July 25, 2011

Show #157: The Braves Pitching Struggles on the Road

Trade deadline talk. The starting rotation. Chipper’s return. And the Wayward Heyward Meter



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  1. 1
    David Says:

    “Well Jason can’t hit into a double play now.” — Chip Caray with Heyward batting with the bases empty and 2 out in the 5th after Heyward K’d into a DP and then lined out into one.

    With that, Chip just gained about 1,000 announcer points in my book.

  2. 2
    ham Says:

    Just to beat all y’all to the punch, I was completely wrong about my recollection of Upton during the 2008 WS. I wish I had an excuse, but I really don’t. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

    Also, what is with this recent trend where we out hit the opponent by a factor of 2 but still can’t score more runs?

  3. 3
    Todd Says:


  4. 4
    Curt Says:

    The unwritten law that bases loaded and 1 out and due up is McLouth and Gonzalez

  5. 5
    David Says:

    I would boo Alex Gonzalez, but he has a signed excuse from his manager saying that he doesn’t have to hit.

  6. 6
    Nate Says:

    You could literally pitch around our 5 and 6 hitters all the time.

  7. 7
    David Says:

    According to Fredi, that play that Gonzalez just made completely negated the K with bases loaded.

  8. 8
    Curt Says:

    his bat is now deeply outweighing his glove

  9. 9
    QC Bravo Says:

    Actually, AGonz is the one guy who does get a pass on the hitting – JJ, et al have results better than the actual pitching b/c the defense is so good. The issue is not the light hitting, good fielding shortstop – its the light hitting everything else.

  10. 10
    Curt Says:

    Bravo, I have to disagree. The damage he is causing with his bad is crippling to this team. His 4-40 with RISP at least cancels out his defense, if not supersedes it. He’s awful. And they are all non-productive outs to boot. Strike outs and pop ups. The fact that this franchise had Elvis Andrus and Yunel Escobar and we are stuck with Alex Gonzalez is a tragedy, and incredibly short sighted by the front office. I don’t care about his defense anymore. He has to contribute with his bat for us to have any shot.

  11. 11
    Curt Says:

    “Alex Gonzalez struck out to end the second, fourth and sixth innings, stranding six runners including three in scoring position. He struck out with runners on the corners in the second and with bases loaded in the sixth, making him 4-for-41 with runners in scoring position and two outs.

    The veteran shortstop has driven in five of the 56 runners he’s had in scoring position in those at-bats.”

  12. 12
    Eric Says:

    #1 – And that puts Chip at -1,543,345 announcer points.

    #10 – It’s amazing how awful Gonzalez’s ABs are, too. His hands fly off the bat, his back foot flails around, he falls across the plate. He just doesn’t look like a big league hitter right now.

  13. 13
    Anne Says:

    And what’s this about Chipper pulling a quad? Agony.

  14. 14
    Steve Says:

    It was a brutal game last night. And the crowd just deflated every time Gonzo came up to bat. Everyone knew what was going to happen – and then it did. And Gonzo’s body language is not instilling any confidence either.

    How did the Pirates starter look on TV? It was amazing how many swings and misses there were the Braves. And striking out looking. Was he that good? The pitches, from my vantage point, did not look overly impressive.

  15. 15
    Curt Says:

    Steve, that last strike out he had, with the bases loaded, even he looked like he knew it was coming. You have guys like Heyward, who look awful, but he ropes that one which of course ends up in a double play. But Gonzalez is lost. He has no shot.

    It seemed a case of the Braves flailing away again. He looked ok at best. Eric sent me a stat, which I will now steal, that the Pirates pitcher had 2+ walks in every start this season. 0 last night. You had 8 hits against him in 5 1/3 and scored 0 runs. Negated all by the 9 Ks, which I believe was a season high for him. And other than McCann (maybe Schafer) that was our starting team last night.

    Who knows how the game changes if McLouth makes the proper play in the 2nd and Hudson gets out of it without giving up a run there. They had 3 walks, all scored. A very frustrating start to this homestand after a pretty forgettable road trip. AZ now 3.5 back.

  16. 16
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    I was too slow…

    I wanted to suggest:

    Demurred Heyward

    Demurred: Raise doubts or objections or show reluctance

  17. 17
    Leah Says:

    How sad that we’re comparing Heyward to Frenchy. Today feels hopeless.

  18. 18
    Anonymous Says:

    3-2-9-6-2-3-1. These are the runs scored by the Braves in last 7 games. Guess which two they won? If these bats don’t wake up, the WC lead will continue to shrink; anyone, who thinks it is a lock, is kidding themselves. Pitching is not their problem as every team has a couple of crappy pitchers. You just need a manager who uses the crappy pitchers in the games that are basically/likely lost. NOT in games you are still in. Braves need to find a couple of bats this week! Even a couple of strong bench players would be good. Heyward has more than a Sophmore jinx and Gonzo swings like a high school kid looking at his first curveball. Yunel: 109 hits, .305 ba, .384 obp; maybe the cancer on the Braves is the GM.

  19. 19
    john j Says:

    Sorry, #18 was me.

    By the way, Gonzo sucks and so does Wren. Wren gets way too much credit for the farm system and not enough blame for his mistakes.

  20. 20
    Nate Says:

    Said it when it happened, the Yunel trade was a bad, bad, bad move.

  21. 21
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Only IF Yunel would have done it here (which I don’t think he would have).

  22. 22
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    What about aquiring Koji Uehara?

  23. 23
    David Says:

    Buster Olney pointed out something that I’ve been saying: that even if we do trade Minor or Delgado to get Beltran, we’ll still have very deep pitching.

    But the one thing that’s nagging me about Beltran — if we trade for him, where does he play? If playing CF is a big risk for him, or it turns out he’s not able to be out there everyday, then what? Surely a platoon with Heyward is not the way to use a guy like Beltran.

  24. 24
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Chipper Jones HAS TO BE the ONLY player in MLB history to have a stollen base 2 weeks post meniscus repair…..

    AND he has his own hunting show.

    Chipper has earned a permanent “man card.”

  25. 25
    Curt Says:

    MIM: What?

    His stats as a Brave:

    ATL (4 yrs): G – 446, AB – 1622, R – 242, H – 472, 2B – 87, 3B – 4, HR – 29, RBI – 183, .291 .368 .403 .771

    Top-6 ROY, Top-20 MVP

    He had one bad 1/3 of a season and was gone. And those stats are included.

    You wouldn’t want Yunel Escobar batting 6th or 7th in this lineup right now? 2nd behind Prado? You’re crazy.


    Yes, please

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