August 21, 2011

Show #161: The Braves Deliver a Statement

An impressive 6 – 1 week, Chipper’s coming back, Bourn’s impact and the triumphant return of the Post Season Hope Meter.



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  1. 26
    Adam Says:

    Just a minor sprain. Nothing serious.

  2. 27
    Steve Says:

    It’s weird, really, because I was sticking the other ankle on my Constanza voodoo doll.

  3. 28
    ham Says:

    Georgie sprained his knee after slipping in the huge pool of bile that you have hosed him down with every week Steve. (Curt, since you don’t have a gall bladder, you are in the clear on this).

    Actually, fluke play at first. I have to agree though that Heyward should definitely have started this game, without question. But now with Georgie out for a few games, this is his chance.

    We are really firing on all cylinders now. JJ looks good. Great bullpen. Awesome power from our horses. Alex Gonzalez just striking out instead of hitting into DP’s (while playing stellar defense). I am insulted that we are only number 5 in the new Power Rankings (although I had not realized that the Brewers had won something like 23 of 25 – even more reason to win the East.)

  4. 29
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    THE issue with Venters. He just walks TOO many…

  5. 30
    Leah Says:

    #28 makes me laugh

  6. 31
    Steve Says:

    #28 – If Georgie didn’t try to show off all the time by “running fast,” maybe he wouldn’t turn his ankle.

    Great, great win tonight. Small ball and homers. And while JJ didn’t look great, it was an improvement over his last start. He’s heading in the right direction. AND, Kimbrel with the night off.

  7. 32
    Steve Says:

    Did you all see that Hanson only threw 10 pitches in his mound work today? Seems strange, right?

  8. 33
    Walker Says:

    I hope Georgie gets well however with this huge wild card lead there is no excuse to not start Heyward and get him going again. Heyward in the lineup pushes Gonzalez down to the 8th spot and Heyward will be up in these RBI situations. Starting him everyday should at least make him halfway decent for the playoffs which is a huge bonus for us. I would be happy if he just hits .260 with pop from now on.

  9. 34
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Assuming that Heyward can best work out his problems by facing live pitching… Something that hasn’t worked so far…

    As opposed to working w/ Larry and Chipper in the cage… in batting practice… off a tee… places where he isn’t pressured to perform while he figures it out…

    From what Chipper said in an article, this may take a huge change of approach for Heyward. I hope he turns it around…

  10. 35
    Leah Says:

    Great show. You guys make me laugh. I love the way the team is playing although the longer J-Hey struggles the more concerned I become. Do a lot of players slump during their sophomore year? Where’s Bub when ya need him.

  11. 36
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    “a lot” is a relative term, but, yes… they do.

    I think it can be attributed to a high level of talent can get you through the minor leagues and can get you through a year at the majors… however, major league teams have people who can do nothing but scout players. And when one team tries something that works on you (as a batter), you can bet the rest of the league will know about it soon and will do the same thing.

    As for Heyward, there are some things going on to worry about:
    line-drive percentage – 17.8 percent in 2010 to 13.9 percent in 2011
    infield pop-ups – 8.4 percent to 24.7 percent
    batting average on balls in play – .335 to .245 (some bad luck involved)
    swinging at 44.8 percent of pitches overall, up from 39.4 percent last year
    swinging at 28.7 percent out of the zone vs. last year 24.2 percent

    He is hitting fewer line drives and more pop-ups and seems to have lost control of the strike zone (not my research or words – from an article).

    The last part (“losing control of the strike zone”), I figure, is due to frustration with the rest; ironically, it is the one thing that has NOTHING to do with mechanics…

  12. 37
    Eric Says:

    ESPN has Alex as the number one defensive infielder in all of baseball. They are basing that on the new defensive stats that I can’t claim to understand. But I think it may be worth having subpar offense at Short Stop if we get that kind of defense.

  13. 38
    Curt Says:

    24.7 percent going for infield pop-ups is horrific. what a stat.

    And Ham, the liver actually takes over some function for the missing gall bladder, so rest assured, I am still filled with bile.

    For all the George LOVERS out there:

  14. 39
    Walker Says:

    @34 Facing live pitching consistently IS how a player improves.

  15. 40
    Steve Says:

    #38 – More missing gall bladder trivia!!!!

  16. 41
    Frigatedoc Says:

    @36 Mark, that was a great article by Mark Bradley @ I LOVE his comment about Bobby Valentine….

    It is troubling for Heyward though…..

  17. 42
    Frigatedoc Says:

    And for Curt and Steve MORE GALLBLADDER

    If your gallbladder has been removed, the bile moves from the liver straight to the bile duct and through to the small intestine. Since the bile has nowhere to be stored, this process happens continuously with the bile being released in a slow trickle.

    LOL……now back to the Braves!

  18. 43
    Steve Says:

    #42 – Excellent stuff Frig, thanks. But, it leads me to believe that they messed something up with Curt’s procedure because it’s being released at a much faster rate than a slow trickle.

  19. 44
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Maybe they put in an extra bile producer… 🙂

  20. 45
    Frigatedoc Says:

    For what it’s worth…..

    Kelly Johnson was traded to the Blue Jays….

    Good luck up there Kelly, eh?

  21. 46
    Frigatedoc Says:

    BTW……what a statement placing Heyward #8 BELOW Gonzalez….

    Looking forward to see Minor pitch again!

  22. 47
    Walker Says:

    All I know is that Game 1 of he NLDS lineup better be:


  23. 48
    Curt Says:

    I call my new bile producer Alex Gonzalez

  24. 49
    ham Says:

    @47 amen

  25. 50
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    No, facing live pitching is how you either “stay sharp” or “show you can translate your off-field work to on-field execution”.

    Fredi is doing with him just what he should. Jason works off the field for a few days, then he gets in the line up to see if he can translate his off-field work to on-field execution.

    As soon as Jason shows signs of consistent improvement, he will get more playing time. Right now, he has not shown he deserves more playing time.

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