August 14, 2011

Show #160: A Rough End to a Good Week for the Braves

Bobby and the ’91 team.  The Uggla hit streak.  Our confidence in the team and another heated discussion about Heyward.



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  1. 151
    Steve Says:

    Great article about Heyward at Fangraphs.

  2. 152
    Steve Says:

    Very interesting article about Logan Morrison being sent down by the Marlins.

  3. 153
    Steve Says:

    The national pub ramps up:

  4. 154
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Lowe – little trade value

    Hudson – minimal trade value

    Hanson – iffy-ness physically reduces trades value (have to include too much w/ him to get something)

    JJ – (first half record gives him HIGH value, possibly the highest he may ever have, plus, being a Boras client, we have NO chance to re-sign him w/o him testing free agency in two years)

    Minor – getting better with every start, has proven “he can pitch up here”, HIGH trade value (can step into most any ML team rotation, is “cheap” for the next three years (I think) and still under team control for the three years after that – makes him very attractive to other teams, but also makes him VERY attractive to ATL with their current budget style)

    Beachy – shown “he can pitch up here” for the entire season. Con: flyball pitcher, not the best thing in ATL home park…

    Medlen – won’t know what he is till he pitches again – minimal trade value

    Delgado – HIGH trade value following his last start, still don’t know what you have since he was pulled at the beginning of his “third time” through the line-up – first batter he faced for the third time hit the homer (which I agree with pulling him, don’t want him to have a chance to lose the game after pitching a no-hitter for six innings in his SECOND start – so much better than his first), trade value may NEVER be higher…

    Terehan – High trade value based on reputation/potential, looked pretty good for a rookie in his ML starts, 2011 ML stats not the best (5.19 ERA, 1.62 WHIP, .288 BAA), might need another year in AAA

    I left Vizcaino out of the list because they moved him to the bullpen to limit his innings. Not sure he will be “ready” to contend for a spot next year.

    Personally, I could consider trading JJ before the “Boras effect” sets in.

    I would consider trading Beachy before Minor (hate to trade a lefty), just because of the flyballs; however, John Smoltz was the same kind of pitcher…

    Too early to trade Terehan, too “dangerous” to trade Delgado (after six no hit innings – granted it was against the Giants (lack of) offense)

  5. 155
    Frigatedoc Says:

    I would say that is it hard to determine what a trade value would be from just a couple of starts…..My thinking is to pitch at the MLB level they had to impress someone somewhere……even Proctor.

    It would be safe to say that Lowe is the “low” point of the Braves rotation……
    Ha ha…I am SO creative I crack myself up! Steve feel free you “Tweet” that. LOL

  6. 156
    Walker Says:

    I would say that the Braves definitely need to find some way to get rid of Lowe next year even if it means paying 13 million of the 15 mil he’s owed. I also wouldn’t be surprised if JJ was traded if Chipper retires for a big time left fielder.

  7. 157
    Leah Says:

    #101…freaking awesome.

  8. 158
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    So your objective is to get a left fielder? No thought of a third baseman there? Just wondering what influenced you in that direction?

    Understand, I am in no way making a value judgement on your choice, I just wonder what went into it (i.e. in your opinion: Prado has shown to be better defensively at third than in the outfield, you think it will be easier to find a “slugging” left fielder than a third baseman, etc.)

  9. 159
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    “hard to determine what a trade value would be from just a couple of starts”

    Is that “determination” for the Braves or other teams?

    As for the evaluation, prior to the trade deadline, Terehan and Delgado were both considered “un-touchable”… So someone is making value judgements and I see the good performance in their starts can only improve that “value”…

  10. 160
    john j Says:

    The ball was dropped when Braves didn’t agree to eat some of Lowe’s salary and let some team take him for free. There may be another chance if he would only pitch a couple of good games in a row. I would be happy if they only had to eat half of next year’s contract. Every dollar saved would be better spent on the new stars. The problem is if he does pitch a couple of good games, Braves and fans won’t want to give him away.

  11. 161
    john j Says:

    Boras can be had IF the player really want to stay where he is at and loves his teammates. Would this be the case for JJ?

    CarGo signed with Rockies based on promise that he, TuLo and Ubaldo would be the core for years to come. Boras can now show his other clients that ownership lies so wait to be a free agent which is HIS basic strategy.

