August 14, 2011

Show #160: A Rough End to a Good Week for the Braves

Bobby and the ’91 team.  The Uggla hit streak.  Our confidence in the team and another heated discussion about Heyward.



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  1. 26
    Anne Says:

    I am walkin’ around the Bay Area tomorrow sporting my Braves t-shirt for sure. Suck it, Wilson!!

  2. 27
    Leah Says:

    Don’t you know Mac loves having a teammate he can jump up, bear hug and not knock over? Love me some Freeman!

  3. 28
    Steve Says:

    Just got to the TV for Prado’s at bat and the rest of the fabulousness. What a freaking win! That’s a very nice 2 game swing, right there. Huge.

  4. 29
    Anonymous Says:

    Fear the Beard my a**

  5. 30
    Adam Says:

    I know everyone is going to be talking about Freeman, but how about Constanza? How many other players in the MLB beat out that ground ball? And did you hear the crowd after he was called safe at first? Huge momentum builder right there. We don’t even get 1 run in the 9th without him leading off the inning.

    He’s earned a starting position on this team.

  6. 31
    Frigatedoc Says:


  7. 32
    Frigatedoc Says:

    @ Anne…… I love it

  8. 33
    Frigatedoc Says:

    @ Leah thank you!

    @ Curt Wow! Your Dad is so lucky! If he was on a transport ship in Vietnam he was probably on a LST which are flat bottomed. Even if you overboard during the day you are probably lost at sea. At night?? Wow….. A few years ago a Sailor went to catch a football and went over during the daytime. We lost him. So sad…. These things happen often and the media never covers it.


  9. 34
    Frigatedoc Says:

    “un-Braves” related…. Congrats Jim Thome.

  10. 35
    Walker Says:

    Great Win. Win the next 3 and we bury them.

    Yeah, congratulations to Jim Thome. However because of the steroid era, I am unfortunately suspicious.

  11. 36
    Curt Says:

    Doc – yeah, I think he knows how crazy lucky he was. And me, for that matter, since that was before I was born or contemplated.

    That win last night was fun to watch. I sensed it coming.

    Thome always struck me as a clean guy. A throwback type of guy. Congrats to him.

  12. 37
    Leah Says:

    Curt, I was the opposite…totally expected a big swing and miss by somebody. And can someone tell the too busy mother of three whats up with Thome?

  13. 38
    Nate Says:

    Have you guys ever heard the story of Chipper and Thome in a brawl together in the minors? Thome had Chipper pinned against the net behind home plate, and through the net Chipper could see his parents sitting in the front row watching him as he got dominated by Thome. I forget where I saw/heard Chip tell that story. Probably a Spirts South Rain Delay or something.

  14. 39
    Nate Says:

    Frigatedoc, thank you for your service and sharing your fan experience with the rest. Curt, that’s pretty crazy man. Your existence was saved by a cargo net.

  15. 40
    Eric Says:

    #38 – From Buster Olney earlier this year:

    “My first brawl in professional ball was against Charlotte,” Jones recalled. “He and Manny [Ramirez] and those guys were in Charlotte. And we cleared the benches, and he and I came across each other in the melee, and the next thing I know I was pinned up against the backstop, with my face up against the screen. And I looked over, and my mom and dad are like three rows away from me, and they had the look of horror. It was one of those moments when you just kind of cry for help, because once he got his big paws on me I was done. … He was like, ‘Don’t move, Chip. I will squash the life out of you.'”

    Through the years, Jones and Thome have become friends from across the field, when they played against each other in the World Series in 1995, during spring training when Thome was with the Indians in Winter Haven, Fla., and during Thome’s years with the Phillies.

    “For a while we were the only guys who wore our uniforms with the socks showing,” Jones said. “Not a better guy on the planet.”

  16. 41
    Eric Says:

    #36 – If any slugger from the 90s was clean, I’d believe it was Thome. Big, strong dude. Maintained power throughout his career. No unusual spikes or dips. He’s like a really talented version of Adam Dunn.

  17. 42
    Frigatedoc Says:

    @ Nate, Thank you…it was an honor to serve our great country… I would not change a thing. Being able to hear the Braves on the radio like (at sea) that just added to the moment. Kind of old school.

    Curt’s story about his Dad STILL blows my mind…. At sea, at night…you can’t even see your hand in front of your face. That is why you can see every star in the sky. Being on a cruise ship does not count in compairison. I am just glad that cargo net was there to save his Dad AND ultimately Curt! :)

    @ Eric: THanks for sharing the story about CHipper and Thome….can’t imagine Thome even coming at me…..that dude is a monster. I saw on ESPN last night his first home run as a rookie and he was smaller but still big. Chipper looked like a little kids then. I LOVE what he said to Chipper…classic.

  18. 43
    Steve Says:

    Frigatedoc and Curt – great stories, both of you. Thanks for sharing.

    Because I still have a sense of objectivity about all this, I post this link:

  19. 44
    Leah Says:

    Look at Stevie…all grown up. “Summer of George” love it…

  20. 45
    Nate Says:

    #43, I love what “leedawg” posted as the first comment: “Summer of George, Autumn of McCann, and the Fall of the Phillies.”

  21. 46
    Leah Says:

    Curse you leedawg!

  22. 47
    Frigatedoc Says:

    @ Steve…… I saw that on talking chop AND was going to post the link…but you beat me to it.

    Again, I see where you are coming from with him and Heyward…..but right now Georgy rocks.

    And to think we were all so mad when we didn’t get Beltran…..right now the Braves look like they did they best at the trade deadline AND we don’t have Mccouth, Schafer, OR Proctor! Life is good…..

  23. 48
    Anne Says:

    I didn’t even have to leave the house to piss off a Giants fan. Turns out mom’s physical therapist likes baseball.

  24. 49
    ham Says:

    “but it’s time for everyone to come around on how important this kid is and how important he could be for the rest of the year.”

    Looks like I don’t need to say “that means you too, Stevie” but it doesn’t hurt.

  25. 50
    Walker Says:

    I would guess Thome is clean, However if you don’t get caught why admit wrongdoing. If that steroid list was destroyed like it was supposed to in 2003 we would be saying A-rod was clean as well and he would continue to say he did it all natural. So we will never know. Unfortunately everyone who played in the 1990’s has a cloud of suspicion. I will never assume somebody was clean.

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