August 07, 2011

Show #159: The Braves Continue to Play .500 Ball

The starting pitching, Chipper in 2012, a heated debate about Heyward and, of course, Antiques Roadshow.



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  1. 151
    Pure Says:

    Show #160: The Braves Play 1.000 Ball

  2. 152
    Dan Uggla Says:

    Lowedemort strikes again…

  3. 153
    Whoops Says:

    That was me. 🙂

  4. 154
    will Says:

    Oh Lowe you didn’t.

    A Lowe hitter.

    Feelin’ Lowe pain.

  5. 155
    Walker Says:

    Isn’t it funny that not since May have we had McCann, Chipper, Prado, and Heyward in the lineup at the same time. CRAZY

  6. 156
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Somebody needs to lie to Lowe and tell him it’s September already!

  7. 157
    Anne Says:

    I can’t believe I’m quoting from Parade Magazine: “at the All-Star break, the number of runs per game was down 20 percent from 2000, and home runs had dropped a whopping 31 percent.” Um, thanks, drug testing??

  8. 158
    john j Says:

    A couple of observations:

    Our “Ace” just isn’t all that dependable. You think?

    Big disappointment to see my hero try to take third on a grounder to short with no outs. Should know better after some 30 years of playing baseball.

    Often times, Braves end up with lots of hits and not enough runs as “small ball” is not executed. Running, bunting, stealing, moving up the runner, etc. Not part of Fredi’s game?

    What is the real scoop on Heyward’s health?

    I liked the way Bobby never left a player on the bench for too many days. He tried to keep everyone sharp with some at bats and some defense time. I miss that.

  9. 159
    Steve Says:

    Frigatedoc, #142 link doesn’t work. Do you have another?

    Will: “Oh Lowe you didn’t” was my favorite

    Sorry to be so absent the last few days. Been in CT for a HS reunion. Flying home now.

  10. 160
    Steve Says:


    Hudson’s been killing it. Over his last 14 starts, his ERA is 2.61 and 12 of the 14 have been quality starts (at least 6 IP and 3 ER or less).

    I agree about the small ball. It seems that some weeks Fredi falls in love with it and bunts everyone and some weeks he abandons it.

  11. 161
    Whoops Says:

    I’m thinking Linebrink isn’t quite up to par.

  12. 162
    Leah Says:


  13. 163
    john j Says:

    #159, My mistake, i was basing “ace” (#157) on money = Lowe. I am very happy with Hudson.

  14. 164
    john j Says:

    Keep scoring as it would be a crime to lose this one.

  15. 165
    john j Says:

    It would be great if Braves had ONE reliable pinch hitter.

  16. 166
    Leah Says:

    EOF! What gives?

  17. 167
    Adam Says:

    Hinske is pretty reliable. Conrad’s not bad either.

  18. 168
    Leah Says:

    This ump’s strike sounds like Mac’s favorite bad word.

  19. 169
    john j Says:

    Maybe McCann and Linebrink should have waited one more day to come back.

  20. 170
    Pure Says:

    It’s going to come down to Uggla, with the game and the streak on the line.

  21. 171
    john j Says:

    Braves pinch hitters, last I looked, is around .190 BA

  22. 172
    john j Says:

    What a disappointment. Important home series and hitters and bullpen don’t show up. Nice half swing by Prado.

  23. 173
    Curt Says:

    How do you lose that game? 4 errors by them. We struck out 12 or something? Bad, bad loss. Bad series loss. The Cubs are playing better, but they are going nowhere. A stinker to end the week on after the sweep in Florida.

  24. 174
    Walker Says:

    What a weird game. I feel like we won but we didn’t. We actually played the better baseball but this game goes to show that none of that matters when your pitchers can’t locate their pitches.

  25. 175
    Anonymous Says:

    EOF located his.

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