June 05, 2011

Show #150: An Interview with Braves Great, Mark Wohlers

Mark discusses the early 90’s, the World Series Championship, the Leyritz homerun and his loss of pitching control.



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  1. 26
    Leah Says:

    We won and gained a game on the division rivals. Why does my baseball soul feel deflated?

  2. 27
    ham Says:

    Because we only had two hits and Prado almost got hurt. BUT . . . Hanson looked great and most of all, we won. We may just win ugly all year, but as long as we win . . .

    Bryce Harper sounds like a real down to earth kind of guy.

  3. 28
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Hell, I’ve never heard Chipper call another teammate out like that before — not even Yunel (whom he defended until his last screw up when Troy Glaus could have nearly gotten his wrist broken on a lazy thow to first last year just befoe he was traded). Very interesting comments, especailly about what to do at the trade deadline.

    I’m still thinking Heyward might be one of those players that could have been. Injuries this early and consistent in his career are not good over the long haul. But then there’s Chipper himself. Hope I’m very wrong on Jason — that’s an awful big bat to count on in the line up when he’s not in it.

  4. 29
    Jo-Bu Says:

    I thought Tommy was better than he has been. But let’s be honest, the PU (plate ump) wasn’t calling hardly anything on the corners until the 9th inning tonight. Pretty tight all night long. Tommy is still a box of chocolates to me — he’s certainly more than good enough when he has it going. Just needs to learn to make quick those adjustments/tweaks during the game.

  5. 30
    Walker Says:

    @ Leah

    Your soul is deflated because we still can’t hit.

    What this Braves team and the Giants team last year shows that if you build a Major League Team with pitching , you can win without any offense.

  6. 31
    Jo-Bu Says:

    …’cept for those teams in the 90’s :)

  7. 32
    Pure Says:

    Another one of those “a win’s a win” games. One thing I noted — the stadium was almost empty. Is it always like that in Florida? Btw, here’s a link to the video of the Harper kiss: http://www.natsinsider.com/2011/06/was-harper-kiss-big-deal.html
    Let’s hope that he doesn’t grow up. It would be fun seeing him get plunked.

  8. 33
    Nate Says:

    At this point Harper has a good shot at being plunked by many just out of principal. I didn’t know it was possible for a player to be more cocky than Bonds.

  9. 34
    Bubdylan Says:

    “I got nothing to say,” Jones said. “He made his point through the media. Now I’m going to make my point through the media. If he doesn’t want to do it man to man, then fine.”

    That was Jones on Smoltz calling him out for not playing through injuries. Now Chipper’s big mouthed spill is the front page of ESPN’s baseball section. Thanks, jerk.

  10. 35
    Curt Says:

    So I read that Bryce Harper grew up rooting for the Lakers, Cowboys and Yankees. What a frontrunning tool bag. I find that people who inherently root for the best teams in leagues have glaring insecurity issues. They can’t handle loss – not like all of us strong-willed Braves fans.

    I hate him more by the second.

  11. 36
    Jo-Bu-Shadow Says:

    Hmmm. With Chpper calling out Heyward, I wonder if we are peering into a possible issue with the chemistry of this year’s team?

  12. 37
    Bubdylan Says:

    Jo Bu, I think up to a certain point, and only up to that point, a little team friction can shake players out of a funk. I’m not happy it’s going on, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it gave them an edge and they ripped off a five game winning streak.

    Very displeased with Chipper’s remarks, but I’m a little intrigued with what it might produce going forward.

  13. 38
    john j Says:

    There seems to be a little over reaction or over-sesitivity to Chipper’s remarks. He basicially said that Heyward might have mis-spoken when saying he wanted to be 100%. Heyward would probably agree that 80-90% or some percent would be fine if the pain was minimal. Too many bloggers like to make something out of very little. Chipper was reminding Heyward about how important he is to the team; very controversial. If Chipper liked to speak up negatively about teammates, there were many times/years that there was plenty to work with.

  14. 39
    Bubdylan Says:

    John j, there may be less to be hot about than bloggers (and I) suggest, but there is more than what you suggest. Chipper’s comments were more loaded than that, come on.

  15. 40
    Walker Says:

    I seriously hate Blown saves. These are games we should win.

  16. 41
    Jo-Bu Says:

    John J., you are certainly in the minority with that opinion. What Chipper said was an out-and-out call out to Heyward. MLB Network was all over it today and they said the same.

  17. 42
    Jimbo! Says:

    Kimbrel is an amazing pitcher who will be a great closer, but with the numbers Venters is putting up there is not reason he is not closing. All last year he was the projected closer for 2011 and he has done nothing to change that he is untouchable and should get a shot at it… and kimbrel still makes a sick set up man

    I think Chipper didnt put down Heyward intentionally he just knows we need him right now and if it were Larry Jones hed rub some dirt on in and play

    Braves Win! whew

  18. 43
    Nate Says:

    But Heyward sucks when he’s hurt. Many on this blog have commented about how annoying it is when a player plays through an injury and it hurts the team.

  19. 44
    Nate Says:

    Chipper wants Heyward to step up and be the leader. From day 1 he has talked about grooming J-Hey for the 3 spot in the order, essentially replacing Chipper. Heyward is nowhere close. I think he’s trying to fire him up, and I hope it works.

  20. 45
    Nate Says:

    I don’t think it’s the right thing to do for the team on the field, but I get it.

  21. 46
    Bubdylan Says:

    I seriously doubt that Chipper is doing anything very deliberate whenever he makes controversial statements to the press. Think back to his retirement comments. Then his unretirement comments. This his kiss my ass comments. Heck, go all the way back to the player strike when he said the concession guys could go walk the picket lines, but the players shouldn’t have to.

    Dude just talks. He’s not Curt Schilling or anything, but why anybody would spend much energy analyzing Chipper’s mouth-offs to the press expecting consistency or logic is beyond me. He doesn’t do it that often, and Bobby used to stay on him about doing it at all, but when he does do it, it’s generally irresponsible and just as likely to be way off as right on. (I will admit sometimes he is right on.)

    This time, he is way off. Just like when he projects his “taking at bats off” onto every player he sees acting the way HE acts when he takes at bats off. Here, he hears Heyward’s complaints and just assumes, based on his own bumps and scrapes, that he’s got the down-low on Heyward’s shoulder inflammation. But he doesn’t. It’s an error of arrogance that we’ve all run into in life. You have this or that problem and someone says, “oh, yeah, I had that once. I’ll tell ya, whatcha have to do right there is blah blah blah.” People in general don’t consider other people’s experience as unique.

    Heyward’s shoulder is not Chipper’s shoulder. Hoss should mind his own business. A 100% Heyward in the second half is what I want, and as long as the Braves are within striking distance, there’s no reason to compromise toward anything else.

  22. 47
    Bubdylan Says:

    *disregard Chipper & the player’s strike comments. I had a synapse misfire. Two memories mixed. The radio was too loud. Something.

    The rest stands.

  23. 48
    Nate Says:

    I just don’t think Chipper Jones would say something like that to the press without a reason. I agree with the last paragraph of #46, though.

  24. 49
    Curt Says:

    “To me that’s the difficult part,” Wren said. “Whether you’re in my position, a manager, a fan, a teammate, you’re not walking in that guy’s shoes. We have no doubt that Jason has discomfort in his shoulder, even though tests show there’s no structural damage. But there’s inflammation in there and it’s sore when he swings. Sure, we could’ve brought him back quicker. But we would be taking the chance that this could linger all year.”

  25. 50
    Walker Says:

    Heyward is 21 , not 37. How long does it take for a sore shoulder to heal?

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