August 01, 2011

Show #158: Braves Make a Big Move at the Trade Deadline

The Braves land Michael Bourn.  The Braves trade for Michael Bourn.  Did I mention we got Michael Bourn?



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  1. 201
    Jo-Bu Says:


    Too bad the Thrashers didn’t have as much luck. ASG never wanted a hockey team in the first place and therefore never invested in the community (with new ice rinks, etc like the other sunbelt teams did to grow the sport).

    Good for the Hawks

  2. 202
    Eric Says:

    #198 – Guy at the bar last night called Julio “The Capital.” Kinda hope that sticks.

  3. 203
    Nate Says:

    #202, I like it.

  4. 204
    Walker Says:

    @ 199 Yeah I new that, I guess I should have been more specific in what I was saying.

  5. 205
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Well, Steve, that isn’t really fair.

    Proctor pitched well in two or three games, getting our hopes up, then he became “a disaster”.

    He has been more luck than good (see 19 inning game) when he has “looked effective”. The ONLY thing he has going for him is major league experience, which is probably what keeps him on the team. You just don’t know how a minor leaguer will react until he is there…

    The thing that probably keeps Fredi “running him out there” is that Proctor has “done it before” (i.e. in baseball, you just never know when it will “click” for someone and they will get in a grove – it happened with Linebrink…to the extent you can call it a ‘grove’).

  6. 206
    Leah Says:

    Michael Bourn runs fast even in slow motion.

  7. 207
    Curt Says:

    Good for the fans of the Hawks, more importantly. Now it’s the Braves’ turn

  8. 208
    Leah Says:

    Pulling my hair out.

  9. 209
    john j Says:

    Win or lose today, the Braves look like a tired, lethargic team lacking in enthusiasm. Looks like Conrad’s biggest concern is how big of a wad he can put in his cheek; our high school team doesn’t stand there and look at strike three. They look evenly matched with the Mets.

  10. 210
    Curt Says:

    We’ll cover it tonight, but John J, I’m there with you. The mediocre play since the AS break has really left me wondering about this team. And it can’t all be attributed to the injuries, I’m afraid.

    More on all that joy to come.

  11. 211
    Anonymous Says:

    New show tonight? huh? new show? tonight?

  12. 212
    Leah Says:

    Ok…I DO miss this..

  13. 213
    Walker Says:

    I don’t miss anything about Jeffrey.

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