June 26, 2011

Show #153: The Braves Bounce Back with 4 Win Week

The week in review.  What and who to target in the trade deadline.  And Best/Worst signs of the week.



335 Responses to “Show #153: The Braves Bounce Back with 4 Win Week”

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  1. 251
    Pure Says:

    Kimbrel had it all the way

  2. 252
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Just think folks……..the best I have felt ALL YEAR about the Braves and we have Schafer and Mclouth starting in the outfield…..

    When Prado comes back…sit Uggla and start Prado at second. :) I know, I know we can’t. That would be very “un-Bobby like.” :)

  3. 253
    Steve Says:

    Kimbrel looks as automatic the past couple of weeks as he did the first couple of weeks of the season. 5 – 0 week so far…

  4. 254
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Mark Reynolds kinda reminds me of (a right handed) Klesko…..lots of power and very shaky defense. He could have easily had 3 homers instead of 2.

  5. 255
    Pure Says:

    fearless forecast: first place by the all-star break.

  6. 256
    Frigatedoc Says:

    @ Pure…

    I wish! But the Phillies are rocking right now too!

  7. 257
    Bubdylan Says:

    Pure, we face Halladay, Lee, and Hamels with Lowe, Beachy, and Hanson. If Uggla and Heyward catch fire, maybe. Short of that, I think we’ll enter the ASB where we are now, about 4 back.

    But I’m really proud of the Bravos. Playing with a severe handicap in Fredi Gonzalez. (Seriously, how many ways did he try to beat us today? Bogus suicide sqeeze number 4 on the year, batting Gonzalez in the top of the order, and not having Venters available because he was used with big leads last week… that’s three right off the bat).

    Go Braves! Beat the Fredi and the Orioles!

  8. 258
    Nate Says:

    Who is more valuable as a rookie, Kimbrel or Freeman? Imagine how thin we are in the bullpen without Kimbrel. Imagine how much worse we are with a glausian first baseman. Interesting debate, no?

    glausian- meaning a player who has a great month and then appears to serve no purpose for the other 130+ games and playoffs. See Bub for possible revision.

  9. 259
    Bubdylan Says:

    Nate, I would so much hate to be without either Freeman or Kimbrel. According to Fangraphs, Billy Wagner was worth 2.2 wins above replacement last year. Kimbrel has given us 1.8 already, leading ALL MAJOR LEAGUE RELIEVERS by nearly half a win, which is nutsville.

    Freeman has been worth 0.3 wins above replacement* so far, where Glaus gave us 0.6 for all of last year. For what it’s worth, Freddie and Troy had the same number of homers, nine, to this point of the season.

    So, we replaced Wags and Troy, surpassed them really, for pennies on the dollar to say the least. And both stand to improve from here, whereas Troy and Wags regressed in the second half.

    * (Warning: sabergibberish ahead) I actually used Freeman’s oWAR, or Offensive WAR, here instead of his full WAR for two reasons: 1. UZR, the defensive component of WAR, is unstable with less than a season or two of data. Most saberheads get grumpy if WAR is used to analyse any batter’s ongoing season for this reason. 2. Specifically, Freddie is punished by a poor UZR, which is probably just from too much noise in the data. We’ve all seen with our own eyes that he’s an asset defensively. So I just basically threw that value out.

  10. 260
    Bubdylan Says:

    By the way, we’re 43-35, the same exact record as last year at this point in games played.

  11. 261
    Bubdylan Says:

    49-35, I meant.

  12. 262
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    @ Frigatedoc

    Actually moved over the line into Olive Branch a few years ago, but the monicar started while I was living in Memphis and that’s the way folks on several podcasts know me, so I have kept it. Can’t quite “throw and rock” and hit Memphis, but I am close…

  13. 263
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    I understand picking Halladay over JJ to start the All-Star game.

    Halladay has done it longer. He regularly throws complete games. Almost never fails to strike out a bunch. He almost always “looks” dominant in the games he pitches. Is defending Cy winner, and IS defending it… (i.e. is in the running for another…)

    JJ doesn’t “look” as dominant. He was on the DL to start the year. He doesn’t “always go nine”.

    But, the starter in the All-Star game has a chance to lose the game, but has no chance to win it. They never go the five innings to qualify. But, after the starter, whomever is the pitcher of record when the team takes the lead, he “wins” the game. If JJ doesn’t start, he has a chance to be the game winner…

  14. 264
    Frigatedoc Says:

    If Haladay starts, it just shows that the All Star game is a popularity contest. Case in point, Buster Posey. How many votes did he get after he broke his leg?

    @ Bub… You make my brain hurt! Lol

  15. 265
    Nate Says:

    Bub, I actually understood most of that, and I agree u gotta have both guys. I might give a slight edge to Kimbrel. BTW, my iPhone wants u to change your name to Bib.

  16. 266
    ham Says:

    re #227-228 – did any of you notice how lukewarm the handshakes and high-fives for JJ were after the game? McCann seemed cold to him, and a lot of players seemed more congratulatory towards Heyward than they did to JJ. I was surprised, I thought there would have a warmer response.

    Did I make this up? What’s the book on JJ as a teammate?

  17. 267
    David Says:

    Ham – good point. Maybe a question for DOB?

  18. 268
    Steve Says:

    #255 – Pure, I like your optimism. I also feel obligated to ask that you stop sniffing model airplane glue first thing in the morning.

    I’m not saying we can’t catch them before the season is over, but we’d really need a sweep next weekend and that seems unreasonable.

  19. 269
    Steve Says:

    #266: Ham – I noticed that too and then swept it under the rug. Troubling.

  20. 270
    Steve Says:

    BTW – the Phils are already up 4 – 0 in the 2nd. I mean, c’mon!

  21. 271
    Steve Says:

    Two singles and then three strikeouts for Beachy. Seriously, my man crush on him can’t stand much more.

  22. 272
    Pure Says:

    On JJ — I did see a game a few weeks back where he showed up his teammates when a grounder got through the infield. As I remember it, he kind of tossed his glove in the air and rolled his eyes.

    I can’t believe that Sunshine Steve is shooting down my first-place prediction/prayer. It’s something to aim for — a stretch goal. Unlikely, true. Where’s the excitement in predicting that we’ll still be four games back by next week?

  23. 273
    Steve Says:

    Sorry, Pure. Don’t get me wrong. I love it and want it like crazy. And my nay-saying is more a function of the fact that the Phillies just don’t lose these days.

  24. 274
    Leah Says:

    It seems like it’s been a long time since J-Hey got a hit.

  25. 275
    Bubdylan Says:

    Scott Proctor in a high leverage situation. Sorry to be negative when things are so good, but Fredi Gonzalez is an unmitigated moron. Just as we all figured, Fredi has been unaware just how close Proctor has been to losing every single game he’s pitched in without extreme luck. That they sent Martinez down instead of cutting Proctor when they called up Gearrin is absolutely mindboggling.

    Every. Single. Step. Of the way, from his signing to his first call up, I have screamed that this guy is a loss waiting to happen. Everybody has seen it but the Braves. Unreal.

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