June 26, 2011

Show #153: The Braves Bounce Back with 4 Win Week

The week in review.  What and who to target in the trade deadline.  And Best/Worst signs of the week.



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  1. 301
    Bubdylan Says:

    Oops, I was wrong. Dan’s actually cost his team the 9th most in WAR in all of baseball, regardless of salary considerations.

    The bottom 9:

    Ibanez (surprised to see a Phillie, didn’t know this),
    Chris Johnson,

    Some juicy salaries in there, but I ain’t looking all that up! Okay, gone for REAL for real.

  2. 302
    Nate Says:

    Jason Bay

  3. 303
    DAP Says:

    Y’all lost the podcast? What, did you ask Scott Proctor to post it for you or something? : -)

    Looking forward to the re-do. Happy 4th of July y’all. We live in a great country!

  4. 304
    Leah Says:

    Wow, who’s the trucker on the pitcher’s mound?

  5. 305
    Curt Says:

    Good win. Jiminez has been very good on the road. Can the Phils lose?

  6. 306
    Steve Says:

    #305 – And I happened to see the 1 run the Phillies scored last night and Dominic Brown was out at the plate. Immaterial, I realize, but thought I’d throw it out there.

    Great win. Keeping it going. I think Mac and Freddie could carry us.

  7. 307
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    SOMEBODY needs to tell Uggla:

    “For the rest of the season, I want your approach at the plate to be ‘take everything the other way’. If you are going to swing at it, it better be aimed at center or right. Every time I see you try to pull a ball, you sit the next day.”

    Too harsh?

  8. 308
    Steve Says:

    #307 – Not too harsh, but I don’t know that it’s the right thing to do (I’m not claiming to know what’s right). It’s just that his first 5 years were very consistent and successful. I still think this is about his head and not his mechanics. Maybe your suggested approach would swing the pendulum (head-wise) back to where it needs to be.

  9. 309
    Danny Says:

    I think every time Struggla swings and misses at a ball off the plate outside he should pay a grand or so. He can’t reach the outside corner, so he should start making pitchers either throw strikes or come inside. This is pretty similar to other suggestions made, like simply stepping up closer to the plate. He crushes pitches inside, so maybe he should go all Jeff Bagwell and crowd the plate and look for up and in fastballs.

  10. 310
    john j Says:

    Uggla’s lack of timing and good swings is looking more like a lousy hitter than just a bad streak. Is it time to face up to the fact that some careers do end early? If this proves to be the end of a career and not just a bad half season or a bad season, his contract will go down as one of the worst in baseball history.

  11. 311
    john j Says:

    One more Uggla thought: Since the Braves signed him as a power second basemen, is he so determined to hit 25 homers, that he doesn’t care if his average is .170?

  12. 312
    Nate Says:

    I just feel bad for him at this point. It’s totally in his head. He might be one of those guys who just has to figure it out on his own, but right now he just looks lost at the plate.

  13. 313
    john j Says:

    Hanson should at least be the first replacement player for all star game!

  14. 314
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Maybe he (Uggla) needs to get with Smoltz and find out who his Sports Psych Doctor was who turned his season around (early is his career) . It’s not like he can’t afford it!

    Remember how excited we all were when the Braves signed him? ;)

  15. 315
    Nate Says:

    Apparently our old friends the White Sox are looking at Lowe and Beachy. Carlos Quentin is mentioned in return.

  16. 316
    Eric Says:

    Does anyone know why Freddi keeps moving Gonzalez into the two spot? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

  17. 317
    Bubdylan Says:

    Eric, Fredi just doesn’t get it. We all keep waiting for the “I knew that wasn’t real” moment where he starts to make some sense. It ain’t coming.

  18. 318
    Kate Says:

    A monkey could fill out the lineup card better than Fredi.

  19. 319
    Frigatedoc Says:

    With all of this talk about Uggla we have an issue at SS. Gonzalez? What are we going to do with him? Conrad?

  20. 320
    Adam Says:

    I like how Freeman is amazing now.

  21. 321
    Walker Says:

    Fredi hurts this team when he doesn’t maximize its potential by putting Jason lower in the order. Its really frustrating that he would do this while we are winning. I like Fredi but he’s really stupid.

  22. 322
    Steve Says:

    “I like how Freeman is amazing now.” Best post of the year.

  23. 323
    Nate Says:

    That was a direct shot. Walk it off Heap…

  24. 324
    Leah Says:

    His name…is…

    I’m afraid to say.

  25. 325
    Nate Says:

    Oh, that’s why he’s an All-Star. Sweet.

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