play a funk gig with a group at this bar/restaurant in Tampa. The most exciting part about it is seeing the Crime Dog. Ronde Barber randomly shows up on occasion, too. Would like to think they come out to hear us play, but, yeah, that’s definitely not true, lol. Not my favorite place I’ve ever played to say the least. I’m just not a fan of places where a bunch of randoms act like their hot to trot and better than others, which, unfortunately, there are a lot of in Tampa. It’s especially annoying when people who are somewhat famous go there and act super down to Earth and are very laid back and humble. But, it’s like my mom told me when I was growing up, “Some people just suck.” That’s some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten, and that’s why I usually just try and ignore those types.

  22. 322
    Nate Says:

    That’s my biggest fear about my generation. They’ve been warped by watching too much garbage on MTV and VH1: Music Television my @$$.

  23. 323
    Anne Says:

    re #306 – my second-favorite thing about that link is the L10 next to the Diamondbacks…though they did just play the Dodgers…

  24. 324
    Anonymous Says:

    How come Sunday’s Dodger’s pitcher is “to be announced? I’m assuming it’s Ely. I’m nervous people! I’m hoping for a split.

  25. 325
    Mara Wanna Says:

    I feel badly for Galarraga but my gut aches for Joyce. Stand up reactions all around.

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