July 11, 2010

Show #116: The 2010 Braves at the Halfway Point

Omar Infante backlash, All Star no shows, Yunel Escobar, and looking back at the first half of the Braves’ season.



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  1. 276
    Bub Selig Says:

    I watched the inning when the Braves threatened on ESPN gamecast, and I was working on some other stuff, so I wasn’t paying total attention.

    But every time somebody would come up to bat, I’d look at the on deck batter to think about whether the current batter had to be the one to drive them in. And even though they failed to execute, I was amazed at how many times I was looking at the next guy coming up, thinking he was just as dangerous.

    Prado batting with Heyward on deck.
    Heyward with Chipper.
    Chipper with Glaus.
    Glaus with McCann.
    McCann with Diaz.
    Diaz with Gonzalez.

    Those guys can really, really hurt you.


    Something I dug up re: Hanson to calm myself down:

    Tommy’s funk = 5 bad starts (5 ER or more) in a span of 12 starts.

    1990, John Smoltz (14-11, 3.85 ERA) had exactly 5 of them in his first 13 starts.

    1988, Greg Maddux (18-8, 3.18 ERA) had 5 of them in 10 starts from July 20 to Sept. 8.

    1989, Tom Glavine (14-8, 3.68 ERA) had 4 of them in 9 starts from June 2nd to July 17th.


    Other calming news:

    Hanson has given up 0, 1, or 2 runs 13 times this year.

    The # of runs Hanson has given up during the 7 non-bad starts while in his current funk:



  2. 277
    Nate Says:

    Bub, that’s a good point on Hanson. He is still very young and inexperienced. Chipper’s post game quote called attention to what we’ve been saying for a couple months on him. He said they were swinging like they knew what he was about to throw, or something along those lines. I hope it is a problem that can be fixed before too long. The teams that have hit him pretty well(Dodgers, Reds, White Sox, Brewers, Tigers) are all very good offensive teams, and that makes me believe Chipper’s quote even more. I think some of the hitters or coaches on those teams have seen something in video on Tommy, and they are using it to their advantage in the game. It’s not like they’re going through the order a couple of times and then get runs late. Those teams are hitting him early and often.

    On a side note, does anyone else have issue with Chiper calling other players out on inconsistent performance? Reading that in his post gamers just really really bothered me. When I read it I was like yeah, but Chipper you popped to second with the bases loaded and one out. Did you have a hit? No you didn’t. The offense should talk critiquing the starting pitchers performances when they start hitting again. The offense has been carried by our pitching a lot lately. Bub, I’ll admit that our line up is definitely more dangerous than Braves line ups of Summers past, but every time we went through the Brewers line up and a guy like Hart, Braun, or Fielder came up I was thinking, “Man it would be nice if we had one of those.”

  3. 278
    Nate Says:

    Tonight’s Lineup: Prado, Infante, Gonzalez, Glaus, Diaz, Cabrera, Ross, Conrad, Hudson. All righties for their lefty.

  4. 279
    Marra Wanna Says:

    Hello from NYC!

  5. 280
    Nate Says:

    Phils 4 Cubs 1. Phils scored 4 in the top of the 9th.

  6. 281
    Marra Wanna Says:

    Can somebody tell me the score? At Bat app isn’t working and I’m in the middle of Mary Poppins.

  7. 282
    Nate Says:

    6-3 bad guys

  8. 283
    Marra Wanna Says:

    Anybody worried by the fact that we lost two in a row…at home…against the Brewers?

  9. 284
    Anne Says:

    Nope. The only thing I’m worried about is Lowe tomorrow … and who’s he gonna plunk?

  10. 285
    Marra Wanna Says:

    Was Venter’s lack of location with the Prince intentional? I didn’t see it but I can never tell anyway. Must. Win. Tomorrow!

  11. 286
    Nate Says:

    much ado about nothing. more concerned about timely hitting and our lack there of over the past 6 games.

  12. 287
    Nate Says:

    is mcout really going to be our next offensive spark?

  13. 288
    Curt Says:

    Brewers are now 5-1 in their last 6 if that makes you feel any better. But the two pitchers who beat us were beyond average. That’s my problem.

  14. 289
    Anne Says:

    “Mara” – I saw both pitches live…and I have no idea. The radio guys on the way home offered “Venters has such good control, I’ve never seen him throw that wildly.” I heard Bob Gibson talking about plunking batters back in the day – fully admitting he participated in vendettae for the team and had no remorse. Kind of an “it’s what you do” kind of thing. He did say that guys don’t do it much purposefully these days.
    Venters is young – he is the Wearer of the Backpack to the Bullpen – I wonder if it’s some kind of hazing?? It’s a little late in the season for the bullpen guys to egg him on, though.
    Fielder is certainly a large target and hard to miss!

  15. 290
    Marra Wanna Says:

    If I had thought about the train station being packed with Yankee fans I would have worn my Braves hat.

  16. 291
    Marra Wanna Says:

    Loving the offense ! Makes me feel better.

  17. 292
    Nate Says:

    That was awesome.

  18. 293
    Nate Says:

    Diaz is just crushing the baseball.

  19. 294
    Marra Wanna Says:

    New show?

  20. 295
    Marra Wanna Says:

    I heard Yunel got a grand slam today. Is this true?

  21. 296
    Nate Says:

    cubs 11 phils 3 bot 7th. halladay started. yunel did get a slam today against the o’s.

  22. 297
    Marra Wanna Says:

    Well good for him. I mean that. Come on cubbies!

  23. 298
    Curt Says:

    I’m posting the show, so it should be up in a little while.

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