August 15, 2010

Show #121: The End of Chipper’s Season

Discussing Chipper’s season-ending injury and re-introducing the Post Season Hope Meter.



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  1. 276
    Nate Says:

    Never would have asked that. Why would you have the best player on your team bunt when you’re down by 2 and there are 2 men on base? Especially when there’s a righty on the mound and Diaz is on deck. The call made no sense. You knew they’d bring in a lefty for McCann, too. The guy to get it done was Prado, and the manager took the bat out of his hand. Shame.

  2. 277
    Nate Says:

    The Giants need to seal the deal. I feel like tomorrow’s game is pretty much a must win for our guys considering the match up the Phillies have.

  3. 278
    Nate Says:

    Is Bama Bangs really the Falcons’ back up QB?

  4. 279
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Well, I really wanted a shutout but I’ll take a win.

  5. 280
    Bubdylan Says:

    Bullet dodged.

    Now, let’s go forward BraveLee. Gain a little Leeway. Gotta keep our Leed. Phils are gettin’ tired, gotta Leen on ‘em hard. Score some runs, boys. pLees.

  6. 281
    Mara Wanna Says:

    I tried reallee hard to think of another on. I got nothin.

  7. 282
    Bubdylan Says:

    A nice write up if you want a trip down memory lane.

  8. 283
    Bubdylan Says:

    That’s just the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m guessing I’m the last person in the world to see it.

  9. 284
    Bubdylan Says:

    Good grief! I just realized I’ve been commenting for a week and haven’t listened to the show! SCORE! I get an ABT show on Friday Night!!! Yessssss.

  10. 285
    Bubdylan Says:

    Good show.

    I predict we WILL pick up a waiver trade, though, and do not agree that no power bats will be available. 8)

    Post season hope meter: 9

    Division win meter: 5

    I think the Braves and Phillies are the two best teams in the league and that they will both make it.

  11. 286
    Nate Says:

    Bub, #285, I agree. The Giants have lost series to the Braves, Padres, and Phillies in August. They’re about to play St. Louis and Cincy. This is a big series for both them and the cardinals, who have been really struggling lately, too. I don’t see the Giants hanging in there with their spotty offense, and their pitching hasn’t been real great lately. I’m keeping my eyes on that Central race. I gotta think the Cards will do something eventually, but the Reds have a really good team. I just don’t think both are going to make the playoffs. The Wild Card might actually be the best slot to go to the playoffs in the NL. You get the Padres, who are a good team, but I would much rather play them in a 5 game series than the Reds or Cardinals.

  12. 287
    Curt Says:

    Yeah, clearly this week has made me rethink all things Giants. They are going backward right now.

  13. 288
    Anne Says:

    “It was kind of like when you look at your wife and act like you’re listening and you don’t really hear what she said,” Diaz said in an attempt to explain why he didn’t immediately react to Gonzalez’s popup. Aw, shucks. Bet he (and the wifey) are glad he left town after THOSE bon mots.

  14. 289
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Today’s lineup: Infante – 4 Heyward – 9 Prado – 5 Lee – 3 McCann – 2 Gonzalez – 6 Cabrera – 7 Ankiel – 8 Jurrjens – 1

  15. 290
    Steve Says:

    Prado, Lee, Mac is pretty nice in the middle of the line up. It would be really awesome if the Gonz and Fake Suntan would hit.

    Bub – I’d not seen that video either. Really funny.

  16. 291
    Anne Says:

    Proof that the front office is hopeful: Season Ticketholders e-mail today offers post-season tickets NOW online. …how high does my hope meter need to be to go on and buy???

  17. 292
    Curt Says:

    Nate, to answer your question, he is the 3rd string QB behind Ryan and Chris Redman

  18. 293
    Nate Says:

    Yeah, I did a double take when he went in after Ryan came out last night.

  19. 294
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Getting my score card ready!

  20. 295
    Anne Says:

    Cripes – another day game! Oh, White Sox…

  21. 296
    Steve Says:

    Lee gets Crime Dog’s old number (#27). I like the synchronicity so far.

  22. 297
    Curt Says:

    Can we score first once?

    So Prado bunts and Jurrgens swings away. Brilliant

  23. 298
    Anne Says:

    re #295 – I wrote White Sox after looking at the Braves schedule on my wall that clearly says CHI…I thought Cubs were CHC but I see now I’m wrong. Duh. Oh, Cubs…

  24. 299
    Steve Says:

    Curt – I’m with you, man. Could we score first, please!?!?!

  25. 300
    Steve Says:

    Let me change my tone for a moment….


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