August 14, 2011

Show #160: A Rough End to a Good Week for the Braves

Bobby and the ’91 team.  The Uggla hit streak.  Our confidence in the team and another heated discussion about Heyward.



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  1. 176
    Leah Says:

    hmmmm….I love Prado but crazy safe? Not so sure. 2 questions…
    1) Is there a Mrs. Uggle? Just curious.
    2) Howsabout ABT meeting up for a playoff game? Count me in!

  2. 177
    Steve Says:

    #176. No idea if Uggla is married. Have not heard one way or another.

    I’m all for an ABT meet up for the first round. Love it.

  3. 178
    David Says:

    177 — come on Steve, don’t play it safe — ABT meet up for the WORLD SERIES!

    Btw — I’ve heard y’all refer to the “Heyward interview” in which he was aloof, rude, etc. Is that on the website somewhere? Or was it an interview for print? Just curious.

  4. 179
    Kate Says:

    I believe there is a Mrs. Uggla and a little Uggla. I think I heard that somewhere but I’m not 100% sure.

  5. 180
    Leah Says:

    First round sounds awesome. I’m there…been saving my pennies.

  6. 181
    Adam Says:

    Since I was at the game last night I’m taking almost all of the credit for the win. Beachy and Uggla get a tiny bit, but I was definitely the biggest contributor.

    Also I’ve heard a lot about how the crowds at Turner field haven’t been that great, but it was bumpin tonight. It felt like I was giving standing ovations every single inning. Great game.

  7. 182
    Nate Says:

    Bourn first on Web Gems.

  8. 183
    Nate Says:

    What was Bourn’s time was from 1st to home on the Prado 2B? The man can fly. If he wasn’t a CF he could be an incredible slot receiver. Bourn rounding second going home looked as effortless as Harry Douglas outrunning the entire Jacksonville secondary.

  9. 184
    Pure Says:

    Show #161: The Braves Pull Away in the Wild Card. Chipper back in 2012. Bourn’s awesome defense. Kimbrel’s dominance. Uggla’s home runs. And finally — The World Series Hope Meter!

  10. 185
    Leah Says:

    NEW SHOW!!! Right after we sweep the snakes!

  11. 186
    john j Says:

    Saturday was one of the best all around games the Braves played this year. Timely hitting, power, pitching, defense, running; we saw it all. Let’s wrap up the week 6-1!

  12. 187
    Leah Says:

    J-Hey looks terrible.

  13. 188
    Kate Says:

    A 6-1 week just like everyone predicted.

  14. 189
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Maybe it will be an “upbeat” show tonight?

  15. 190
    Pure Says:

    I think “upbeat” is an understatement. Steve will be over the moon.

  16. 191
    john j Says:

    #176: Uggla has spoken about his two children living with their Mother. Married?

  17. 192
    Steve Says:

    #178 – The Heyward interview we refer to is in Show #124. Here’s the link: It’s embedded in the show.

    #181 – And I was there today and it was rockin’ for the big at bats and the 2 strike counts. And the heat was pretty withering, but the fans still got up for it.

    #184 – It’s funny you say that, because we are actually bringing back the Post Season Hope Meter tonight. But if we extend the WC lead much more, I’ve been thinking we WILL have to change it to the WS Hope Meter (I’m kidding, sort of, in a non-jinxing anything kind of way).

  18. 193
    will Says:

    Ive told this story before, but since you went down memory lane, in early summer of 1991 I was at a Saturday afternoon game in the outfield and we sat about ten rows from a fraternity from Florida State. There were about 20-25 guys and their dates. They sat there and got hammered and you guessed it – did the Chop all afternoon. And that moan that goes with it. They began as the only people in the stadium doing it at the time. And you guessed it – it caught on like a virus. So me and my dad witnessed the birth of the Chop. Long live the Chop.

    Curt living with Martin and Bill…are they making a movie about that?

  19. 194
    ham Says:

    Actually, will – that was me, not Curtis. Of all the people who can’t tell us apart. . .

  20. 195
    Will Says:

    Ooops…i was cooking while listening and i must have spaced out… Curt was in Athens he said….das right.

  21. 196
    Will Says:

    It was yesterday too…ages ago… Where am I?

  22. 197
    Will Says:

    The braves are pretty impressive right now, ill say that. A healthy Chipper and this team is for reals.

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