June 13, 2011

Show #151: The Braves Rattle Off 6 Straight

A 6 -0 week. Chipper and Heyward. Schafer or McLouth? Uggla gets some hits.



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  1. 101
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Well, the pattern has been, Losing the series but winning the last game of said series is a start to a good week. Good week/bad week pattern.

  2. 102
    Steve Says:

    Jo-Bu: I hope you’re right. I haven’t looked this up but I don’t think the Braves have been swept this year. So, there’s that.

  3. 103
    Jo-Bu Says:

    You are correct, Steve. In fact, the point was made in today’s broadcast that the Braves an the Phillies are the only two teams left that haven’t been swept this season. I don’t remember if they said that it is MLB-wide or just in the Senior Circuit.

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