March 27, 2011

Show #140: The Braves 2011 Campaign Set to Begin

Discussing the final roster moves.  Making our predictions for the 2011 season.  And what we hope to see during the first week.



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  1. 76
    Leah Says:

    Where’d Melky Cabrera’s gut go? Dude is tiny!

  2. 77
    Leah Says:

    Nate, he’s the second. Ichiro was first. Not bad…

    Welcome back Bluesman!

  3. 78
    Leah Says:

    Atleast that’s what I think Don Sutton may have said today unless I heard wrong or dozed off and dreamed it up.

  4. 79
    Leah Says:

    I just wanted four comments in a row. Three just wasn’t enough.

  5. 80
    QC Bravo Says:

    I think it wasn’t Ichiro – I think it was Kaz Matsui who had HRs on his first 2 opening days. And this wasn’t to start his career, but I believe Granderson had his 3rd Opening Day HR today.

    And Ham (if that is YOUR real name), I agree — would have liked to see Lowe at least finish the inning.

  6. 81
    QC Bravo Says:

    Here is a really, really insightful analysis of Heyward’s power on Opening Day

  7. 82
    Leah Says:

    Yeah…that’s who I meant.

  8. 83
    Curt Says:

    They said today that Heyward was the 2nd player in MLB history to homer in his first at bat as a rookie, and in his first at bat in his second season. The other was Kaz Matsui. Just to clear all of that stuff up.

  9. 84
    Wiley Says:

    I know Heyward and Lowe were the big stories. But to be honest, I loved seeing Kimbrel be relatively boring, in a good way. 1 2 3 and with great stuff. I never feel good about 1st year closers, much less a 22 year old 1st year closer, but seeing Kimbrel work quickly and efficiently made me feel a bit better.

  10. 85
    Leah Says:

    Curt, are you saying my comment was less than clear? I’m shocked and offended!

  11. 86
    Leah Says:

    Hah…the Rev just asked me what was happening with Strasburg.

  12. 87
    Wiley Says:

    Btw Curt (I think it was you who asked): We have opened at home twice in the past 7 seasons (2007 and 2010). So yeah that makes me mad and I know exactly what you mean.

  13. 88
    Walker Says:

    I and responsible for the epic #65 comment. Forgot to put my name in.

  14. 89
    Curt Says:

    Leah, yes

  15. 90
    Steve Says:

    BluesMan – good to hear from you.

    I’m basking in the win today. I feel amazingly good about the back-end of the bullpen, too. Obviously, I’m scared about the inevitable Sherrill (and to a lesser degree, Linebrink) appearance, but wow do Venters and Kimbrel look good.

  16. 91
    Leah Says:

    Total let down not having Braves baseball today. How will I survive!

  17. 92
    Steve Says:

    Leah – u coming to Turner Field next weekend for the Avett Bros concert? I just bought my ticket.

  18. 93
    Curt Says:

    Should be noted that Matsui’s homer in season 3 opener was an inside-the-parker.

  19. 94
    Steve Says:

    Curt #93 – Nice info.

  20. 95
    Curt Says:

  21. 96
    Leah Says:

    Steve, I’m MAD with envy. I’ll be seeing them saturday night in Charlotte but time and $ don’t allow for the trip down. I hope Scott Avett’s voice holds out. He has difficulties singing two days in a row sometimes. Have fun and take Curt’s wife since he’s such a grumpy pants and won’t take her himself.

  22. 97
    Curt Says:

    Leah, unfortunately for her, she will be at the beach with me next week. I did make her a fan though. Does that count for something? Have you gotten into Mumford and Sons?

  23. 98
    Leah Says:

    I like Mumford and sons. It counts for something…a little something. Gotta see’em live…just sayin.

  24. 99
    Leah Says:

    Bummer for Cards and “slappies”. Matt Holliday=emergency appendectomy.

  25. 100
    ham Says:

    Thanks for nothing, ‘Stros.

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