March 20, 2011

Show #139: Interviews with Roger McDowell and Larry Parrish

We talk with the Braves’ pitching and hitting instructors as well as discuss the future of Brooks Conrad.



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  1. 76
    Steve Says:

    Leah – I’m a long time fantasy football player but last year was the first time I did baseball for the fear that it would be a crazy time consuming monster. That was not what I found. At a minimum, you have to be sure to set your line-up and pitchers for the coming week. Now you can spend lots of other time looking at players to pick up off of waivers, etc – but really it can be a once a week committment. Anyone disagree with that description?

  2. 77
    Curt Says:

    I’ve played once and checked once a week. Obviously, you may need to spend a little more time on waivers, but it is not a huge time suck.

  3. 78
    brandon Says:

    Yea it’s not bad once a week maybe a little more.But it’s just fun between friends most of all.

  4. 79
    Eric Says:

    Andruw Jones was admittedly a better defender than Jim Edmonds, but comparing a guy from age 25-30 to a guy age 32-37 is doesn’t really help your cause that much.

    If you want argue that you need to admit once-in-a-generation defenders, then compare him to Ozzie Smith, a first ballot HOFer based on D. 13 GGs in a row to 10. Comparable BAs, Jones obviously hit for more power, but has fewer career hits. Another telling batting stat is that despite few pitchers fearing Smith’s bat, he walked nearly twice as often as he struck out, which the inverse of Andruw.

    Both guys were amazing all around defenders with offensive deficiencies. But, most importantly, you never dealt with the steroid stuff and Andruw’s rapid and inexplicable decline. Ozzie’s skills eroded with age, and his career barely overlapped with the steroid era. You can’t separate the player from the era in which he played. Jones’s stats are pedestrian in comparison to a number of his peers, and his sudden drop-off will be viewed by many voters as an indication that he was juiced.

  5. 80
    Curt Says:

    Jim Kaat won 16 gold gloves in a row. Tied for Brooks Robinson for most consecutive wins in the history of the award. He won close to 300 games, has a career ERA under 3.50, has nearly 2500 Ks, and had a season where he won 25 games. He isn’t in the HOF. Being a defensive whiz doesn’t get you in the HOF. Andruw does not have the career to be in the HOF. I bet he doesn’t get past 1 year on the ballot. I think his great promise and mediocre career will actually work against him in the long run.

  6. 81
    Leah Says:

    Sigh…sucked me in. The working mother of three with ZERO time will fill a spot. I can’t sign up til I get home. Were it football my boss would totally understand. Baseball, not so much.

  7. 82
    Steve Says:

    Good going Leah. Very happy that you’ll be a part of it. Now that Lost is off the air, you’ll need some new exclusionary topic to post about on the board. And here it is …

  8. 83
    Eric Says:

    In fairness, fielding your position as a pitcher isn’t the same as it is at short or center. Agree about Kaat, though – nice career but not elite, thus no HOF.

  9. 84
    ham on whole wheat Says:

    I have to disagree with the boys about the time commitment of Fantasy Baseball. If you want to do well, it is a once a day commitment. Just saying . . .

  10. 85
    Leah Says:

    …if you want to do well…there’s the rub. Cue Curt…

  11. 86
    QC Bravo Says:

    Long time listener, first time commenter — great podcast. Great to watch you guys grow over the years. Need to something to keep me sane since my 6 yr daughter decided to be a Phillies fan.

  12. 87
    Tim in Orlando Says:

    “The Tigers Come At Night”

    Our second night game of the year and it’s a beautiful evening at Champion Stadium. Short sleeve temps with a gentle breeze to left field. Nice crowd 9,000+ Lots of Tigers fans with little to cheer about. Split squad game, but we’ve got Chipper, Gonzalez, Hayward and Uggla. Also Mr. Beachy who, based on tonight performance, certainly deserves the 5th starter job.

    It’s the first time I’ve gotten to see Beachy all spring and it was worth the wait. Outstanding performance. No runs, two hits (1 double), one BB and six Ks on 76 pitches (49 strikes, 27 balls) in six innings. He was mowing through the Tiger lineup with ease and never got into serious trouble. We was helped out by the defense when they turned two DPs, one on a beautiful diving catch of the bunt attempt by Eric Henske who easily double up a runner braking from 1st. Linebrink and O’Flaherty both pitched well. O’Flaherty gave up one unearned run when Uggla threw a perfect DP ball into left field allowing the runner to get to 3rd instead of ending the inning. Still thought Scott would get out of it when he struck out the Tiger batter for the 2nd out of the inning with the runner still at 3rd. Unfortunately, he uncorked a wild pitch to the next batter which allowed the runner to score.

