May 15, 2011

Show #147: Braves Get Another Series Win Against Phillies

Characterizing the Braves. Chipper’s knee.  Heyward’s shoulder.  Uggla at the plate.  And the Civil Rights game.



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  1. 51
    Walker Says:


    Like I said in my earlier comment. I think black people just find baseball boring. I really think the glamour of the NFL is more attractive to them. Also Michael Jordan has such a huge influence here. Here is an extremely famous African American sports legend who is also a huge businessman. A whole generation of young black men wanted to be like Mike and strayed away from baseball. Ken Griffey Jr. tried but couldn’t come close to that kind of stature.

    Also, if anyone thinks the Braves organization is racist, they are completely irrational and unintelligent. This just takes away the attention from the real racial discrimination and inequalities that takes place every day in this country.

  2. 52
    Bubdylan Says:

    Braves infield sleeping on that bunt, when everyone knew the bunt was coming. Looking more and more like Chipper had it right.

    I won’t watch this team if they prove they aren’t playing hard against bad teams. Won’t do it.

  3. 53
    Paul Says:

    Huge strikeout for Proctor! Somewhere joe torre is smiling.

  4. 54
    ham Says:

    I am with Walker on the Braves not being racist (unless you count their discrimination against scoring runs or beating bad teams). I think they want to win without spending a ton of money, regardless of who is on the field or in the back office. They may not have the best judgement, but I don’t think they are racist.

  5. 55
    Paul Says:

    As far as the debate on black players in MLB, I wonder if Dave Winfield was in high school today if he would choose baseball over basketball and football. Elite high school athletes dream of shoe contracts and 8 figure salaries, not 8 hour bus rides in the Sally League.

    A lot of the problem is money. Have you seen Dick’s Sporting Goods spot with Ken Griffey? In 20 years Nike and other apparel companies haven’t progressed with the marketing of its baseball products. I’m not sure you can blame MLB for this trend.

  6. 56
    Anonymous Says:

    THAT’s how to hit the road. Go Braves!!

  7. 57
    ham Says:


    If Molina is the starting All Star catcher instead of Mac, I am changing Curt’s name to Cracker, then waking him up and spanking him.


  8. 58
    Bubdylan Says:

    Yowzers! Brian McCann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 59
    Walker Says:



  10. 60
    Vinnie Says:

    Mac is best cather in MLB…no question. If he played in Philly or NY, he’d be in the MVP talk.

  11. 61
    Walker Says:

    Brian McCann is trending on twitter.

  12. 62
    Steve Says:

    Hell yeah. Great day for McCann. And Proctor should get equal billing in the hero department.

  13. 63
    Curt Says:

    Is there even a doubt about Molina or Buster Posey being ahead of McCann? That whole process is a joke. The fans should get to select one mascot per team.

    See where Prado is in the OF race too. 15 slots behind Heyward, I will bet.

  14. 64
    Bubdylan Says:

    Hanging on to Linebrink and demoting Gearrin. Unreal. Three years of ineptitude? Yeah, we’ll keep him.

  15. 65
    Bubdylan Says:

    Steve, Proctor was wild and lucky. Ross had to throw up a glove in desperation to stop a sky high pitch and block another in the dirt. And he was a pitch away from walking in a run twice. I’ll take the result, but I’m just sayin’…

  16. 66
    Paul Says:

    What is the criteria for the managers Utility pick for the All Star game? Would prado be eligible? He deserves to make the team this year.

  17. 67
    Bubdylan Says:

    Paul, I think the manager can pick anyone he feels fits the role, including everyday players who can field a few different spots. But we lucked out with a divisional manager last year in Manuel. Not sure how much Prado exposure will catch the SF manager’s eye.

  18. 68
    Bubdylan Says:

    In #67, I meant lucked out re the Infante pick, if that wasn’t clear.

  19. 69
    Nate Says:

    I don’t know what Chipper said to Mac before that last at bat, but it worked. That was awesome. I might even forget the fact that we failed to score on Wandy and the rest of the ‘stros for 26.67 outs.

  20. 70
    Nate Says:

    #46, my thoughts exactly. I don’t see how a team with fading offensive stars could trade one of their best, young offensive and defensive weapons for Derek Lowe.

  21. 71
    Steve Says:

    #65 – thanks, Bub. I was watching on Gamecast at work, so I had none of that perspective.

    It is a damn shame about Gearrin. Ridiculous decision.

  22. 72
    Steve Says:

    Back to the CRG discussion. It feels like we’re debating something here that was never actually raised on the podcast. I realize that the discourse on this topic often ends up with MLB (and the Braves to keep it topical) are racists and that’s why there are fewer black players, but we never ventured into that. Nor do I believe it. Is there still profound racism in this country? Absolutely. Is that why there aren’t more black players on the Braves? Absolutely not.

  23. 73
    Leah Says:

    Great show! Great game! Nothing to say that hasn’t been said. Go Braves!!!!

  24. 74
    Pure Says:

    Steve – “watching gamecast at work”? And then maybe listen to sportscenter during overtime? Let me know if you have any openings.

  25. 75
    ham Says:


    Nobody has won more games than us.

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