June 05, 2011

Show #150: An Interview with Braves Great, Mark Wohlers

Mark discusses the early 90’s, the World Series Championship, the Leyritz homerun and his loss of pitching control.



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  1. 51
    Jo-Bu-Shadow Says:

    I think Wren’s approach with Jason is the correct one regardless what a few guys in the clubhouse (according to Chipper) might think. The Braves are protecting an asset. Besides, we’ve already seen the results of the other side of this argument (to play him) last season.

  2. 52
    Jo-Bu-Shadow Says:

    It don’t think this Jason thing would be an issue if Uggla were slugging it right now. Sure, there would be those that would say, gee, just think if we had Heyward hitting. But as constructed, the Braves are just depending on his bat alone.

  3. 53
    Jo-Bu-Shadow Says:

    Correction: As constructed, the Braves are NOT just depending on his (Heyward’s) bat alone.

  4. 54
    Nate Says:

    Hope JJ’s got it going tonight. This lineup…

  5. 55
    Steve Says:

    #34 – Forgot about that. It does add another layer to this madness.

    Do you think Parrish still has a job because the Braves are above .500 and in 2nd place? I know we’ve been down this road before and the batting instructor can’t hit for them, but seriously, what is there to recommend about Parrish this season? At all.

  6. 56
    Steve Says:

    To be fair (and to send a salvo at Curt), Brooks has been very serviceable at 2nd tonight and even has a hit.

  7. 57
    Curt Says:

    So Braves’ second basemen are now batting .192 for the season?

  8. 58
    Walker Says:

    Say what you want about the Braves but this starting pitching is freaking phenomenal. Wow.
    ( And as I type this Mike Stanton hits a homer)

  9. 59
    Steve Says:

    #58 – You are so right. It’s jarring when they give up more than 2 runs. That’s a great sign.

  10. 60
    ham Says:

    Are we actually going to get to see Venters in a save sitcheeation? I’m on board.

  11. 61
    Nate Says:


  12. 62
    Nate Says:

    Now let’s go stomp the ‘stros.

  13. 63
    ham Says:

    Now I am definitely on board. Is this a sign of things to come? Was Fredi trying something new or was he just giving Kimbrel a break? I would feel more confident (not sure to what degree) if Venters was our closer. Since we aren’t ever going to score more than three runs a game, it would be nice to have a LOT of confidence in your 9th inning guy.

  14. 64
    Adam Says:

    A relaxed Kimbrel in the 8th and Venters in the 9th sounds almost unfair.

  15. 65
    ham Says:

    i will take unfair. Uggla and Conrad as a 2B platoon also seems unfair, but to the wrong team . . .

  16. 66
    Curt Says:

    Kimbrel threw a lot of pitches last night.

    As the Marlins fade in our rearview mirror.

  17. 67
    Steve Says:

    From DOB’s blog tonight:

    Fredi G said after Kimbrel threw 28 pitches last night, manager and McDowell decided to go with Venters tonight.

    He said it doesn’t signal anything more, but sounded like he’ll be more inclined to use something close to co-closers

  18. 68
    Nate Says:

    Venters is just so good. He looks like Wags did early last year. Maybe even better. He definitely has closer stuff. No reason to limit it to one guy in the 9th.

  19. 69
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Cubbies beat the Philles in extra innings. Braves getting closer 2 GB from 1st.

  20. 70
    Pure Says:

    And the Brewers lost, so we’re tied for 1st in the Wild Card.

  21. 71
    Steve Says:

    The 790 the Zone guys this morning were saying that with the Joba TJ surgery news, the Lowe for Granderson is even more of a reality if the Braves want it.

    My initial reaction is to do it. This one run victory in a low scoring game thing doesn’t feel sustainable. And, here’s Granderson’s salary info:

    11:$8.25M, 12:$10M, 13:$13M club option ($2M buyout). Gives us additional money to play with.

  22. 72
    Nate Says:

    I like Schafer, but Granderson would be an obvious upgrade in CF. The Dodgers would probably ask for WAY too much for Kemp, and he’s had some years in the past where he’s struggled a bit. He’s just crushing it right now, though, which means if he became a Brave he would go into a career-worst slump and we’d all hate the trade.

  23. 73
    Nate Says:

    Schafer reminds me a lot of Cameron Maybin. Both guys had a tremendous amount of buzz around them when they came up, but neither has been able to put it all together at the dish.

    On a side note, Teheran is just owning the International League.

  24. 74
    Curt Says:

    It goes back to the question of the starting pitching though. Can the Braves afford to lose Lowe? Are we trading for a pitcher now too? I don’t think you can go into a series with Hudson, Hanson, JJ, Beachy, Minor, Teheran, whatever, and feel anywhere close to certainty that they can win 3 out of 5. They have all had moments where they were brilliant – JJ above all of them. But the others have all had huge stinkers and are apt to get shelled as much as they are to shut a team down. Lowe for Granderson might make you marginally better offensively, but it makes you dramatically worse off with your rotation. Are they holding out some hope that Medlen is coming back?

  25. 75
    Nate Says:

    Not to mention the fact that Minor, Beachy, and Teheran are going to be pretty worn-out by September. I remember Minor saying he felt like he was out of gas when he got called up for his late season starts in 2010.

    The only trade I would make would be for bench players and maybe another arm in the pen, unless you can get an absolute difference maker in the lineup.

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