July 26, 2010

Show #118: Our Interview with Braves Great, Otis Nixon

Otis discusses missing the ’91 postseason, why there are fewer stolen bases today, The Catch, and much more.



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  1. 576
    Bub Says:

    Great. Sutton says Heyward looks hurt.

  2. 577
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Bobby lost this game.

  3. 578
    Bub Says:

    If Heyward hurt himself on that swing, just freaking shoot me. Go down to the pawn shop, get on the waiting list, go back and get the guns, purchase bullets, come to Jacksonville, and shoot me.

  4. 579
    Nate Says:

    At least Mac, Infante, and JJ came to play.

  5. 580
    Curt Says:

    Jason, please don’t take the fastball right down the middle for a called third strike when you are the tying run.

  6. 581
    Bub Says:

    Curt, I’m not sure he could swing at it. They said he looked like he may have hurt himself on the first swing.

  7. 582
    Nate Says:

    You can’t have Glaus and Chipper not hit in the middle of the order. It is not going to win games. How long until he figures it out? Geez. I’ll cut Gonzo some slack because he’s coming of illness, but yes, he is contributing absolutely nothing offensively. Like a .255 AVG. with 1 RBI since the trade.

  8. 583
    Nate Says:

    My guess is Infante could play the outfield better than Melky if ever given the chance. Regardless, he should play every day. No question. We would have been shut out if it wasn’t for Infante.

  9. 584
    Curt Says:

    Bub, the thumb? I was feeding the kids dinner so I only saw the end of the at bat.

  10. 585
    Bub Says:

    I dunno. This is what they said on the radio:

    “He swings and a foul… and Heyward is standing there like he hurt something”

    (Powell responds) “Yes he is… he touches the hip… and now he takes a little walk…”

    And then he never swung again.

  11. 586
    Curt Says:

    Fat Joe is pitching for the Phils tonight. Maybe the Nats can pull another out for us now that Dunn and Willingham are still there.

  12. 587
    Kate Says:

    Why was JJ charged with 5 ER? I thought the 5th run scored because of the Melky error.

  13. 588
    Bub Says:

    Kate, they got another hit after that, so if the runner had stayed at 2B after the double, he’d have scored on Nix’s hit.

  14. 589
    Bub Says:

    The Blanton Show has started, lol. Maybe we’ll stay at 3.5, that would be a blessing after this sillyassed game. I might could even laugh at Melky’s cartoon error.

  15. 590
    Bub Says:

    Any chance you guys could get the site set to return to the last page of comments after a submission? No biggie, just thought I’d ask.

  16. 591
    Nate Says:

    No Ryan Howard for the Sillies this evening. I wish our first baseman could get a day off.

  17. 592
    Nate Says:

    That really sucks for JJ. 2 starts in a row that the Braves should have won, but…

  18. 593
    Curt Says:

    Bub, I’ve asked about the same thing. It’s quite annoying. Steve is the IT guy so bust on him about it.

  19. 594
    Kate Says:

    So you can’t assume a double play in baseball, but you can assume a runner on 2nd scores on a single?

  20. 595
    Curt Says:

    Yankees picked up Berkman, Kearns and Kerry Wood and only took on $4.5 mill in salary

  21. 596
    Bub Says:

    I watched a little of a Yankees game the other day, and I came to two conclusions, neither of them being very original: 1. They are incredible to watch, that line-up stepping up there, megahitter after megahitter, and 2. I can’t hate them for being in the biggest city in the world, filling their stadium, and spending the money accordingly to create an unbelievable juggernaut.

    I hate the situation, but I can’t hate the team. If somehow the Braves started filling up the stands every night, and we still had WTBS, and flooded the organization with money, and Blank bought the team, wouldn’t you want him to do the same thing?

    I want to beat them. Nothing would be more satisfying. But they ARE amazing. They could win 115 games or more. They could sweep all the way to a WS championship. And as luck-driven as baseball is, that would be pretty awe-inspiring.

    The way they’re going, they’re probably going to end up building the most dominant team in baseball history. Yeah, it’s bought with Monopoly Money, but it’s still an unreal assembly of talent.

    That is all. I still hate them. But in a way, I don’t.

    (Yes, I’m aware Leah will never speak to me after this post. But the truth must live.)

  22. 597
    Bub Says:

    And, no, this is not the precursor of my abandoning the Braves again. That was the lamest week of my sports life.

  23. 598
    Bub Says:

    I’ve been awake for 27 hours. Wow.

  24. 599
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Not going to get much sleep in the dog house my friend.

  25. 600
    Bub Says:

    I sleep like a baby in the dog house, trust me I’ve got experience.

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