May 31, 2011

Show #149: A Hard Fought 4-1 Week. A Lapse to Start the New.



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  1. 126
    ham Says:

    I don’t mind the Hudson starts. I mind the Uggla and the rest of the offense starts.

  2. 127
    Leah Says:

    Bobby V hates the Braves. This is going to be a miserable broadcast to listen to. He’s loving every minute.

  3. 128
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Another depressing start.

  4. 129
    Leah Says:

    Beltran hurt. Fantastic #chickendinner

  5. 130
    Jo-Bu Says:

    The ESPN broadcasters are like bandwagon fans: They always seem to get behind the team who’s leading.

  6. 131
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Where’s Chritian Martinez? I expect to see him any inning now.

  7. 132
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Anyone want to wager on when it will be before Fredi realizes that Huddy doesn’t have it tonight? Bobby 2.0.

  8. 133
    Leah Says:

    Sure hope we get to see more highlights of Jose Reyes.

  9. 134
    Adam Says:

    I muted the TV so I wouldn’t have to hear about Reyes. Now they show him every 5 seconds.

    I’m going to bed early tonight.

  10. 135
    john j Says:

    Walker, #116, No disrespect for your opinions but I’ll only be convinced of the “World Series” comment if I see it happen. Then I’ll eat my words (if it does happen, I am betting that it is inspite of Uggla, not because of him). As I said, signing a .258 career hitter after he has a career year is silly plan to get to the series. Plenty of players are done on or before 31. Remember a young star named Andruw? Pretty much done at 31. Uggla had success against Braves but someone forgot about his strikeouts (150 per year), his inflated OBP as teams pitched around him, and the fact that the Braves had bigger issues like a shortage of quality, hard-hitting outfielders, Chipper’s health, a rookie at first, a rookie closer, no center fielder, etc. as the season opened). Also, see #116 for other reasons (like using your budget to keep young talent). I am betting it was a mistake to sign Uggla particularly for the years and the amount. I’ll be happy if I was/am wrong. Sorry, I just cannot agree. Right now, it appears, Uggla may be the most important thing keeping the Braves out of the series!!

  11. 136
    Nate Says:

    Happy 150 ABT! Here’s to another 150! Keep on truckin.

  12. 137
    Nate Says:

    A 90’s Brave. Steve, you tease. I hope it’s McGriff. Cool dude. I think he’d be a great interview and an even better analyst.

  13. 138
    Steve Says:

    Now that it’s in the can, here’s the name: Mark Wohlers. Could not have been cooler and we cover all the stuff with him. The show will be up in 60 – 90 minutes.

  14. 139
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Diory??? Wow

  15. 140
    Steve Says:

    Yeah. And Diory crushed it.

  16. 141
    Jo-Bu Says:

    That was a great effort in the 9th but Fredi G is starting to wear on me. He can’t control the lack of hitting and the at ’em balls but he doesn’t seem to know when to take a pitcher out. Granted I called for Martinez and he kicked the crap out of it tonight with the bases full but hey, he can usually eat up innings and keep runs from scoring. The way we’re not hitting lately three runs is nearly impossible to overcome. Bad Fredi, bad!

  17. 142
    Jo-Bu Says:

    On Diory. If you slug one that far back in those seats at that field, that’s huge power. Good for him. He was an automatic out earlier in the season. Maybe he’s getting used to being up here, now.

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