July 17, 2011

Show #156: The Braves Start the 2nd Half Right

Looking back at the All Star Game.  Chipper’s recovery. Wren’s comments about the trade deadline.  And the 10,000th win.



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  1. 276
    David Says:

    264 — yup. only a bandwagoner would watch games on a delayed dvr.

  2. 277
    Leah Says:

    Salt in the wound? Chicken Dinner had Stubbs benched.

  3. 278
    David Says:

    …and only a bandwagoner would post on this blog while watching the game on a delayed dvr, too.

    Btw, I think the Braves should trade Birchy, or whatever this new pitcher’s name is, for Beltran to play CF everyday. (eyes rolling)

  4. 279
    David Says:

    Looking forward to this week’s podcast, which I’m guessing y’all are currently in the process of recording.

    Can’t put too much stock into a 3-4 record in Colorado and Cincinnati since they’re such weird ballparks, just gotta move past it and look forward to being at home this week. We should’ve done better than 3-4, but oh well. We’ve already won the Wild Card, according the ESPN, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

    This week — 4 against the Pirates and 3 against the Marlins. I say 5-2 this week — either a) 3-1 vs Pittsburgh and 2-1 vs FLA or b) 2-2 vs PIT and 3-0 vs FLA. I think the first one is more likely, but either way I think this is a winning week at the least.

    Also…I’m looking forward to the Phillies finally losing a series this week — which’ll be vs the Giants.

  5. 280
    Steve Says:

    Hey folks. Technical difficulties tonight. The podcast should be up tomorrow night. Thanks.

  6. 281
    Nate Says:

    #280, Tough night all around. It’s all good. You guys still rock.

  7. 282
    David Says:

    281, you said it perfectly.

    The podcast is like the news that Proctor haas been DFA’ed – whenever it comes, it will be eagerly welcomed!

  8. 283
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    (I remmebered my name this time…)

    Saw an interesting article about people to trade for. He listed a “dream”, “nightmare” and “reality”…

    I found it interesting…


  9. 284
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Another interesting take on one of the folks mentioned in the article:


  10. 285
    Curt Says:

    It’s this stuff that drives me crazy:

    “The defending NL Central champions hadn’t won consecutive games since June 14-15, when they completed a three-game sweep of the Dodgers in Los Angeles.”

  11. 286
    Eric Says:

    SI’s Peter King ranks MLB parks. Braves at 24.

    “24. Turner Field (Braves) — Even on hot nights, feels a little cold to me.”


  12. 287
    Steve Says:

    #286 – Agree completely. And, as I’ve said on the show before, I think a lot of it has to do with the dim lighting. It’s just a little gloomy there.

  13. 288
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Looks like the Braves are unlikely to unload any of the “top” pitching prospects for Upton or Beltran….

  14. 289
    Curt Says:

    Name that keeps popping up today is Tyler Clippard.

    In, for me.

  15. 290
    Steve Says:

    #289. Hell yes.

  16. 291
    Nate Says:

    #288, I think it’s highly likely that we will need Minor at some point before the season is up.

    #289, I really want Clippard. Moylan/Clippard/EOF/Veters/Kimbrel. It would be so awesome. We would finally have enough guys to match up against Carlos Ruiz and the Phillies late in ball games.

  17. 292
    Frigatedoc Says:

    According to AJC looks like Schafer has a chipped bone in his finger……that stinks! Looks like DL time for him.

  18. 293
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Jim Bowden thinks we need Bourn from Houston.
    Mike Minor, Jordan Schafer, J.J. Hoover

    Gives the Braves a legitimate top-of-the-order game-changer
    Led the NL in steals the last two years
    Is leading the league again this year
    Has a .350 OBP
    Can run the ball down in center field with phenomenal range

    My look:
    Though he is a lefty, he hits decently against lefties.
    vs. Left .278/.333/.389/.722
    vs. Right .310/.368/.407/.775

    Hits well on the road (does hit better in Houston)
    Outside of Houston .293/.357/.366/.723

    Has really heated in June and July (but was still better than our CF options from April and May):
    April .276/.357/.378/.735
    May .265/.323/.359/.682
    June .324/.388/.467/.855
    July .353/.375/.412/.787

    Is Minor better than a #3 starter (as what I have read over and over)? I heard he was the Braves pick that year because they thought they could afford him (he was picked ahead of higher ranked players in the draft)…

    I think a really good OPS guy would do the Braves a world of good (see post 226)

  19. 294
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    289 & 290

    Love the possibility, just hope the Nats haven’t worn him out the last two years…

    2010 91 IP in 78 games
    2011 57.1 IP in 45 games

    Compare to:
    2010 44 IP in 56 games
    2011 46.2 IP in 51 games

    2010 20.2 IP in 21 games
    2011 50 IP in 51 games

    2010 83 IP in 79 games
    2011 61.1 IP in 57 games
    (from ESPN stats)

  20. 295
    QC Bravo Says:

    Once again, use your best pitcher when 1 run means a loss or when 1 run means a tie? When on the road, there is only one goal while not hitting: make the game last until you hit! Stop using a stastic to dictate which pitcher to use!!!!! Not to mention the top of the order being up. (banging head against wall)

  21. 296
    Anne Says:

    Greetings from Turner Field, where it sucks to be me.

  22. 297
    Leah Says:

    Anne, any sign of clear skies?

  23. 298
    Anne Says:

    9:10 start

  24. 299
    Anne Says:

    Diaz not in lineup and I still stayed thru rain delay. “Homerism in the land of Suckitude.”

  25. 300
    Nate Says:

    Gonzo just presented a strong case for the Pitcher batting 8th with that AB.

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