September 05, 2011

Show #163: A Middling Week for the Braves

The good and bad with the offense.  Hanson and JJ in the post season.  Faith in Fredi.  And the NLCS Hope Meter.



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  1. 51
    Curt Says:

    chant, that would be.

    I need to go to bed

  2. 52
    Curt Says:

    And now I can.

    Great stuff

  3. 53
    Walker Says:

    I don’t like Mark Bradley but he was on to something.

  4. 54
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Going to bed upset about the loss and wondering if we should be worried about the Cardinals……

  5. 55
    Nate Says:

    Apparently we won’t see O’Ventbrel unless we have a lead or the game is tied. We don’t even use them down 1 to our division rival, whom we trail in the division. We’re playing not to lose the Wild Card from here on out. Lame. He called out the offense and seems to be confident that they will make up for the extra runs given up while he rests his bullpen. Because there is so much data this year to support that happening. Maybe if we cut down on the unnecessary appearances by O’Ventbrel during the season we could use them more in September.

    Is Fredi really going to rest all of those guys in St. Louis in the same situation?

  6. 56
    Nate Says:

    To use a girlfriend analogy: This is like when you’re dating a girl, and then 6 months later you realize she is bat____ crazy.

  7. 57
    Curt Says:

    A lot to put on Beachy, who has been shelled by the Phils, to avoid the sweep.

  8. 58
    Leah Says:

    I know I’m behind but I just have to say, I listened to the “Blair Witch dialogue” 3 times. You guys owned me…hilarious.

    Sad state of affairs. If the only time we get swept in a three game series this year is to the Phillies…color me depressed. I’m afraid of them. And I hate them.

  9. 59
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    @10 (and others)

    Is it that the team has no confidence against the Phils or is it a case of “pressing” when we play them?

  10. 60
    DAP Says:

    great show guys, and a rough week or so for the braves. this is just a little slump though. no worries, with 3 weeks until postseason play.

  11. 61
    George Says:

    Not to add to pessimism, but Hudson pitches poorly against St Louis (cannot pitch to Albert). I think I feel more confident in Teheran & Delgado (concerned about their workload at this point) than those of the show; but y’all do show more confidence in Lowe than I do. Lowe won’t get hurt or become tired if Braves make playoffs, but he’s not enough help if the offense doesn’t pick things up, b/c he doesn’t shut teams down.

  12. 62
    Mark in Memphis Says:



    Steve, this “Georgie/Heyward” thing must really be throwing you off your game.

    “hit and run with slow runners”… OF COURSE you hit and run with slow runners… That is the point, to try and stay out of a double play! The fact that the batter can’t make contact isn’t Fredi’s fault.

    I think mostly you can atribute not “hitting and running” to Bourn having a green light to steal most of the time…

    My wonder is if perhaps Prado can’t deal with “taking pitches” to give Bourn a chance to run… He may not be the #2 hitter we need…

    I am not sure that Jason would be well served there either. He did well hitting 2nd behind Prado, but then again, Prado was not really a threat to steal… But it is hard to tell in that, last year Jason took a lot of walks so he was seeing a lot of pitches and hit pretty well in deep counts, which would bode well for him as the #2 hitter behind Bourn…

    Jason just isn’t doing that this year…

  13. 63
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Just for you, Steve:


  14. 64
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Wonder if the poster might have a better OBP? ;)

  15. 65
    Steve Says:

    Heyward is in the lineup tonight. This is good. I really might have had some blood pressure issues had I seen Georgie in there.

  16. 66
    Walker Says:

    I see putting Heyward in the regular lineup the rest of the year as investing in the postseason. If he can work out any kinks now it can only help.

  17. 67
    Curt Says:

    I see the Constanza bubble being burst. At this point, he is a really good pinch runner. If they are putting a righty in there, it better be Diaz.

  18. 68
    Anne Says:

    #67 – Curt, I knew you’d come around. GO BRAVES!!

  19. 69
    Leah Says:

    Having dinner with a huge Phillies fan. Ugh.

  20. 70
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Boy the game sure does have a way of finding Alex Gonzales this season. The horrible hacks that guy is taking.

  21. 71
    john j Says:

    Alex G has a serious problem when it comes to using his head while at bat. Pitcher shows some wildness in the inning so instead of making the pitcher pitch to him, he swings at 3 balls and strikes out. This guy may have some skills but he must be about as dumb as they come.

  22. 72
    john j Says:

    Braves are defintely sending a message to the Phils. The message is “we can’t play at your level.” I believe Fedi’s strategy is to make the Phils feel over-confident.

  23. 73
    Curt Says:

    Ibanez. Can we call every other scout in the league and find out how to get him out?

  24. 74
    Walker Says:

    Well 1 out of 3 wouldn’t be too bad.

  25. 75
    Steve Says:

    Been out at baseball practice and just getting caught up.

    Very glad to see Heyward’s 2 walks, single and run scored. At least he matched the line that Georgie put up last night. Oh wait …

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