June 06, 2010

Show #110: The Braves Take Hold of 1st Place

The 9 game win streak.  McCann’s future.  And praise for the turnaround.



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  1. 376
    Nate Says:

    What game is Bobby watching?

  2. 377
    Curt Says:

    Mara, I know who would get the loss in this situation. If you were wondering….

  3. 378
    Mara Wanna Snake Skin Says:

    Thanks Curt but I just default to KK getting the loss in every game he pitches. Sometime I would like a tutorial on which pitcher gets the W and the L or neither. Anybody got a good link? Bub, how tall is your coffee table? Bub?

  4. 379
    Bub's Floor Says:


  5. 380
    Mara Wanna Snake Skin Says:

    I feel for McLouth cause clearly he’s hurt and I hate that. However, everytime they show the replay it looks like Heyward woulda had that ball. I love McLouth bustin it to get there but the kid had it. Not sure what coulda shoulda happened and it doesn’t matter cause it didn’t.

  6. 381
    Mara Wanna Snake Skin Says:


    I’m sure KK really appreciates being the Home Depot player of the game. He’s just giddy over it.

  7. 382
    Mara Wanna Snake Skin Says:

    Payback’s a bitch Yunel! Make him pay!

  8. 383
    Mara Wanna Snake Skin Says:

    Come on!!!!! PLEASE win!!!!!

  9. 384
    Curt Says:

    D Backs leading the planet in giving up HRs. Now would be the time for us to actually hit one against them.

    Maybe after Melky.

  10. 385
    Mara Wanna Snake Skin Says:

    Why’s Qualls have to figure things out tonight?

  11. 386
    Bub's Floor Says:

    That was a demoralizing freaking loss.

  12. 387
    Mara Wanna Snake Skin Says:


  13. 388
    Mara Wanna Snake Skin Says:

    Have I mentioned I’m glad tomorrow’s a day game? It took me like 10 minutes to typ that sentence. Eye’s crossing.

  14. 389
    Bub's Floor Says:

    G’night, ABT. Hang in there. Just a bump in the road. Err… on the road.

  15. 390
    Curt Says:

    That folks is about the worst way to lose a game. That’s 4 losses out of the last 6. I see a bad moon arising.

    And watching that play now 400 more times is that it’s McLouth’s ball. Heyward ran him over. The center fielder has the play if he can make it andit was in his glove, or thereabouts, before he got dump trucked by Heyward.

    Bad, bad loss. Time for Peter to get skipped a few times in the rotation.

  16. 391
    Curt Says:

    And let’s give some love to KK. That’s about 5 or 6 quality starts now.

  17. 392
    Nate Says:

    I haven’t seen a team lose on an inside the park home run since I played little league. Thanks Pete. McOut probably could have avoided his headache and mine had Moylan not thrown a mid 80s pitch down the middle of the plate. It’s probably a situation where Bobby will continue to use him in clutch situations because of Pete’s success in past years. It’s the same logic that keeps Chipper batting 3rd, McOut starting in CF (barring injury), and Omar on the bench. Tough loss.

  18. 393
    Mara Wanna Snake Skin Says:

    Yeah… like I said, McLouth totally had that ball. I told y’all it was his play. In other news my sister’s brother in law was just drafted by the Rangers! So cool right?


  19. 394
    Nate Says:

    Yep, McOut’s ball. Not sure what Heyward’s thinking there. I am disappointed in McOut, but you hate to see that happen to anyone. Rookie mistake for sure.

  20. 395
    Curt Says:

    It looked like McLouth never called him off, which is odd given they almost ran into each other earlier in the game. As if McLouth thought he had worked something out with Heyward about balls in the gap. Phils got rained out so just down a half game for now.

    Leah, congrats to you sister’s brother in law. That’s awesome.

  21. 396
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Curt, I was wondering about him not calling him off. I bet he does next time. So, nobody’s fault? Just a crying shame.

  22. 397
    KK Says:

    Next time I want happy ending.

  23. 398
    Nate Says:

    Riding on minimal sleep and heading out West. DOB’s postgame quotes need some editing on the profanity. He must be sleep deprived, too. Kind of disappointed he didn’t ask McOut about being 0-15 with runners in scoring position and leaving 6 on base last night. I don’t buy The Perfect Storm flyball theory. They make it sound like it was an unavoidable disaster. It wasn’t. Also, hit balls with guys on and that play doesn’t cost them the game. Now McOut will be coddled even more than he already is.

    I also don’t buy that no one had time to call it. If you think you can catch it and you play CF you scream “I got it.” McOut is a moron. He can’t throw home. He can’t hit. He bunts with the pitcher hitting behind him, and he can’t call a guy off a ball. If you can’t run and say “I got it at the same time”, then my guess is we might see those two collide again. Reading those postgame quotes grinds my gears even more than the result of the game. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves. They scored 1 run against the D’Backs. Pathetic. Bobby seemed more focused on The Perfect Storm fly ball theory. Bobby, it was really more like an episode of when dumb athletes collide. Splitting with the D’Backs is embarrassing, and they still have to win one to accomplish that. The Twins and Rays are going to punish the Braves.

  24. 399
    Nate Says:

    Sorry to be a grouch, but reading that garbage on the postgame quotes and thinking about who we’re about to play is disturbing. I get chills thinking about the way we’re pitching and hitting and the 2 lineups and pitching staffs we’re about to see. I will be thrilled if go 2-4 in those 2 series.

  25. 400
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Actually, I’m glad to see moylan pissed. He should be.

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