July 06, 2011

Show #154: Our Mid-season Report Card

The Best.  The Worst.  A Grade for Fredi. Predictions for the Second Half.



337 Responses to “Show #154: Our Mid-season Report Card”

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  1. 201
    Leah Says:

    You guys crack me up. You wanted Chipper to go ahead with the surgery, now you don’t, this team can’t lose, we lose a tough fought battle against Cy Young winner, woe is me. I’m not complaining…just laughing. It’s over used no doubt but “you win some and you absolutely lose some.”. I’m not trying to undermine the importance of last nights game or the pain the loss continues to bring this morning. Im just saying it’s baseball. I think we can beat Hamels and Lee without Chipper. Of course I’m usually wrong so…sorry.

  2. 202
    Curt Says:

    DOB noted that it really hurts him to bat right handed and with Lee and Hamels going the next 2 days, he might not have been able to play anyway. Makes a lot of sense when you think in those terms. Do we not think Hicks gets into one of these games? An equally as large a hole as Lugo.

    Leah, I am all for the surgery. It just seemed like curious timing given we have these 2 huge games before the break. But reading DOB, it clarified a lot. He’s in a lot of pain. We’ve said it a lot, but the guy is a gamer. He’s fought through it for the team while Prado was out.

    As far as win some, lose some – sure. It just seemed like you had an opportunity to steal one last night when Halladay was not at his best. And he was facing our #5 to boot. Victorino is on the DL right before the game. Lots of things falling into place. But you don’t take advantage of some chances – 3 guys on 3rd, 1 scores on an infield hit – and you end up where Proctor has to come in. I think everyone out there knew we were losing when he came in. So it’s the disappointment of it all. Let’s just see if we can somehow pull out 2 wins without Chipper.

  3. 203
    Pure Says:

    #199 – “Wow, one bad loss has made me really pessimistic.”
    Nothing new there, Steve. We all know that’s how you roll. :)

    Jeter got his 300th hit, finally. It was like watching grass grow.

  4. 204
    Nate Says:

    Gonzo batting 2nd, Lugo 7th.

  5. 205
    Jo-Bu Says:

    The reason all of this negative reaction to this one loss is becaue it hurts too much to lose a game by poor management. It’s been said before by others and now I’m buying in to the notion that the Braves are where they are in the standings despite Fredi Gonzales.

    I mean, if Fredi’s rationale to bat A-Gon in the two-hole is so that he’ll see better pitches, he’s completley lost becuse Alex is swinging at pitches that are way out of the zone and taking pitches down the heart of the plate. You don’t reward poor OBP with a marquee spot in the order like the 2-hole. But make no mistake about my opinon of Alex’s defensive contrinution to this team. He’s saved us at least 10 runs and probably as many or more errors with his glove.

  6. 206
    Leah Says:

    Well that was quick. Come on Tommy! Show ‘em whatcha got!

  7. 207
    Curt Says:

    I will say that their lineup is as bad or worse than ours. Might be a war of attrition like last night.

    On the Jetwr front, good for him. I always have likes the way he carries himself. But is there a more offensive announcer than John Sterling? He is so awful.

  8. 208
    Leah Says:

    Curt, r u posting frm ur iPhone?

  9. 209
    Leah Says:

    Lee looks sharp. Better than last two times we faced him.

  10. 210
    Nate Says:

    This lineup reminds me of a quote from the show, probably Curt or Ham, where one of you said our lineup has like 5 8-hole hitters in it. As I finished that Lee hit the homer. Good grief.

  11. 211
    Leah Says:

    That’s a new level of sucktitude.

  12. 212
    Pure Says:

    Oh my god.

  13. 213
    Nate Says:

    Cliff Lee would bat 6th in our lineup.

  14. 214
    Jo-Bu Says:

    I really don’t like flyball pitchers. Tommy has been living high in the zone all day long, it was just a matter of time.

  15. 215
    Nate Says:

    #210, I think it was from the trade possibilities show.

  16. 216
    Nate Says:

    There’s the Uggla smash. Let’s get some mo’.

  17. 217
    Leah Says:


  18. 218
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Just in case nobody knew Lee has a .225 batting average to Uggla’s .185
    GREAT that Uggla tied it up though!

  19. 219
    Curt Says:

    Yes, that was from the old phone, Leah.

  20. 220
    Leah Says:

    I knew it. You’re such a stellar speller usually.

  21. 221
    Curt Says:

    Can we go back in time and have that pitch sequence to Cliff Lee the 1st time?

  22. 222
    Curt Says:

    Thanks. It’s me stupid thumbs and the absurd spell correcter on that phone.

  23. 223
    Curt Says:

    Olde English?

  24. 224
    ham Says:

    not a great walk. How does Karros think that we are in a better situation pitching to Howard instead of Utley?

  25. 225
    Curt Says:

    How does Karros have a job?

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