June 13, 2010

Show #111: The Braves End Road Trip in High Fashion

The 11-game road trip finally ends.  The Braves potential All Stars.  Brooks Conrad. 



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  1. 176
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Great game! Great win! Prado is a beast anywhere on the field!

  2. 177
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Come on Curt! Gotta find a better adj. than “satisfying”.

  3. 178
    Bub Says:

    That was awesome. I had the Braves on a radio station that kept fading in and out on back roads taking a short cut to Oxford (movie theater). Through the crackling static I could tell Kimbrel loaded the bases with no outs. I had called my aunt (it’s her son I was taking to the movie, so she agreed to do this) and told her to buzz my phone if either team scored.

    So, after the radio permanenty faded out with the bases loaded for KC, I just turned it off and waited for the phone to buzz. Talk about a watched pot never boils. I waited, and waited, and waited… the radio finally came in just enough to hear Jim’s excited voice, but I couldn’t tell what he said.

    I called my aunt and said “Don’t tell me Kimbrel got out of that jackpot.” She said, yup. Couldn’t believe it.

    She buzzed me two minutes before the movie started and let me listen to Wagner’s last two outs and told me NY and PHIL lost. AWESOME win.

    Awesome movie, too. More than satisfying, even. Mara, take tissues. You never saw a group of grown man happier to have their eyes hidden by 3D glasses.

  4. 179
    Will Says:

    best record in NL!

    almost as good as Rankees!


  5. 180
    Curt Says:


  6. 181
    Mara Wanna Says:


  7. 182
    Tcc Says:

    Go Braves!

    Curt, you keep calling ’em like that and we’ll get you that pony!

  8. 183
    Tcc Says:

    42-28=.600 Wow.

  9. 184
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Bub, you have a very nice Aunt…and her son has a very kind cousin. Speaking of cousins, the Rev’s cousin swung by today and he’s almost as big a Braves fan as I am. It’s very refreshing chatting Braves baseball with someone almost as insane as me. And, I was able to use the word Brave in scrabble tonight. It was freakin awesome!

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