May 08, 2011

Show #146: The Braves Pieces Come Together

A stunning 6 – 1 week.  Teheran’s debut.  Lowe trade rumors.  And a dearth of steals.



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  1. 1
    Paul Says:

    Great show guys! And yes the mint julep is underrated.

    I was fair on Teheran’s start. It was about what I expected from a 20 year old making his debut. I liked how well he changed speeds on the fastball and his changeup is a plus-pitch. A little fine-tuning the curve ball will do him some good. Anyone else think he was slow on the mound? Just soaking up the moment i guess.

    Right now I really like how deep our rotation is. So I have to go foul on trading Derek Lowe. What would he get in return? I really only want Andrew McCutchen, he’d be perfect, who’s on board?

    In regards to the Braves against other division leaders. Pitching, Defense, and timely hitting win championships right? In Team ERA, Defensive Efficiency, and Avg. w/ RISP our MLB ranks are 2nd, 4th, and 4th. Winning! Only teams that scare me are the Angels and Cardinals right now.

  2. 2
    Pure Says:

    Great show guys. LOL moment was when Steve said: “We are better than all of them!”. Talk about the hope meter being off the charts. But I’m buying it. Go Braves!

  3. 3
    Walker Says:

    Great Show. Is it just me or do Bobby Valentine and Orel always make snide comments and backhanded compliments about the braves. Are they still bitter?


    We are better than anybody.Go braves!!


    There’s nothing wrong with a middle eastern sounding name. Cmon People.

  4. 4
    QC Bravo Says:

    I thought Bobby and Orel were great last night — I actually thought the whole broadcast was very fair, except for the extended Gonzo love fest. He’s good, to be sure, but they had him up there with Wagner.

  5. 5
    Pure Says:

    Ham – was Gamescore (GSC) the pitching stat that you were referring to? Hudson’s 1-hitter had a GSC of 90, tied for 4th-best this season. And yes Steve, it “equaled awesome”. Liriano’s no-hitter only had a GSC of 83 (18th place).

    Here’s a stat I noticed today that surprised me — in spite of our hitting problems earlier in the season, our run differential is now at +43, second only to the Cardinals (+44)!

  6. 6
    Steve Says:

    Walker – we were being facetious/ironic about the Teheran stuff.

  7. 7
    Steve Says:

    Pure – the run differential stat is surprising. And incredibly encouraging.

  8. 8
    Nate Says:

    Great show, guys. Our pitching is ridiculous. I think Fredi came out and said the pitchers have adjusted to Jason and now he needs to adjust to them. This is coach speech, but it is also true.

    I like the idea of making a pitching move after the season. You never know what the depth will look like in late September. Plus, as you guys mentioned, Lowe has been outstanding in clutch situations. I think the reemergence of JJ, the success of Beachy, and the possibility of Teheran and Minor has some folks thinking a trade is in the Braves future. It makes me curious about what might be available.

    I find the Braves’ base stealing stats humorous more than anything. No one can ignore the fact that we are terrible at it, and thus, since this is a professional sports team, it is probably worth improving rather than ignoring. The Braves are apt to hit a run scoring lull, so being able to put yourself in scoring position on a walk or a single can be pretty crucial. But like the guys said, it’s not a huge issue. We are obviously scoring runs and winning baseball games.

  9. 9
    Eric Says:

    Love the run differential stat. Just think what kind of a boost that’ll get when Uggla starts hitting.

  10. 10
    Steve Says:

    Eric – I was just thinking that myself. This lineup will get really scary when Uggla starts hitting like his career numbers indicate (note I said “when” instead of “if” to help will it to happen).

  11. 11
    Anne Says:

    Graet podcast, fellas. Hamilton – did your mis-hearing betting friend get a cut of your unintended spoils??

