September 11, 2011

Show #164: The Braves Stumble on the Road

Looking at where it all went wrong this week.  Plus Chipper batting second and the post season hope meter.



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  1. 126
    Steve Says:

    #123 – Awesome post.

    Our magic numbers should now be 7.

    And yes, Kate has been a force all season. No doubt.

  2. 127
    Steve Says:

    Just noticed that the Brewers are now two games up in the win column compared to the DBacks.

  3. 128
    Leah Says:

    Had a friend call and ask to talk this afternoon. She sounds upset. Oh the moral decisions we face late in the season. Wonder if she’ll be offended by the earbud sticking out of my ear.

  4. 129
    Curt Says:

    Always walk the pitcher with the bases loaded and 2 outs?

  5. 130
    Curt Says:

    Nice response

  6. 131
    Walker Says:

    4 words:

    That sucks, Not surprising

  7. 132
    john j Says:

    Braves are trying everything possible to blow this season. As for Lowe, he is the MOST overpaid, wortlhless pitcher in the MLB. Remember, the BRAVES were the only team willing to give him more than 3 years. IT WAS A MISTAKE AND IS A MISTAKE TO PITCH HIM AGAIN THIS YEAR. I totally disagreed with the contract when it was done; sorry, I know some at this site still think it was a great idea.

  8. 133
    Walker Says:

    @ 132

    Lowe has been a disappointment but remember after the 2008 season the Braves starting rotation sucked and the Braves were desperate.

    Would you rather not have Lowe and the Braves don’t make the 2010 playoffs or have Lowe and make the 2010 playoffs? So far that September he had last year is his only claim to fame.

    I just wish Wren had played hardball and maybe got him to sign for 3 years.

  9. 134
    Anne Says:

    Please don’t start the podcast until after the Phillies are up on the Cardinals later tonight…we don’t want Steve rocking in a corner waiting to be murdered.

  10. 135
    Leah Says:

    #134 Anne, that made me laugh way out loud.

  11. 136
    Nate Says:

    The Cardinals have one more with the Phillies and then end the season with the Mets, Cubs, and Astros. We a 3 game series @ Miami, @ DC, then home for Philly. Not feeling very good about. especially when you consider the way St. Louis is playing and the way we’ve been playing.

  12. 137
    Walker Says:

    It’s scary that we as fans can’t be confident that the Braves can at least win 2 out of 3 against the Nationals and Marlins

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