June 06, 2010

Show #110: The Braves Take Hold of 1st Place

The 9 game win streak.  McCann’s future.  And praise for the turnaround.



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  1. 476
    Bub Says:


  2. 477
    Curt Says:

    I sense a bad stretch coming from the Braves. Remember how awful they have been in June the past few years.

    They just said KJ has scored 8 and knocked in 9 in this series. Is that even possible? Can we not pitch around him somehow? I hate that Bobby lets one guy kill them over and over. Carlos Beltran, the Astro, in the playoffs that year? He has your number. Take the bat out of his hands.

    This series has been so terrible.

  3. 478
    Mara Wanna Says:


  4. 479
    Nate Says:

    Bobby. Cox.

  5. 480
    Bub Says:

    Whew. Looking better. Keep it going, Bravos.

  6. 481
    Curt Says:

    Thank God Qualls is just terrible

  7. 482
    Bub Says:

    Thank God the Braves are fighters.

  8. 483
    Curt Says:

    COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 484
    Bub Says:

    Wagner acting like he’s got nothing.

  10. 485
    Bub Says:



    That was the most ridiculous win ever. I’d have freaking died if we’d lost it.

  11. 486
    Curt Says:

    No kidding

  12. 487
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Crazy game. What happened to Venters? I will have to watch that ninth inning.

  13. 488
    Mara Wanna Says:


    that is very funny.

  14. 489
    Bub Says:

    That’s awesome, Mara. Thanks for the link. Joe West, lol.

  15. 490
    Bub Says:

    Wow. Halladay and Santana both lose on the same day. That’s useful.

  16. 491
    Bub Says:

    The Braves now match their biggest lead on the Phillies. Isn’t that wild, considering the scuffling on the road trip?

    The Mets are catching up, though. And while we’re playing the Twins and the Phils have their hands full with Boston, the Mets have a series against the worst team in baseball. So this thing could tighten up very quickly.

  17. 492
    Tcc Says:

    Finally got around to listening to the show…been busy, y’all. Steve, looks like the Bravos will have to sweep the Twins to get to 5-2. Now wouldn’t that be fun???
    Curt, I agree that the Lemmer ain’t the best but on the pre game show he is the one bright spot next to Buck and Leo. Belue sounds like a moron and Mazzone sounds like an a$$!

    Go Braves!

  18. 493
    Mara Wanna Says:

    I’m watching the bottom of the 8th on MLB.com and I know what happened to Venters. The Tinkle Lady. Yep, you heard me.

  19. 494
    Bub Says:

    Lew does sound like an ass. I never knew before this season on the radio that he was so acerbic.

  20. 495
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Love Brooksy’s at bat and his fight all around the bases. Dude was going to score or die trying. Melky looked like a toddler trying to bunt.

  21. 496
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Nice 9th inning Bravos. The momentum was totally on the D-Backs after that 8th and the Venters deterioration. Now for Wagner’s drama.

  22. 497
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Wags was getting tinkled too! I think Prado could’ve had the ball Upton hit had the ump not gotten in the way.

  23. 498
    Steve Says:

    Tcc – could not agree more on the 680 pre-game show. And you know it’s bad when Lemke is the bright spot.

    Getting ready to fly to Vegas tomorrow to meet up with Hammy. It’s going to be a very, very special episode of the show coming up on Sunday.

  24. 499
    Mara Wanna Says:

    I’m very afraid. Special cause you and Hammy will be in Vegas or Special cause you have a surprise for us?

  25. 500
    Mara Wanna Says:


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