  12. 12
    Walker Says:

    If anyone thinks the stolen base is useless and overrated then talk to the 2004 Red Sox and Dave Roberts

  13. 13
    Curt Says:

    Walker – preach it, my man

  14. 14
    Turley Says:

    Hey i agree with the stolen base issue…if we did look for one…who do we get…is ther any speed threat in AAA..or is it a trade issue? I feel it would really put us over the top if we had some more speed…we need it

  15. 15
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Encouraged by Teheran – Fair
    Good to see that his first appearence in front of 40K people didn’t phase him too much. The HR was more McCann’s fault… yes the pitch was up, the problem was not up far enough… you get Howard out with pitches up, he likes the ball down and that is where McCann was calling for them…

    Support trade of Lowe – Foul
    When your starters are pitching their roles as well as they are (i.e. 2-5 don’t have to try to live up to a #1 spot…) leave well enough ALONE! Once Medlen has “returned” (i.e. has gotten his feet back under him, so to speak), we might talk…

    Concerned about lack of stolen bases – Foul
    Outs are always more valuable than bases. If you don’t have a high percentage (like 75-ish+), you are not helping yourself…

  16. 16
    Leah Says:

    Great show! As I’ve said before…could J-Hey just not like that spot in the lineup? Sure it’s mental…no it doesn’t make sense, but does it matter? I say yes.

    M in M, you floating away?

  17. 17
    Jeff Says:

    Good Show Guys

    Long time listener but only my first comment.
    I don’t think we should be looking to move ANYONE on the big league club. Yes, we can always use bullpen help and now, more than ever, with Moylo being out for the year most likely. But that can be done with mid level prospects. A major move like trading Lowe will only hurt. The lineup is very good, on paper and performance wise. And this is happening with JHey and Uggla under performing greatly. When they hit their stride this is the best lineup in the NL and maybe the Majors.
    The only position that can be considered to be replaced in Nate in CF. If someone said Nate will bat 8th all year and hit .250/.350/.380 with 15HR and 60RBI, we all would have taken it. He may not hit 15 dingers and have a fair opportunity at 60 RBI, his performance can dip and he’ll still have better numbers than that slash line.
    Plus, we all know how much this team talks about chemistry. I think Nate is a big part of that chemistry as he really seems to be liked and respected by everyone. And I think the team really appreciates how he handled himself last year and the work he put in during the offseason to get where he is today. If we play to our potential (like we have this past week) we won’t need an upgrade in CF.
    Obviously, if a team is desperate and offers some unbalanced trade like Uggla’s for a CF we should consider. But in all likely trade scenarios, moving Nate will only hurt us. And I haven’t even mentioned what the loss of Lowe would do.

  18. 18
    Jeff Says:

    Also, I was at the game Saturday. While I was hoping for a 12K gem like one of you said, I remained realistic. I was very impressed in our future ace. That was a very big game for us as all our against Philly. But this is a time when we are turning things around and it was a road start coming off a great win. When he left the game, I still felt we had a chance to win. That is all you can ask of any pitcher, especially, a 20 year old making his big league debut.

  19. 19
    Vinnie Says:

    Jeff. It’s a great point. Still being in it, with your 20 year old pitching for the first time in such a hostile road environment, that also happens to be a little league park … it was pretty impressive.

  20. 20
    Curt Says:

    Jeff, welcome. Thanks for the post. Please join in our conversations more going forward.

    Tell us about the atmosphere in Philly. Did you wear any Braves gear? The fans were probably much happier that game, since it was the one they won.

  21. 21
    Steve Says:

    Sorry for the nom de plume on #19. That was really me.

  22. 22
    Eric Says:

    This would be an ideal time for a sweep. Mediocre pitching for the Nats while the Marlins and Phils cannibalize each other.

  23. 23
    ham Says:

    r.e. #21 – I imagine this is not the first time you have pretended to be someone else and posted comments, Steve. Or should I say “Leah”.

  24. 24
    Leah Says:

    I know not of which you speaketh.

  25. 25
    Leah Says:

    And if I did I’d say Bub’s the most guilty of that offense.

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