March 01, 2011

Show #136: Braves Spring Training Storylines

Starting pitching.  The new team captain.  McLouth.  And Chipper.



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  1. 51
    Steve Says:

    Hey Brandon – I hear ya. And very nice to see Chipper get a homer today.

    For what it’s worth, I’m more worried about middle relief than anything. I think that either Beachy or Minor will be fine. And Kimbrel was damn good last year. There’s no reason to think he can’t do that again. It’s Sherrill and Linebrink and Moylan that worry me most. All three of them were either pretty bad last year (Sherrill and Linebrink) or had worrisome stretches (Moylan). Those are the guys that concern me.

  2. 52
    Steve Says:

    Wow. I know it’s the Phillies and all, but this is a tough blow:

  3. 53
    Walker Says:

    Just looked through the Braves regular season schedule for the first time and I have to say it looks extremely easy. The only teams we play that scare me are the Phillies, Brewers, and Giants. Every other team in the NL has major flaws. We also get to play the weakest division in the American League for inter-league(AL West). No Yankees , Redsox but instead we get the Orioles for 1 series. There’s no excuse not to make the playoffs this year. Expectations are extremely high for the first time in awhile.

  4. 54
    Steve Says:

    Walker – and we get all our Brewers games done early (by May 6) which, I think, is only a good thing. Before they gel with their new additions.

  5. 55
    Steve Says:

    LOVE this quote from Chipper on McLouth:

    “What I want to see him do is come unglued on 2-0 pitches, 3-1 pitches. Because he’s a guy who can hit 20-25 homers in a good year. And I just saw him too passive in those situations [last season], like he was too scared to pull the trigger. We want to see him pull the trigger. There’s a time to draw your walks, and a time to be aggressive. 2-0 and 3-1 is time to be aggressive. He can do ultimate damage, and we need that from him.”

  6. 56
    Walker Says:

    I completely agree with Chipper. I’ll take a low average from McLouth if he can hit 25 homers. Home Runs are instant DAMAGE!! It’s way better than having to get 3 hits an inning to score. Hope the whole team takes note from Chipper’s quote.

  7. 57
    Tim in Orlando Says:

    Nate – I haven’t gotten a chance to see Kimbrel in person. He was with the travelling split-squard team yesterday and he hasn’t pitched in any of the other games I’ve been to this year. Sorry.

  8. 58
    Tim in Orlando Says:

    Let’s Welcome the New York Kets

    Nice day at the ballpark. Linda Cohn of ESPN SportsCenter fame threw out the first pitch, a rainbow to J.C. Boscan. Hey, she did better than the HP Executive that bounced one to the plate yesterday. HP is a major sponsor of spring training this year. If fact, they’re giving away a laptop each day if you get the ball under the ballcap shell game correct. No one’s missed yet – sweet. Murph again takes out the lineup card. Biggest crowd so far this year – 8,200.

    The Good: Pitching for the most part. Derek Lowe was excellent – no hits, two walks, two Ks, 2 DPs & 44 pitches (29 strikes, 15 balls) in three innings. Also sharp were Proctor (3Ks), Gearrin (2Ks), Abreu (1K) & Delgado (1K). In fact, the Kets struck out 10 times (get it Kets, hee.. hee.. hee..) Delgado was particularly nasty throwing 96 MPH fastballs. No wonder the poor batter was flailing after an 86 MPH changeup.

    Chipper played 3rd and started a nice DP, his only chance in the field. Played five innings and hit a towering home run over the right field wall into the Hayward tests. Don’t need to stress the knee doing a home run trot. Braves fans were going bonkers. My oh my, he does like to play the team from Queens! Pitchers batted today and Derek Lowe had a line shot to the left-center gap for a double. He scored from 3rd on a fielder’s choice when David Wright’s throw to home was wide right. Dory Hernandez had a clutch double down the right field line in the 8th to plate an insurance run in a tight one-run game.

    The Bad: Dan Uggla had a bad error. Missed a sure double play ball when he moved to his right to backhand the ball and it ran up his arm into right field. No harm though. DLowe got a DP ground ball from the next batter.

