June 19, 2011

Show #152: The Braves Stumble At Home

Can the team be better?  Heyward’s star. The starting rotation. And batting the pitcher 8th.



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  1. 26
    DAP Says:

    jo-bu “Gonzo has all of a sudden become a free-swinger in his slump.”

    if by “all of a sudden” you mean “from the dawn of time” then, yeah.

    one of y’all (probably curt) referred to the braves as a sub-par team. its almost as if you watch this braves team while completely ignoring the 14 other games going on around baseball. with 40 wins, there are only 3 teams in MLB that have won more games. just 3. 2 of those are in the AL east. by the way, curt, the braves are not a .500 team. check the standings.

  2. 27
    Curt Says:

    DAP, so by that accord, there are only 3 teams in MLB better than the Braves?

    its almost as if you watch this braves team while completely ignoring the 14 other games going on around baseball.

  3. 28
    Walker Says:

    I just think we are slightly spoiled at times because I put myself in the shoes of Royals, Pirates, Orioles fans. They would love to be in our position. The Braves have basically been competitive for a playoff spot the last 20 years. That’s even longer than the Yankees. Remember they sucked in the early 90’s. I want us to do better but I’m just grateful we are still relevant.

  4. 29
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    But when it IS working, it WORKS!

    Maybe he will stay in this groove for a while…

  5. 30
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Huddy, that is…

  6. 31
    Curt Says:

    Maybe I’m rethinking pitchers hitting 8th. Do I get fantasy points for his homer?

  7. 32
    Curt Says:

    Walker, I know where you are coming from, but we aren’t those teams. We shouldn’t even think on the level of those teams. Trust me, no one remembers how bad the Braves were more than me. But we have to think above that. I do. The Yankees fans aren’t thinking about how the Royals fans feel, or how the Orioles fans feel. They are thinking about how they can win a championship. That’s what I want our mentality to be. Think like a champion, be a champion. Think like the Pirates, except mediocrity.

    On a side note, it’s a tragedy that MLB cares so little for once proud franchises, and their fanbases, like the Royals, Pirates and Orioles that they let those teams languish. Ownership in KC and Baltimore is particularly disgusting, but put in a cap and make those teams relevant again. It will only help baseball.

  8. 33
    ham Says:

    I totally knew that we were going to win this game all along. Right after Kimbrel’s last pitch to Lind, I knew we had it in the bag.

  9. 34
    Steve Says:

    It was an amazing night at the ballpark tonight. There was confidence in the air even when it was still 0 – 0 in the 7th. It just felt like the Bravos had it in them tonight. And then the Huddy homer was ridiculous. It was obviously out the moment he hit it. And the cheers and excitement from the crowd had a distinctly different feel then the typical go ahead homer. The fact that it was Huddy added a lot to the whole scene. Fantastic.

    And Yunel’s return was an absolute non-event. Barely any fan reaction one way or another. It was very strange. Braves fans love to boo ex-players, regardless of how they left town. I was sure Esco was really going to hear it. And yet it was like he was just another Blue Jay. When Uggla hit in to the DP late in the game he was booed 10x more than Esco was at any point.

  10. 35
    Curt Says:

    As he should have been

  11. 36
    Leah Says:

    #21 A voice of sanity.

  12. 37
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Wonder if Huddy could play left on the days he doesn’t pitch? ;)

  13. 38
    Curt Says:

    #32 – that would be “accept” not except.

  14. 39
    Nate Says:

    Teheran’s AAA stats are just ridiculous.

  15. 40
    DAP Says:

    curt “by that accord, there are only 3 teams in MLB better than the Braves?”

    well, thats not what i said, but its not going out on a limb that the braves are among the very best teams in the NL, at the least. easily top 5.

  16. 41
    Curt Says:

    It was a question. You used their record as an indicator of how good you thought they were. I’ll give you top-5 in the NL. I’ll give you top-10 in baseball. But, in MY opinion, this team has a ways to go to win postseason series against upper echelon opponents. As we said on the show – 3 good weeks in a row and my feelings will change. Would I be surprised if they won the World Series? No. Saw the Giants last year with great pitching and little hitting do it. The pitching, if on, could easily carry us a long way. But you can’t have an off week in the playoffs. You do and you go home. And us scoring 2 runs last night off of a homer by our pitcher does not help soothe my anxiety.

  17. 42
    Eric Says:

    I don’t think you can feel overly confident about a team that’s considering batting the pitcher 8th to get the offense going – even if the team has a nice record.

  18. 43
    DAP Says:

    curt “You used their record as an indicator of how good you thought they were. ”

    no, i used the record to show you they arent a .500 team, like you for some reason said they were.

  19. 44
    Walker Says:

    All I can say is that I am happy with where the braves are with all their misfortune.

  20. 45
    Nate Says:

    Curt, DAP, I think you’re both splitting hairs over a mediocre baseball team. MLB has very few good to very good teams. The Red sox and Phillies seem to be on another level. Then you have a whole bunch of teams like the Yanks, Braves, Brewers, Cards, Tigers, Rangers, and maybe one of the teams in the NL West. I think this is another year, like the Giants last year, where one of the teams in the second group I listed could very easily win, but if the Sox and Phils are hot in October no one has any chance. Just my thoughts.

  21. 46
    Nate Says:

    The Cards might be out of the 2nd group now that El Hombre is out for a while. Who knows, though?

  22. 47
    john j Says:

    Anyone hearing anything about new ownership? It is said in Colorado, Liberty Media would like to unload them. New ownership could be good news if they let Braves management take some payroll chances to win. Of course, Wren will have to prove to new owners that Uggla was his only mistake.

  23. 48
    Anonymous Says:

    Good news for Uggla, 1-5 and 1-4 days raise his average. Not many can say that!!

  24. 49
    john j Says:

    Didn’t mean to make 48 anonymous. I’ll take the blame.

  25. 50
    Anne Says:

    I can’t believe Jo-Jo didn’t get a mention…we see him tomorrow, is it?

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