August 07, 2011

Show #159: The Braves Continue to Play .500 Ball

The starting pitching, Chipper in 2012, a heated debate about Heyward and, of course, Antiques Roadshow.



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  1. 101
    Walker Says:

    Obviously nobody in the National League can beat the Phillies.

  2. 102
    Steve Says:

    #96 – Hell yeah. Not to mention that JJ is feeling much better and that the news about Hanson is good, too.

    #100 – It’s infuriating, isn’t it? They were down 6 – 0 heading to the 4th, for eff’s sake.

  3. 103
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Think Jason thought he was out #three there?

  4. 104
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    I think Dunn has attended the Proctor School of Pitching from behind… Was there a batter he didn’t go 3-2 on? I think maybe one…

  5. 105
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Where Chipper is a Mets killer, it looks like Prado may be shooting Fish in a barrel…

  6. 106
    john j Says:

    Heyward is an enigma. What can be done to help the guy?

  7. 107
    john j Says:

    Time for Hudson’s shower.

  8. 108
    john j Says:

    Past time for that shower.

  9. 109
    john j Says:

    Thanks Fredi. Left Hudson too long and then go with a lousy match up. Fredi has his money on the fish tonight.

  10. 110
    john j Says:

    I was wrong, Fredi is a genius.

  11. 111
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    I may have been wrong…

    Well, it WAS his first major league batter…

    Guess we can give him a pass no matter what for tonight…

  12. 112
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Venters can qualify for a save. Tying or winning run is in the batters box or on-deck circle…

  13. 113
    Eric Says:

    Good bit from Jim and Don. The Marlins had a poll asking fans, “What’s the most annoying thing about the Braves?”

    A) The Braves Way – smugness.
    B) Bobby Cox
    C) Calling it Hotlanta
    D) Chipper Jones
    E) The Tomahawk Chop

    Apparently the Tomahawk Chop is really annoying to all 7 Marlins fan.

  14. 114
    Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know about you guys but from now on, I’m rooting for the Diamondbacks to win the West so we wont have to face that Giants pitching.

  15. 115
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Heyward strikes out 3 times…..and his batting average is below Uggla’s! Who would have thought 1 month ago?

  16. 116
    Anne Says:

    #112 Why would Bobby Cox be the most annoying thing about the Braves? Bizarre. I’d have replaced that with “Watching Fredi & Uggla SWEEP YOU!”

  17. 117
    Frigatedoc Says:

    #112 I would compare it to the joy we all had booing Tommy Lasorda back in the day. No reason to, it was just fun!

  18. 118
    Anonymous Says:

    #115 Anne, that was funny…

  19. 119
    Frigatedoc Says:

    I saw Mark mentioned this above and I think it needs to be revisted……

    Last night after one of Heyward’s strike outs he flipped his helment to the ground like it was out #3. How many times have we seen this happen? Is his head in the game at all? I want to say that there was a man on base, so would that not change the way you would handle the at bat?

    Steve I MUST disagree with what you said on the show (to a point). What happened last night is EXACTLY why Freddi needs to sit Heyward. The guy is litterally not hitting his weight right now. I say instead of sitting him, send him to Gwinett to get his swing back. He is really playing that bad right now. I understand what you are saying about loyatly and keeping him in the game, but to say to keep him in because he is the “new face of the franchise” is rediculous. We need to win NOW… While I respect your opinion, I do think it is wrong. But who am I, you are the one with a baseball talkshow! 🙂

    If Proctor was still around he could pitch to Heyward to help him….

  20. 120
    john j Says:

    The Braves are fortunate to have many young faces on the team. When I think of their future, the names of Kimbrel, Venters, JJ, McCann, Freeman, Prado, Uggla, etc. are the ones that come up. Heyward is an afterthought. Injured or not, he is not the player anyone expected. He has no business batting any higher than 7th and he likely needs time at AAA to regain his skills. Right now, he looks like a #4 outfielder at best. Once you are in the Majors, the words “Prospect” and “Potential” don’t mean squat if you can’t perform! Can he perform in the future? I sure hope so but today, he is hurting the team. This time of the year, you put the players out there that give you the best chance to win. You worry about an individual’s ego after you look after the team. THIS IS A TEAM SPORT.

