May 15, 2011

Show #147: Braves Get Another Series Win Against Phillies

Characterizing the Braves. Chipper’s knee.  Heyward’s shoulder.  Uggla at the plate.  And the Civil Rights game.



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  1. 176
    Leah Says:

    Oh…back stiffness.

  2. 177
    Curt Says:

    Something with his back

  3. 178
    Curt Says:

    Yes, that

  4. 179
    Leah Says:

    Sometimes it feels like we’re a pretend baseball team and everybody else is the real deal.

  5. 180
    Leah Says:

    Tommy’s tipping his pitches.

  6. 181
    Curt Says:

    87 pitches later

  7. 182
    Danny Says:

    On Venters v. Kimbrel,
    I think the Gonz wants to be an old-school kind of manager: He who throws the hardest must be thou closer. I am with you Curt, Venters seems to have nerves of steel. However, it is pretty exciting when you have a closer who can hit triPle digits, of course, that is when he’s not trying to hit triple digits and forgets to hit the strike zone.

  8. 183
    Curt Says:

    Doesn’t Venters throw it 95? Isn’t that fast enough? I don’t get it.

  9. 184
    Leah Says:

    Of course, we don’t need a closer if we can’t score a run.

  10. 185
    will Says:–tIkrVoA

  11. 186
    will Says:

    hi guys….this weeks was the first podcast id listened to all year…few nuclear explosions and few tsunamis and things been keeping me away. My post above is my view on todays game…thats the way i like it, uh huh.

    i stopped watching it in the 6th…was a bit disgusted that we were going to drop 4 in a row to crap teams…but they dont give up, this team. Ive lurked pretty regularly actually and am slowly becoming a believer..

    my sons little league team beat the meanest, biggest, most obnoxiously competitive team in the league today to advance to the tournament finals! This is a sign, I tell you.

    My son has an incredible OBP of .666! (two walks and a SO). He’s basically Spud Webb of little league with a five inch strike zone..

  12. 187
    Curt Says:

    Will-san. Welcome back. Good to hear from you and about Junior’s skillzz. Can he bat leadoff? Or play second?

  13. 188
    Anonymous Says:

    That really hurts. McClouth has actually been decent this year.

  14. 189
    john j Says:

    Uggla is approaching a third of his total at bats of last year. When is a “slow start” something more than a slow start?

  15. 190
    Curt Says:


  16. 191
    Nate Says:

    This week sucked: Fair.

  17. 192
    Leah Says:

    Seriously, instead of recaping the week can you guys just review your favorite movies from the 80’s?

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