June 06, 2010

Show #110: The Braves Take Hold of 1st Place

The 9 game win streak.  McCann’s future.  And praise for the turnaround.



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  1. 551
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Marteen is ‘da man! I’m proud of our boys and how they’ve played. Keep it up! Go Braves!

    Bub, I hope you have a fabulous summer.

  2. 552
    Tcc Says:

    Nice…Glaus just moved into Prado’s neighborhood!

  3. 553
    Tcc Says:

    Glaus getting tired…lower deck HR..

  4. 554
    Zombub Says:

    Holy Beatdown, Batman! Who ARE these people????????

    Go Freaking BRAVES!!!!

  5. 555
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Bub, did one of your earlier posts mean you are going to watch the Braves Rays series?

    I cannot believe this game! Meds is killin it!

  6. 556
    Curt Says:

    Right behind the Phillies sweep, that’s the best series of the year right there.

  7. 557
    Tcc Says:

    No doubt about it Curt, not to mention that it gave them a 6/5 road trip.

  8. 558
    Zombub Says:

    Wow, Braves. Just, wow. As perplexed as I was in April, I’m that impressed right now.

  9. 559
    Zombub Says:

    Curt, it’s tied for sweeping the Phillies at home for me. 20 days without rest, dinged up, on the road, 1st place AL team, losing the first game and winning the last two, offensive beat down in the rubber game… awesome.

    NL East 5-0 versus the AL today.
    NL Central 0-4 versus AL today, with the Cubs/Whitesox still to go.

  10. 560
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Curt, you said you’d be happy if we returned to ATL 2 games ahead. We’re 1.5 ahead. Are you still happy?

  11. 561
    Curt Says:

    Happy. I was sweating it when we lost the first game in MN, but taking the last two has really feel great about this team. And the Phils are now 3 back. Jason Stark thinks the Braves are going to run away with the division. Not sure about that, but I still don’t buy the Mets and if we can get some distance from the Phils, who nows.

    Show up soon.

  12. 562
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Does the new show consist of you talking baseball and Steve and Ham giggling like little school girls?

  13. 563
    Steve Says:

    Something like that.

  14. 564
    Curt Says:

    that was me

  15. 565
    Curt Says:

    and the word is ‘knows’

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