September 26, 2010

Show #127: The Braves Limp into the Final Week

Reviewing the Phillies series.  Heyward’s post game comments.  Prado’s shrinking numbers.  And evaluating the Braves’ post season chances.



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  1. 176
    Bub Says:

    But Venters says he has no fatigue. Another great example of letting the player’s word dictate against common sense when it comes to gametime health.

  2. 177
    Bub Says:

    What’s funny about that is:

    Curt swore last year that if Bobby came back this year he was going to hijack the podcast and make into a Reds show until Bobby was gone.

    At the time, it seemed aribitrary. Look at Dusty’s boys now.

  3. 178
    Bub Says:

    Yes, can I get a failburger and a large order of fail fries?

  4. 179
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Well, it’s been a real treat but I gotta go. Hitting the town with my bff. Seriously distraught by this game.

  5. 180
    Curt Says:

    Good to see Give-Up-a-Run-Every-Day Johnny making an appearance. Looks like I am actually going to have to pay attention to the Cub Scout’s skits now.

    Follow me at We break down Votto for MVP and their exciting first round matchup with the Giants.

  6. 181
    Bub Says:

    Jim Powell’s frustration is showing in his voice for the first time I’ve ever heard. Last inning he was disgusted just in tone. But just now, he ended that half inning with “Braves can’t do a thing.”

  7. 182
    Bub Says:

    124 errors this year. Only the Pirates and Nats have made more.

  8. 183
    Bub Says:

    Well, time to go wait for the Crimson Tide to take the pain away. What an unmitigated disaster.


  9. 184
    Steve Says:

    Last night we were just speechless. The Rollins homer came so quickly and we were still trying to get past the Conrad error. Today is a whole other level of pain and disappointment. How have these past two days gone like this? I’m really lost and shaken by the past 24 hours.

  10. 185
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Late night post. Ever heard of Rogue Wave? They’re not bad. Do we want to win tomorrow? At this point I’m a little afraid to play in the post season.

  11. 186
    Bub Says:

    You want to win for these reasons:

    1. Playoff experience for Heyward and Hanson.

    2. This kind of choke job, after holding 1st place for 99 days, could deeply, deeply hurt the franchise. Swept in both the last series by the Phillies including one at home with record crowds and Bobby stepping down? That’s getting beaten like a red-headed stepchild. That won’t go away soon.*

    3. Expectations will be low with the squad injured and reeling. Even a pair of wins in the opening series would be … yes… a moral victory. Atlanta could say to itself (falsely, but vividly), “hey, we got back there for one more go in Bobby’s last year and closed the door with some fun in spite of a ton of setbacks.”

    4. You never know. Teams who peaked early and then backed into the playoffs have sometimes caught fire because of the mental lift you get from the clean slate. Nobody but Philly is way better than Atlanta.

    5. If you get a list that’s 4 items long, you should always make a fifth item. Fives are just cool that way.

    *The damage is probably done anyway. Philly has destroyed the Braves at will in the home stretch, stomping our asses in our back yard with their worst pitchers and their players in full rest mode. However, if something strange should happen, say: the Phillies lose in the first round, or Atlanta somehow takes them out in the second, that changes everything. Chances are slim, but obviously better than if the Braves are watching from home.

  12. 187
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Don’t forget the element of magic. Remember when The Trojan hit a 3 run jack in the first inning? Those were the days.

  13. 188
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Can we blame TP? He always seems to make a good scape goat.

  14. 189
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Just make it stop.

  15. 190
    Bub Says:

    We are a warm up exercise for the Philadelphia Phillies. They are on top of the world. We are a boring rung on their ladder. Rooting for the Braves is like reading naturalism. I should do my paper on it. Except in naturalism, nature is only indifferent. Here, it actually hates us.

    The Braves are a disease. When both corners of your lips fall like a stroke victims, and your speech is a mixture of slurred gibberish and Tourette’s. And your teeth grit so hard your jaw locks up. You got the Braves.



  16. 191
    Bub Says:


  17. 192
    Mara Wanna Says:

    #190 is classic. I do love it when you ramble. I expected a simple twss. I also love the ole Ankiel Heyward 1 2 punch.

  18. 193
    Mara Wanna Says:

    It’s a crying shame those ugly hats go with the pretty red uniforms. :)

  19. 194
    Bub Says:


    C’mon, Ankiel.

  20. 195
    Bub Says:

    What’s this? Ankiel strikes out swinging? Is he sick? Did the pitcher throw a spit ball? So weird.

  21. 196
    Bub Says:

    lol, Tim Hudson wif da knock! Good guys lead.

  22. 197
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Winning IS more fun!!!!

  23. 198
    Bub Says:

    Omar InFRONTe!!! See what I did?

  24. 199
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Very nice work Bub. For the baseball gods sake…when I say “winning” I mean as in we are winning right now. Not that we HAVE one. Ya know…just for the record. I want more runs. This team can hurt ya in a hurry. We need cushion!

  25. 200
    Mara Wanna Says:

    Dost my eyes deceive me or was that a ball? Come on Huddy…keep the score board quiet.

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