August 01, 2011

Show #158: Braves Make a Big Move at the Trade Deadline

The Braves land Michael Bourn.  The Braves trade for Michael Bourn.  Did I mention we got Michael Bourn?



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  1. 76
    DAP Says:

    Curt, let me explain…4 starts since the break…first game he gave up 6 runs in 5 innings. i was there, and it was horrible (until we won the game in a walk off). second game he gave up 4 runs in 6 innings. not great like he has been, but thats not terrible. braves won that game. then, 7 innings 1 run vs. the pirates. great start. then, we had last night. 5 runs charged in 5 innings.

    so, he hasnt been completely bad. inconsistent is a better way of putting it.

  2. 77
    john j Says:

    Hoping McCann is back soon and at 100%. Even with Uggla as hot as can be offense sucks without Mac. Not betting Chipper will ever again be near 100%; we better get used to it.

    One day 13 hits and next day 3 homers but not much to show for it. No small ball for Fredi’s team. How about manufacturing a run here and there? How about more focus on bunting, stealing, advancing a runner, hit-and-run, etc.? Too complicated for Fredi?

    Would you want to be a position player batting 9th in NL? You’d be getting kidded the rest of your career.

  3. 78
    Nate Says:

    The Jayson Werth quote about JJ is a little alarming.

  4. 79
    Nate Says:

    The Big Four are all in Gwinnett. The International League is screwed.

  5. 80
    Curt Says:

    Teheran’s numbers in Gwinnett are video game-ish

  6. 81
    Nate Says:

    From Talking Chop:

    The future for Arodys Vizcaino seems clear. The Braves moved him to a relief role several weeks ago, and they hope that he can help them out of the Atlanta bullpen down the stretch. I expect he’ll get called up at some point prior to the date that postseason rosters have to be set on August 31st. His upper-90’s heat could be huge for Atlanta as they drive towards the postseason.

    Julio Teheran and Mike Minor are great insurance in case of injury to one of the starters in the Atlanta rotation. With the way Teheran has dominated triple-A at just 20-years-old (12-1, 1.90ERA, 1.073WHIP) I have to believe that the Braves will open up a spot in the Atlanta rotation this winter for the talented young Colombian. That still leaves Minor as an emergency starter and Delgado continuing to develop in 2012.

    #80, so true.

  7. 82
    Nate Says:

    Lowe has +4.50 ERA and an OPP BA around .270. I am still dumbfounded by people who don’t believe Julio could at least replicate those numbers. We really should have unloaded him if really did have a chance to do so. Do people really think he is just going to flip a switch when September rolls around and be a dominant postseason ace? I would need to see at least 3 or 4 solid starts in a row from Derek to start believing in him again. Also, he has been impossible to move in past offseasons. How will this one be any different?

  8. 83
    DAP Says:

    82 Nate “Do people really think he [Lowe] is just going to flip a switch when September rolls around and be a dominant postseason ace?”

    Its been known to happen.

  9. 84
    Walker Says:

    I love Chipper but this has to be his last year. He’s great when he’s healthy, but he too old and fragile for a playoff team to count on him. We get burned by his injuries every year.

  10. 85
    Frigatedoc Says:

    We NEED this win tonight……. Diamondbacks are RIGHT THERE……

  11. 86
    Curt Says:

    DAP, let me explain…4 starts since the break…

    – first game he gave up 6 runs in 5 innings.
    This, obviously, is not a quality start. ERA – 10.80

    – second game he gave up 4 runs in 6 innings.
    This too does not qualify as a quality start. ERA – 6.00

    – (third game) 7 innings 1 run vs. the pirates. great start.
    great start, indeed. ERA – 1.29

    – fourth start. 5 runs charged in 5 innings.
    his 3rd non-quality start in 4 post AS break starts. ERA – 9.00

    Call it whatever you want.

  12. 87
    Kate Says:

    Gonzo is batting 5th in the lineup tonight. Wouldn’t be easier to just forfeit?

  13. 88
    Nate Says:

    That’s just terrible.

  14. 89
    john j Says:

    Nate, you are so right on Lowe. Braves should ask for NOTHING in return if they can find someone to take the remaining contract.

  15. 90
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Well, it is about time for Lowe to make his yearly “change in his mechanics”…

  16. 91
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    How annoying…

    The offense finally strings some hits together and the pitching can’t hit their spots…

  17. 92
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    See you folks tomorrow to see if we can keep from being swept…

  18. 93
    Curt Says:


  19. 94
    john j Says:

    Braves are going to have to eat Lowe’s contract and have him pitch long relief in lost causes. He has nothing. They should have given him away after he pitched a couple of decent games; let’s see, when would that have been? Someone mentioned Chipper changing his contract, Lowe should give his check to charity.

  20. 95
    john j Says:

    So, Fredi isn’t going to degrade anyone else and make them bat 9th? That is real leadership.

    Looks like we have found a hitting rightfielder; one who doesn’t have premature star status.

  21. 96
    Jo-Bu Says:

    I guess the baseball gods really do have it out for us this year.

  22. 97
    john j Says:

    what is it now, a fourth of the payroll tied up in KK and Lowe (or, do you have to add McLouths salary to make it a fourth)? Good thing GMs are only responsible for the good transactions.

  23. 98
    stacy c Says:

    braves need to get rid of derek lowe,he give up too many runs walk too many batters. if the braves plan on making a run for the pennant they can not make it with derek lowe poor performance.braves manager need to have a meeting with the players,he is not being hard on the player,if a pitcher give up 4 to 5 runs in a inning you need to take that pitcher out you can not expect the team to come back late in the game to win,it bad for the fans to see a team play so poorly.i dont like watching the braves when derek lowe is pitching,i notice all the other player do not play their best when he is pitching.braves need to start playing like playoff contender baseball,they look at too many strike and then want to complain to the umpire no need to.freddy gonzales need to stop sittin back waiting to take a pitcher out when the other team have scored 4,5,6 runs in a inning that embarrrsing to i prepared a line up for the braves.michael bourn,martin prado,chipper jones,bryan mccain,freddy freeman,dan uggla,jason heyward,luis gonlaez,then the pitcher

  24. 99
    Eric Says:

    98 – Did Frank Wren run into your or make fun of your kid or something?

  25. 100
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Welcome to being 8 games back……..

    BTW the guy pitching for Washington tomorrow pitched for like the first time in 100 years last time against the Mets and got hammered……..time for another “Cy Young” like performance against the Braves…

    Ever notice that when an umpire does not call a 3rd strike our way the next pitch something bad happens?

    Sorry for the doom and gloom…..but I have a horrible cough and feel terrible.

    “I don’t drink cough syrup much, but when I do, I drink NyQuil.” “Stay thirsty my friends……..”

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