July 10, 2011

Show #155: Another Impressive Week for the Braves

A 5-2 week.  Chipper to the DL.  Gonzo in the 2-hole. Kimbrel in extras. And Jeter’s 3,000th.



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  1. 51
    Steve Says:

    M in M: where did you see that trade stuff?

    In a related note, I can’t wait for July 31. What an exciting day.

  2. 52
    DAP Says:

    hey mark, i think wilkin ramierez could back up CF, and he is already on the 25 man roster. so, if mclouth got moved (i dont see anyway he possibly would) or maybe schafer got moved, wilkin could back up.

  3. 53
    Mark in Memphis Says:



  4. 54
    Curt Says:

    Said it before, I’ll say it again – love to get Omar back. He’s also really close with Prado, so that only helps.

    Fox was noting during their coverage on Saturday that the Phillies don’t have much money to play with either, so they might not be such obvious competition. Their farm system has had some hits over the last couple of years, and the guys they have brought up have not been so great. We might be a better option for teams than them.

  5. 55
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    I agree. That is something that they author touched upon in that most teams will be hesitant to take on salary and would like to get “sellers” to pick up the tab in exchange for better prospects. In that realm, Atlanta probably has an edge…

    However, with over half of the teams in baseball (16) being, what I consider, effectively “in it” (i.e. withing 6 games of the lead in a division), I estimate competition with Atl will be fierce.

    My “in it” includes:
    Boston, NY Yankees, Tampa Bay, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago Sox, Texas, LA Angels, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, San Francisco and Arizona.

    With Milwaukee and St. Louis tied, Pittsburgh one back and Cincinnati 4 back in the NL Central, I think they will really be looking for that “one impact guy”… That has the potential to drive the price up…

  6. 56
    Leah Says:

    It’s very difficult to cheer on Roy Halliday. I want to be a big enough person but I’m not sure I am.

    Cliff Lee would be easier. He turned down the Yanks for more money and we beat him.

  7. 57
    Leah Says:

    I have 8 All-Stars (5 starters) on my fantasy team and I STILL can’t beat Kate. Ignore anything I say even closely related to managing a baseball team.

  8. 58
    Kate Says:

    I have 11 all stars on my team.

  9. 59
    Leah Says:

    I feel soooo much better!

    So Brad Pitt in a baseball movie…yes please.

  10. 60
    Nate Says:

    These are the lowest batting averages I can ever remember seeing in an All-Star game.

  11. 61
    Leah Says:

    McCann is used to the first baseman making that catch.

  12. 62
    Leah Says:

    Mac is NOT allowed to get hut.

  13. 63
    Nate Says:

    It would be nice to see the NL really put one on the AL. It’s long overdue.

  14. 64
    Leah Says:

    I can’t believe Cano threw that ball back into the stands. 1) wouldn’t Fielder want it? 2) isn’t Josh Hamilton playing right beside him? Have we learned nothing?

  15. 65
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    He should have tossed it to the guy that nearly hurt himself diving for it after it bounced off the back wall…

  16. 66
    ham Says:

    Do we even want to see JJ at this point? Clippard? Kershaw? Bruce Bochy would never win the Home Depot Tool Race at the Ted, but he certainly qualifies to compete.

    You think we see Venters?

    (Having said that – Go JJ!)

  17. 67
    Nate Says:

    Why does JJ keep grabbing his backside?

  18. 68
    ham Says:

    Nice inning.

  19. 69
    ham Says:

    #67 – Because he can! Oh yeah!

  20. 70
    Nate Says:

    I would of rather seen JJ not pitch. Same with Venters. I would love to see Kimbrel in the 9th, but we already know that won’t happen.

  21. 71
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Is it me or is Joe Buck pulling for the AL? Making excuses by citing how many AL pitchers are not here this game. Well, the NL is out hitting and out pitching the AL at this time.

  22. 72
    ham Says:


    Point number one is sort of nice to read (like 5 times).

  23. 73
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    They definitely are MLB commissioner kiss-ups talking about how the game counting for home field in the WS makes the players care more… what a load of crap!

  24. 74
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Looks like you might get your wish.

  25. 75
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    “Overthrows one… that is down and away”??? Can you not see that he went from 98 mph to 88 mph???


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