August 28, 2011

Show #162: Irene 2, Braves 0

Hanson’s injury.   Lowe and JJ on the upswing?  Potential NLDS rotations and the post season hope meter.



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  1. 126
    Leah Says:

    Mama Prado ain’t happy.

  2. 127
    Nate Says:

    Looks like it’s gonna be a late one for Martin.

  3. 128
    Leah Says:

    Can’t watch…

  4. 129
    Leah Says:

    I remember a time I would have been happy to see J-Hey come to the plate in the bottom of the 9th with 1 on and 2 outs. Those were the days.

  5. 130
    David Says:

    first of all, I missed last nights game, though I kept up with it on my phone and read tweets and postgame comments. It seems like fredi managed the game poorly by leaving vizcaino in for too long and not arguing the call at 2nd (uggla on the dp).

    Overall, I haven’t been very impressed with Fredi this year, but I think in his defense, the decisions with pitching weren’t that bad. For one, it seems like he’s more concerned with getting a) o’ventbrel, who have proven to be excellent, rested for the postseason, and b) opportunities for other relievers to prove what they can do and how valuable they can be for the postseason. In doing this, he’s basically conceding the divisional race, which I don’t like to see, but realistically, we’re not catching the phillies, even if we do have 6 games remaining with them.

    its a gamble to turn the game over to younger, more inexperienced relievers. If it works, it can build their confidence which in turn is useful for the playoffs. If it doesn’t work, we lose one game while still keeping a large wild card lead, and the next game he can go back to the studs in the bullpen. Its not a no-lose situation, but it’s not the end of our season either.

  6. 131
    Nate Says:

    First of all, I think everyone and their mom realizes losing 1 game during the regular season in baseball is 9 times out of 10 never a big deal, guys. Second of all, 6 straight guys reached base. The pitching coach never went to the mound. Mac went out there once. I thought it was fairly obvious that Vizcaino didn’t have his best stuff. His fastballs weren’t hitting the desired location, and they were all relatively flat. He was hanging most of his breaking balls. His “stuff” usually looks better than it did last night. It’s fine to use these games to see what you have in all of these young guys, but I have a feeling Fredi was still trying to win that game.

    Most fans’ complaints about Fredi’s managing are built off of watching a season’s worth of questionable moves. His bullpen managing in Florida was terrible. They lost so many games because Fredi refused to take a guy out when he was struggling. Fortunately for us, the fans, we have much better pitching in Atlanta, so we run into those situations far less frequently than they did in Florida with Fredi managing.

  7. 132
    Frigatedoc Says:

    On a positive note……..Braves magic number is 17!

  8. 133
    Curt Says:

    Leah, thanks for the props. Don’t think I am catching Kate though.

    Did you guys see the Phils record? 46 games over. Amazing we are as close as we are with all the injuries and young guys.

  9. 134
    David Says:

    133 – actually phillies are a measly 42 games over .500

  10. 135
    David Says:

    Reply to AtlantaBaseballTalk’s tweet from earlier: last time Alex Gonzalez had 2 walks in a game was June 14, 2010. When he was with Toronto. That was his first 2-walk game with Atlanta.

  11. 136
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Can’t believe we’re going to lose again.

  12. 137
    Pure Says:

    The game was tough to watch

  13. 138
    Leah Says:

    Didn’t look like a playoff team tonight. Minor did good.

  14. 139
    Curt Says:

    And sadly, I have been spending my time watching UGA get drilled by Boise

  15. 140
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Fredi Gonzales management. So how long with this guy be around? The Braves were loyal to Bobby because of his track record. How long is Fredie’s leash? My guess is, a longer one than most oranizations.

  16. 141
    Steve Says:

    Tough one tonight. The offense is looking scary bad again.

    Are people with me on the madness of Fredi burning almost all of his outfield bench in the 7th (or 8th)? Crazy.

  17. 142
    Walker Says:

    I was at the game today and it really showed how uncreative Fredi is as a manager. Runners at 1st and 3rd 1 out with Bourn at 1st. And he doesn’t steal with Bourn to avoid DP. Ridiculous.

    On another note, I know I’m in the minority but I’m glad Georgia lost to Boise. I’m really tired of SEC schools acting elitist as if they have automatic rights to the National Championship. The whole College Football system is messed up and those kids are seriously exploited. I’ll stick to the NFL.

  18. 143
    Jo-Bu Says:

    I think the reason the SEC has that elitist mindset is because they stock the NFL with more talent than any other college conference.

  19. 144
    Nate Says:

    #140, that’s a real good question on Fredi.

    The SEC is hands down the best conference. A two loss SEC team should play in the National Championship. I’m a Tennessee fan. Part of the reason we would be lucky to go 7-5 this year is because of our schedule. In a 6 game stretch we will play UGA, LSU, Alabama, South Cackalacky, and Arkansas. I would love to watch Boise, Oregon, or Oklahoma play that schedule. It’s just a harder conference. The SEC has also never lost a BCS NC game. UT, UF twice, LSU twice, Alabama, and Auburn twice- if u count ’04 when they went 13-0 and somehow got shafted from the NC game for a 1 loss Oklahoma team. None of those NC games were really that close, either.

  20. 145
    Nate Says:

    Has the SEC lost a BCS game other than Arkansas to OSU last year and UGA to West Virginia in like ’04 or ’05?

  21. 146
    Nate Says:

    Heck, watch a replay of the LSU vs. Oregon game, lol. While doing so think about this, a lot of DOBs of the SEC are picking LSU to finish behind Alabama or Arkansas or both this year.

  22. 147
    Leah Says:

    War eagle!

  23. 148
    Walker Says:

    I would love to see how the SEC would do if there was a playoff every year. Could you imagine if the MLB just chose the Phillies and Redsox to go to go the World series? What a stupid system.

  24. 149
    Anne Says:

    Did I just read that Diaz is batting 3rd today?? Even I think that’s crazy.

  25. 150
    Kate Says:

    Braves lineup: 1. Bourn CF, 2. Prado 1B, 3. Diaz Rf, 4.Uggla 2B, 5. Ross C, 6. Gonzalez SS, 7. Wilson 3B, 8. Constanza LF, 9. Delgado P

    I don’t have high hopes for today.

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