    Then there was George Sherrill. This is the third bad outing that I’ve seen him have this spring. Bottom line: two runs, two hits (a leadoff double – again!), one BB and two wild pitches (one letting the 3rd run score). It let the Tigers get back into the game. We’ve got to have a better option than this!?!

    And for the offense: Mr. Chipper Jones. What can I say? He was batting .407 at the start of the game and unloaded a huge HR to the left center field wall that the outfields watched sail over their heads. We’re ahead 3-zip before we got comfortable in our seats. I like it. Gonzo had a good night with two hits including a double and an RBI. JHey had a single, scored a run and walked. He also made a nice play on a sinking line drive in short right field. Still waiting for Joe Mather to get it going. Got on base when he got hit by a pitch and made it to 3rd on a single by Matt Young. He was thrown out at the plate on a bunt by Beachy that was well defended by the Tigers: pitcher flipped to the catcher who blocked the plate forcing Mather to slide around him – tag came before Mather could touch the plate. Mather when 0 for 3 the rest of the night. Not much on the offense from Hinske, Ross or Uggla this evening either. We scored our 5th run when the Tiger pitcher couldn’t find the plate and walked four batters in the 5th inning.

    It was a really quick game – 2 hours and 30 minutes. And I got home early. Now to watch the Phillies game on the DVR. Don’t tell me how it ended!!!

    The “Phlailing” Phils come to Disney for their only visit on Sunday. Big crowd expected. Go Bravos! Let’s show them that we ain’t conceding nothing to them!

  13. 88
    Leah Says:

    Ok…all signed up and I still have no idea what I’m doing. Am I at a disadvantage if I do that autodraft thingy? Like, will I end up without any pitchers or something? I’m going to be terrible. I can’t even change my avatar!

    Thanks for the recap Tim…Chipper’s on fire!

  14. 89
    Walker Says:

    Great debate on Andruw. Can he at least get consideration for Braves HOF?

  15. 90
    Curt Says:

    Eric, not suggesting it is, but if there is some argument that gold gloves mow make you HOF worthy, why not Kaat. Jeter got one recently when he wasn’t anywhere close to the best defensive SS in the AL. And Kaat was winning them when they only gave out one award per position in MLB.

  16. 91
    Curt Says:

    Walker, on that matter, I think he is very close if not in. I just think the reasons you gave for him making the HOF will make him worthy of the Braves’ HOF. Can’t argue his impact on the teams he played on and the help he provided to the pitching staff for so many years. It’s too bad that he just fell apart. Kind of like Steve Avery. We didn’t get all that we should have. It’s sad.

  17. 92
    Nate Says:

    Chipper hit a 450 foot bomb from the right side. exciting. very exciting.

  18. 93
    Nate Says:

    Frank Wren said “We have the currency it takes to get something big if we need it” referring to the many great, young arms in the Braves’ organization. He said this during today’s game in the broadcast booth. Watch out Philly. Frank wants it.

  19. 94
    Nate Says:

    He also sounded pumped about where Chipper is at right now.

  20. 95
    Leah Says:

    Can today’s game count as 1 of D Lowes bad 5 starts of the season…please?

  21. 96
    Walker Says:

    I didn’t rate Andruw on his gold gloves but by what I and many other baseball people saw. Which is probably the best defensive center fielder in some decades.

    JD Drew, Carlos Beltran also come to my mind as players that didn’t reach their full potential.Sad.

  22. 97
    Leah Says:

    Holliday vs. KK…that’ll be fun.

  23. 98
    Steve Says:

    QC Bravo – thanks for listening and for visiting the board. So, how does your 6 year old become a Phillies fan? Story please?

  24. 99
    Steve Says:

    Leah – I think you’re fine doing the autodraft. But drafting yourself gives you more control. If you do it yourself, you’ll see all of the available players and their rankings, so it certainly guides you in that respect.

  25. 100
    Leah Says:

    Ok, thanks. How do I do that again? I think I’m going to delete my team and start all over. I can’t seem to edit anything.

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