  21. 121
    Walker Says:

    John J you are completely a PRISONER OF THE MOMENT and completely WRONG.

    When I think of the future of the Braves, Heyward is actually the first name that comes to mind. I agree with you he may need to go to AAA, but only for a week. No way is Constanza going to be our right fielder into the postseason. Constanza is no J-Hey and you are completely lost if you think he is. Constanza has been extremely lucky and he is the 4th outfielder you speak of, not Heyward. The young faces you speak of like Uggla , Kimbrel, Freeman were all given every chance to work out of their struggles earlier in the year.


    Yall are ready to throw him away like a rag doll. Be patient, the Braves are going to the playoffs and the only way they win a world series is if Jason plays out of his slump. I guarantee you Jason Heyward will be a extremely good player in his career, and a year from now we will be looking back at this laughing.

  22. 122
    Frigatedoc Says:

    @120: I completely agree with you….. Constanza is no J-Hey, but right now J-Hey is J-ZERO. After last night I am worried about what is going on in his head….

    Don’t think that “we” want the Braves to give up on him, but something needs to be done….

  23. 123
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Well, I just think that whoever is performing at the moment should be playing. Unfortunately, that’s not Heyward. If it’s Aprill or May you can afford to give him a chance to work through it (he’s had this entire season already). But with less than 45 games left on the calendar, there’s no way you can afford for him or anyone else to come up with runners on base and popup or ground into a DP to waste that opportunity.

    Constanza is not going to contnue to hit above .400 but he finds a way to get on base and when he does, it’s almost like a potential double. Lately he’s been taking an Ichiro approach to just put the ball in play and is getting lucky. You need luck in this game to succeed and right now he has it. We simply cannot afford to mortgage this season on next year’s “potential.” that’s like saying, well, we’re just gonna go ahead and let Jason get right for the next 30 games so he can go on a tear for the last 10. I think that’s silly and he’s not matured at this level to give anyone the confidence that he could even do that. I’m not downing him, his skill set, his talent or “potential” — he’s just young and working through some things.

    If he’s lost some of his mechs at the plate, you can work on that stuff with soft-toss. Sending him to Gwinnett? I dunno but I think not becuase he still needs to see Major League pitching whether his problems are mechanical or not. And yeah, I get the confidece thing but I think is issue is more the lack of inconsistant mecanics than confidence at the plate.

    I just cannot believe that we entertain sticking with the cold hand over the hot hand just simply because of Jason’s potential (and what he did in his rookie season). For all of the Struggla-Meter talk, and the complaining of others like Gonzales and McLouth (which were/are all justified), how does one make a logical argument that Jason Heyward, because of his pedigree is any more special than those veterans? This is not the time of the season (veteran, rookie, or otherwise) and the Braves must win by putting the best possible lineup on the field.

    And for all my complaints about Fredi Gonzales this season, he at least gets that one right in my book.

  24. 124
    john j Says:

    Walker,#120. I’m not sure that I am “completely wrong” and in#119, I don’t think I said give up on him or “throw him away”. I never compared Constanza either. Most players don’t make it at 22 maybe Heyward just isn’t quite ready. Maybe it is not being 100% healthy. All I know is that I would take almost any other Brave to be at bat if the game was on the line. Maybe it all came too easy for him but right now he doesn’t seem to even do basic adjustments like shortening up his swing or keeping his weight back, etc. He seems off balance and unable to make contact when needed, like to move a runner up. I am no hitting coach but he needs some work to hit at the major league level. It could be fixed any day but we need hitters NOW.

    One last thing, the Uggla situation was totally different as he has proven year after year what he is capable of so he got 3 months reprieve and it paid off. We were on his case but still thought it was highly probable Uggla would start hitting at some point. Uggla can hit MLB pitching! Not to say that Heyward won’t at some point. Let’s agree to disagree but I see Heyward as a contributor but not the cornerstone of the team.

  25. 125
    Leah Says:

    @122 easy with that “y’all” word. I haven’t heard anybody else say he’s done. The discussion was either Play him, bench him or send him down. I think he’ll be awesome again. Just maybe not this season.

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