  12. 162
    Walker Says:

    It would definitely be easier to find a left fielder. The talent level around the majors is historically low at 3rd base. And yes, Prado does look lost sometimes in left field.

  13. 163
    Anne Says:

    These 4:00-ish starts on the west coast are pretty great!

  14. 164
    Steve Says:

    #160 – I disagree that it was an unmitigated mistake not to get rid of Lowe. It wasn’t that long ago that all the sudden JJ and Hanson went on the DL. And it was really only this week that Minor “turned the corner” and, of course, the Delgado performance was only a few days ago.

    Regarding who to trade… I don’t know. I like them all. Probably Hanson if only because I trust his health less and less.

  15. 165
    Walker Says:


    What are we going to do with our excess pitching and money when there will be no holes to fill on the roster? All our positions are set for 2012. Our pitching staff is set. No Kawakami or McLouth. Wren doesn’t have to do anything this winter. At least he can concentrate on giving Lowe away.

  16. 166
    Nate Says:

    #165, maybe the excess money goes towards eating the Lowe salary?

    Steve, I agree with Tommy being the most expendable. I had heard that his mechanics would lead to future shoulder problems- a la Jake Peavy- and that seems to be where we are with him. He doesn’t finish his delivery, and his delivery naturally puts more strain on the shoulder. Shoulder problems at under 25 years of age seems like a HUGE red flag for a pitcher. Beachy and Minor look really smooth, and Delgado looks like an absolute stud. Teheran is kind of the unknown at this point and he is our highest rated prospect. This is a very exciting time to be a Braves fan.

    I would love to see Chipper come back in a different role than everyday player, and he needs to take a reduced salary. I’ve gotten torn apart for saying that in the past, but it’s true. None of these lifetime achievement-award over the top salaries. Those don’t win championships. His contract needs to be reworked if he wants to come back. It’s just my opinion, not trying to force it on anyone.

  17. 167
    Nate Says:

    And my gosh do I want to buy into Chipper’s opinion about himself. It would be so unbelievable if it’s accurate.

  18. 168
    Walker Says:

    It would be smart to wait and trade either JJ or Hanson after the 2012 season since we would have a hole centerfield and Chipper would finally be done. Also, who knows how good Pastornicky will be?

  19. 169
    Nate Says:

    We might need 8 SP to get through next year, too. The injury bug has been less of an issue for the staff this year because of our depth.

  20. 170
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Should we be worried that Uggla has struck out 8 times in his last 5 games?

  21. 171
    Walker Says:

    I have mixed emotions on Chipper coming back but I must admit I love the nostalgia he brings. The last connection to the 1990’s.

  22. 172
    Walker Says:

    @170 Yeah he may be close to hitting 6th and Chipper hitting 4th.

  23. 173
    john j Says:

    #164, I forgot what a major contribution Lowe has made when the Braves really needed him. Maybe you could remind us all of how great he has done when we are short handed. I have trouble remembering his good games. He looks to me as a number 4 or 5 starter that is grossly overpaid. Yes, once in a while, he has a good game. And, you are also right that Braves need to look at who else to trade as NOBODY will take Lose, I mean Lowe, at his salary and skill level. If some team IS ignorant enough to take his contract, give him away ASAP!

    As to Chipper, I’ll take him at 80% health-wise in 80% of the games for $14 mil; Braves seem like a better team with him in there. I don’t begrudge a career hall of famer Brave the money. I do however dislike the idea of $15 million to a guy who plays in 20% of the games and pitches well in half of those (meaning 10% of the games). If there is outrage over a contract, it should be Lowe’s, not Chipper’s. As I recall, Lowe signed with the Braves primarily because no other team would give him more than 3 years at around $12 a year. It was a bad decision then and it looks worse now. Just an opinion!!

    Last point, Can’t remember the year but Chipper reworked his contract in the past so the Braves could pay some other players and be competitive despite the lousy uncaring ownership.

  24. 174
    Leah Says:

    Why do we run on Parra? Glad we’re up by 5.

  25. 175
    Steve Says:

    #174 – It was the right move. Up 6 – 1. Step on their throats as Chipper said earlier this week. Not to mention, Prado was crazy safe.

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