September 19, 2010

Show #126: Our Interview with Ernie Johnson

Looking back on the Nats and Mets series and our interview with broadcasting great, Ernie Johnson.



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  1. 76
    Mara Wanna WS Win Says:

    I need a moment to brag: my kid had 3 hits (one being a swinging bunt, which means he’s super fast), scored twice and got 2 outs today…one 5-3 and the other 8-4. He was in center which in my humble opinion shows his understanding the importance of getting the lead runner. I love baseball so much more than soccer.

  2. 77
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Sounds like DLowe’s bringing it! Back to the good ole days when I’m talking to my self on the ABT message board. Bliss…

  3. 78
    Mara Wanna Says:

    When did our 1,2,3 hitters completely stop hitting?

  4. 79
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Um…also, when did we start to make multiple errors in a row in the same inning? Why do the baseball gods hate us so?

  5. 80
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Oh good. It’s a start anyway.

  6. 81
    Will Says:

    This is from my brother to me yesterday…encouragement for our playoff hopes!

    The Braves are just plain painful to watch. Losing Chipper and Kris Medlen and trading away Escobar and the sparkplug Gregor Blanco started us downhill. Tim Hudson’s arm is tired. jurrjens is now hurt. It’s pitiful. I watched the game last night-awful…spanked around by the last place Nationals…we suck…and the sad thing is there’s a really good chance we could still make the playoffs. But if we do, we’ll get bounced embarrassingly in the first round

    Sam Montgomery

  7. 82
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Huh…I didn’t know Curt’s name was Sam Montgomery.

  8. 83
    Kate Says:

    Gregor Blanco was a spark plug for this team?

  9. 84
    Curt Says:

    Not me. I don’t think we are making the playoffs

  10. 85
    Mara Wanna Says:

    I’m trying to figure out how to post the sound a cowbell makes. 🙂

  11. 86
    Curt Says:

    I’m trying to post the sound of one hand clapping

  12. 87
    Mara Wanna Says:

    I’ve decided Ankiel should definitely play today.

  13. 88
    Mara Wanna Says:


  14. 89
    Mara Wanna Says:

    I type that and he strikes out Dunn. Wish I had typed it two batters earlier.

  15. 90
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Here’s a comment to prove I’m not offended when no one’s talking to me.

  16. 91
    Kate Says:

    Who predicted a 1-5 week?

  17. 92
    Steve Says:

    Any Brave with AB’s with men in scoring position predicted a 1 – 5 week.

    Ugh. Mara’s son had the best stats of the week.

    New show around 11:30 tonight.

  18. 93
    Will Says:


    Happy Monday evrbody!

  19. 94
    Curt Says:

    Does our inability to beat the Nats and Pirates have any impact on us making the playoffs? These are like scrimmages, right?

    A choke of epic proportions. We’ve lost 13 games in the standings in a month and a half. Is EOF hurt? Venters hasn’t gotten anyone out in a month and yet Bobby refuses to bring in another lefthander? Sad close.

  20. 95
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Don’t we usually implode about this time of year? Again, it was a really fun season.

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