July 17, 2011

Show #156: The Braves Start the 2nd Half Right

Looking back at the All Star Game.  Chipper’s recovery. Wren’s comments about the trade deadline.  And the 10,000th win.



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  1. 201
    Leah Says:

    His name is Daaaaaaan Uggla! Lovin’ the long ball!

  2. 202
    Walker Says:

    Dear Dan Uggla,

  3. 203
    Nate Says:

    Uggla going to right center. Somewhere Mark in Memphis just shed a tear of joy.

  4. 204
    Walker Says:

    Thank you for saving us from Proctor losing the Game.

    Sincerely, A braves fan

  5. 205
    Nate Says:

    Well, if Uggla has arrived, if Heyward keeps playing better, and Martin and Chip can stay healthy… we gotta a damn good team on our hands. Add Infante and Mike Adams and dominate

  6. 206
    Nate Says:

    Of course Heyward immediately pops up to an outfielder after I type that…

  7. 207
    Nate Says:


  8. 208
    Nate Says:

    Gomes kinda sucks…

  9. 209
    Frigatedoc Says:

    I think the Struggla-meter has finally died!

  10. 210
    Nate Says:

    Beltran rumor roundup from Talking Chop:

    We should see more rumors like this during the weekend as, presumably, the talks get closer to completion. That being said, I can sense the reluctance of the Braves front office to trade away good players for two or three months worth of a veteran with an injury history, and no possibility of draft pick compensation. That’s not something they typically do — just give away prospects. If they’re trading away major prospects, then they want the player they’re acquiring to be under their control for more than a few months.

    After this year center field will still be an area of need for the team, and they would have fewer prospects to go out and get another center fielder (I’m assuming that the front office is aware Jordan Schafer is probably not a long term solution).

    Beltran could make a difference down the stretch and in the playoffs, but he just doesn’t seem like the kind of player the Braves would go after — in terms of amount they would have to give up and length of time they would have him. Still, I’d be excited if we got him. And if it’s straight up for Minor, I’m fine with that (mainly because I’m not that big on Minor).

  11. 211
    Steve Says:

    #205 – Damn straight.

  12. 212
    Nate Says:

    Maybe the trade talk fired up Lowe…

  13. 213
    Adam Says:

    Or maybe not…

  14. 214
    Nate Says:

    Really, Fox?

  15. 215
    Nate Says:

    Interesting. Going with Proctor here, huh?

  16. 216
    Jo-Bu Says:

    That’s Fredi.

  17. 217
    Nate Says:

    Some really horrible pitch locations these last couple innings by the usual suspects.

  18. 218
    Kate Says:

    Will this finally get Proctor released?

  19. 219
    Walker Says:

    @ Kate

    No not yet. He has to lose at least 3 more games for us . Then we can release him.

  20. 220
    Anne Says:

    If I was in charge of Proctor’s career, my punny self would have sent him to proctology school…because pitching school isn’t workin’ out

  21. 221
    QC Bravo Says:

    Who is more at fault here? Fredi for using Proctor or Wren for keeping him on the roster, thus allowing Fredi to use Proctor? Personally, I blame Wren – sometimes you have to save people from themselves. How much data do we need on this experiment?

  22. 222
    David Says:

    Just got around to listening to this week’s podcast. I’d certainly be in favor of changing it from the Struggla Meter to the Wayward Heyward.

  23. 223
    john j Says:

    When Proctor comes in you know Fredi has given up on the game (proctor scoped us again). Martinez looks like a suitable replacement for Gearrin. A couple of timely hits early and Braves would have had a cushion and we likely would not have seen Proctor/Martinez.

  24. 224
    Danny Says:

    Move D Lowe to the bullpen as long relief and to the bench for pinch hitting. Problems solved.

  25. 225
    Danny Says:

    Interesting response from Heyward to questions about his current struggles:
    I am still a believer. I think the patient Heyward we love will return before the playoffs.

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