June 19, 2011

Show #152: The Braves Stumble At Home

Can the team be better?  Heyward’s star. The starting rotation. And batting the pitcher 8th.



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  1. 101
    Bubdylan Says:

    re #99, I mean I may be the worst for personal attacks on Braves players & coaches. Not commenters. I hope.

  2. 102
    Curt Says:

    Bub, your contributions to this whole thing are invaluable and enlightening.

  3. 103
    Bubdylan Says:

    Thanks, Curt.

    Re: #95, paragraph 3, from “Are the Braves good…” to “… miss an opportunity,” I’m with you all the way.

  4. 104
    ham Says:

    Bub – just for the record – Steve really liked Waterworld. It’s one of his favorite movies.

    None of us are without faults.

  5. 105
    Bubdylan Says:

    ****ing WATERWORLD?

    Good LORD. That’s some world record positivity right there.

    All I can say is, Steve’s kids should have some great self esteem. “I’ll admit the rock probably shouldn’t have been thrown at the officer in the first place, but he did nail him perfectly, didn’t he? Madduxesque.”

    Waterworld. I just, I don’t even…

  6. 106
    Bubdylan Says:

    Eh… I hope that post wasn’t too “icky.”

    I just cooked the largest hamburger steak I’ve ever seen and ate almost all of it. If I’m never heard from again, somebody give Kelly Johnson my love.

  7. 107
    Steve Says:

    Ham – had to play the Waterworld card? You should feel dirty right now. I know that being thrown in as part of the negative duo was extremely painful, I understand you acting out.

  8. 108
    Leah Says:

    At the beach this week soaking up some sun. I think the “negativity” is simply a reaction to what we all want the Braves to be, which is exceptional. I like the blunt honesty of the podcast rather than rose colored glasses wearing Pollyanna type perspectives.

  9. 109
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Well, how about a reverse of some of my posts…

    Who WOULD you feel comfortable trading for to add to the team this year?

    Realistic trades only please – no “if we could get _________ (insert your untouchable type A player here) for McLouth & Rafael Briceno, I’d pull the trigger…”

  10. 110
    Steve Says:

    To add some more to the negativity conversation …

    The intent of this show is and has always been to provide our perspective of the Braves, as fans of the team. To talk about the stuff real fans (us, at least) want to talk about, to be shamelessly optimistic or madeningly negative, or whatever. We never play “radio” or “podcast” on the show to drive interest or generate conversation, etc. We focus on what are burning topics for us that week and talk about them.

    That said, please disagree with us if that’s your opinion or agree with us if that’s your opinion. But keep coming back. Doing the show for Ham’s mom and they guy that sits next to me at work is much less fun than for the community we’ve created here on the message boards and beyond.

  11. 111
    Curt Says:

    Has this really come down to SS? It seems like every other position, outside of maybe some less shaky right handed middle relief, is filled. Jose Reyes is not coming out of NY for less than a goldmine, and with that, it’s probably a rental. I’ll bet the Mets would want four prospects – big prospects – for him, at least. Is it worth it to part with 3 high to moderate pitchers and Salcedo or someone like that to get him? Do the financial woes of the Wilpon’s make him tradeable?

    Who else it out there? I haven’t scoured teams thinking about who we should get. If Alex Gonzalez struck out just a little less, I could totally live with him. Same with Schafer. Are we looking for a CFer?

  12. 112
    DAP Says:

    Walker “I would rather have Morton right now than mcLouth. That I know for sure.”

    i would too, but only so that we could trade him for something else! :- )

    Ham @ 87 Im sad my posts to Curt are seen as an “assault”! It’s intended to be honest discussion, in good spirit, I promise. Which is, I know, exactly what you want. As frank as Y’all can be in your negativity, I tend to be just as frank in my admonition to “Get Real.” :- )

    Anyways, I always love the show, and look forward to it every week.

  13. 113
    DAP Says:

    Curt @ 111, JJ Hardy has always been a favorite of mine, and hes playing well in Baltimore. In fact, if I had my way, we would sign him this offseason anyways.

    The thing is, as bad as Gonzo is offensively, there arent a ton of SS out there who are way better. One good thing about Gonzo at the plate is that he has pop, so he can really impact the game.

    So, Hardy, and I personally like Jamey Carroll. He’s a veteran that can spell our infielders and he gets on base at a good clip. I dont think he’s n every day guy, but he’d be an upgrade from Lugo.

  14. 114
    Eric Says:

    Anybody know anything about Starlin Castro with the Cubs? He’s young and he’s putting up good numbers. Would they be willing to part with him?

  15. 115
    DAP Says:

    Hey Y’all, I swiped this from a poster on a another blog to show how good the Braves have been playing since April:

    “The Braves started the season going 8-12 in their first 20 games. The Phillies went 14-6. So basically, in the past two months of the season, the Braves record is 35-21 while the Phillies is 33-23″

    If that keeps up, we might could catch those guys. Especially with Oswalt’s career in question.

  16. 116
    DAP Says:

    Eric, everything I’ve heard about Castro and the Cubs is that they are building around him.

  17. 117
    Curt Says:

    What about Alexei Ramirez with the White Sox? We’ve traded with them several times now.

    DAP, you’re right on Castro. He’s going no where.

    Eric and I were also talking Stephen Drew. Could we deal with another Drew brother?

  18. 118
    DAP Says:

    Will the White Sox be sellers? I guess we will find out a little closer to the deadline…Alexi is a real solid player.

  19. 119
    Eric Says:

    What about Danny Espinosa with the Nats? Apparently he played short in the minors. And this random article says Dee Gordon with the Dodgers is good, even though he’s not exactly tearing it up.


  20. 120
    DAP Says:

    Curt, you know what that Alexi idea made me think of? Brent Lillibridge. He is having a heck of a season, and it might just be a hot streak, but he is really hitting in part time duty, and can play SS and 3rd along with all three outfield spots.

  21. 121
    Eric Says:

    Drew is signed through 2012 with a team option for 2013. He is, of course, a Boras client. Not sure if the Braves would want to deal with that.

  22. 122
    Steve Says:

    DAP, re #115 – I had come to the site right now to post that same exact bit from DOB’s comments board. Pretty damn funny.

    I don’t see the Bravos giving up anything of substance for a SS. I don’t believe that position is really in there sights for improvement. It’s cliche, but Gonzo really does save a bunch of runs with his glove.

    I think the only position they’re looking at is CF. Jordan’s been fine, but not special enough to block a good opportunity that comes up. Hell, he could be traded to get that CF piece.

  23. 123
    Nate Says:

    What about Marlon Byrd? He’s 33, i think, so I don’t see him as a piece the Cubs are building around. Possible utility players could be Jamey Carroll or Jason Bartlett. If we could get another solid reliever from the Friars and Bartlett it would be huge.

  24. 124
    Eric Says:

    It would be great to have another good right handed reliever in the bullpen. I kinda hope it will be Medlen, but I don’t know if you can count on him coming back sharp this season. Huddy didn’t look great in those couple months when he first got back from TJ.

    Linebrink and Proctor just don’t cut it.

  25. 125
    ham Says:

    DAP – don’t be sad. I was overstating a bit. (Plus Curt deserves it – since he is the leader of the Downcast Duo. I would put in a winky emoticon right here, but then again I won’t.)

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