    So we’re cruising along with a 5-0 lead after Chipper’s huge HR and the Kets have yet to get a hit. We bring in Anthony Varvaro to pitch and the wheels almost come off the truck!!! Goes 2/3 of an inning and gives up 3 runs on four hits, two walks, a wild pitch, a stolen base on 30 pitches (18 strikes, 12 balls.) Would have been much worse if sub-catcher Wilkin Castillo hadn’t thrown out a runner at 2nd on a ball in the dirt. At least, Fredi got him out of there before the lead was lost. He was removed for Stephen Marek who had a strange outing – 1 run, 1 hit, 2 walks 42 pitches (26 strikes, 16 balls) in 1 & 1/3 innings. He seemed to get ahead of the hitters but had real difficulty putting them away. Batters fouled off 9 pitches after he had two strikes on them. But he put the fire out and held the lead for us. And a W for the Bravos.

    A few days off for me while the team is on the road. We’ll be tackling that other team from New York on Tuesday. Can’t wait.

  9. 59
    Curt Says:

    Might be the last one on the planet, but saw King’s Speech tonight. Really great. I was worried the hype wouldn’t match the film itself, but for once in a long time, it was well deserved.

  10. 60
    Steve Says:

    Curt – agreed. It was amazing in ways I didn’t even picture. And I’d forgotten about how really great Geoffrey Rush is.

    So, I’m watching Weeds on Netflix streaming. Just started the 3rd season. I’m like a stupid addict (no pun intended) – episode after episode after episode. Going to be so tired tomorrow. Good night.

  11. 61
    BRAVEinNY (Matt) Says:

    Steve, good call on Weds! I think Kevin Nealon makes the show.. Season 6 just came out on DVD, so you have a lot of good episodes to watch.

  12. 62
    Steve Says:

    Matt – a buddy of mine said that while seasons 1 and 2 of Weeds were great, it really goes off the rails in season 3 (I watched the first two eps of season 3 last night and thought they were good). Did you have the same opinion of season 3?

  13. 63
    Nate Says:

    Steve, Weeds does get a little strange in the middle seasons (3,4,or 5 ?). I can’t remember which seasons frustrated me the most, but the show is good. Kevin Nealon is freakin hilarious. The last season was better, but there will be episodes where you will say to yourself, okay where is this show going. I kind of feel that way about Dexter sometimes, too, but both shows are great and highly enjoyable. It’s a tough debate between Showtime and HBO. I think Boardwalk Empire and Eastbound and Down give HBO a slight edge.

  14. 64
    BRAVEinNY (Matt) Says:

    Well, it definitely isn’t the same- it’s still good in my opinion. It gets a little far-fetched at times, but the whole thing is anyway. It’s better than most things on TV now-a-days…

  15. 65
    Leah Says:

    Cool photo blog!

  16. 66
    Walker Says:

    I gotta say. I’ve been watching MLB Network Spring Training games and I’ve been listening to other team’s broadcasters. THEY ARE BORING!!!. It makes you appreciate Joe Simpson even more. And even though Chip Carey won’t go to any Broadcasting Hall of Fame, he at least has some sort of personality. I may the first and last person to say anything good about Chip Carey. Anyone else want to try?

  17. 67
    Steve Says:

    He has really nice hair.

  18. 68
    Anne Says:

    Nate – way to give Eastbound & Down a shout. Well-done show – miss Will Farrell @ the car dealership from Season 1.

  19. 69
    Leah Says:

    Chip had a super cool dad.

  20. 70
    Curt Says:

    He’s tall

    I thought EB & D, Season 1 was brilliant. Not so much Season 2. Felt forced. Hopefully, now that he is back from Mexico it will get back on track.

    Archer, people. I can’t keep saying this. 10 p.m., Thursday nights, FX.

  21. 71
    Nate Says:

    FX shows are underrated. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, though last Season wasn’t as good as some of the previous ones, is one of my favorites. Damages is a decent show. I like Sons of Anarchy, but I just never stay up to date with it. I keep hearing good things about Justified and Archer.

    Eastbound Season 1 was epic television. With Kenny coming home, Season 3 should be strong to quite strong. I hope we get more Ashley Schaeffer moments.

    Omar Infante off to a 2-2 start against his former team.

  22. 72
    Walker Says:

    Does anyone watch Friday Night Lights? Probaly one of the best shows in history. Very realistic.

  23. 73
    Steve Says:

    Walker – I’ve never watched FNL, but have heard/read that it is amazing. I’ll rent it one day.

    And I will never watch Archer, just to spite Curt.

  24. 74
    Steve Says:

    Holy hell! McLouth hit a homer this afternoon.

  25. 75
    brandon Says:

    I told you guys watch out for mclouth.

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