July 08, 2010

Show #115: We Sit Down with Braves Great, Sid Bream

Sid discusses Lasorda, Leyland, Cox, 1991 and, of course, The Slide.



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  1. 76
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Nate, it was pretty good. Next time I think I’ll have my fries on the side. Good win! Let’s sweep!

  2. 77
    Curt Says:

    This is pretty impressive stuff going into the AS break

  3. 78
    Bub Selig Says:

    Awesome. Baseball. Team.

  4. 79
    Mara Wanna Says:

    ‘fo shizzle.

  5. 80
    Bub Selig Says:

    About that starting pitching of ours, I did some research on the last 15 starts of the Braves, Phils, and Mets, to get a peek at how the starting rotations are trending since ours started to gel.

    Over the last 15 starts (3 for each starter): Mets starters have allowed 3 or fewer runs 8 times. Phillies have done it 9 times. Braves have done it 11 times.

    Over those same 15 starts, Mets starters have allowed 2 or fewer runs 5 times, Phils 5 times, Braves NINE times. That’s right, 2 or fewer runs given up by Braves starters 9 out of their last 15 outings.

    Lastly, adding up all the runs given up by starters over the last 15 starts, Phils have allowed 48, Mets have allowed 48, Braves: 29. Twenty-nine runs allowed by our starters across 15 outings.

    Remember when Wren said we’re going back to a Rotation-First philosophy? I think the man’s dream is coming true.

  6. 81
    Nate Says:

    Good stuff, Bub.

  7. 82
    Mara Wanna Says:

    #80 would make a damn fine blog entry if you ask me. If I wasn’t such a polite southern lady I’d bring it up. *sigh* but I won’t.

  8. 83
    Mara Wanna Says:

    SAWEEEP! I hope Lowedemort stays home and tends his azaleas so D. Lowe can pitch like a mad man.

  9. 84
    Nate Says:

    Mara, that was hilarious.

  10. 85
    Steve Says:

    #80: Yes, yes, and yes. How exciting is all this?!?!?! I feel the sweep today. Santana is no Halladay. And Bobby doesn’t have his Sunday lineup in. Let’s take care of them.

  11. 86
    Nate Says:

    Lol, could Melky have gotten a worse jump on that attempted sacrifice?

  12. 87
    Leo Says:

    That Angel is a boil on our backside.

  13. 88
    Marra Wanna Says:

    No fits Yunel.

  14. 89
    Nate Says:

    What a clown

  15. 90
    Marra Wanna Says:

    Wonder what Frenchy and Chipper are chatting about?

  16. 91
    Marra Wanna Says:

    Haha. Frenchy looked like he was trying to knock over a tree.

  17. 92
    Curt Says:

    Come on Netherlands

  18. 93
    Marra Wanna Says:

    Easy Martin. Walk it off buddy.

  19. 94
    Marra Wanna Says:

    Hey, I just read somewhere that McLouth hit a homer today.

  20. 95
    Marra Wanna Says:

    Nice play by Yunel. All star break could not come soon enough for our 1st baseman. He looks creaky.

  21. 96
    Marra Wanna Says:

    Wrong Board Curt. Time to score boys!

  22. 97
    Marra Wanna Says:


  23. 98
    Curt Says:

    That might be the game right there. Walking into Despicable Me. Go braves

  24. 99
    Marra Wanna Says:

    Bring on Meds!

  25. 100
    Marra Wanna Says:

    Sad getting shut out but glad we won the series. And it was house money so I hear. Time to recharge the batteries.

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