September 25, 2011

Show #166: The Braves Leave No Room for Error

Sizing up the Braves chances of getting to the post season.  Should Fredi stay?  And is there a better batting order?



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  1. 476
    Nate Says:

    M in M and Jo Bu, I’m with u on no longer listening to Fredi. I just wonder how much control he has in regard to his coaching staff. Also, I think McDowell has done a decent job.

    I love the news on Lowe. Delgado, Beachy, and Minor all outpitched him down the stretch. Medlen and Teheran would also be better options. The Hamburglar belongs in the ‘pen or in AAA.

  2. 477
    Jo-Bu Says:

    I want Leo back but I doubt it will happen. The thing that bothers me about McDowell is that he’s a jerk and that whole SF thing. I don’t know whether or not Leo might have roughed up any feathers with his recent comments but I always liked him as a fan.

  3. 478
    Nate Says:

    I guess Gonzo is gone since Wren mentioned SS, OF, and utility infielder as the primary needs for an upgrade. It will be interesting to see what happens with Heyward and Prado. I wonder if Wren is going to get someone to come off the bench or someone to challenge for a starting spot. Speaking of OF, I hope we lock down Michael Bourn like Wren did with Uggla last offseason. We all know how hard it is to find a leadoff man and CF.

  4. 479
    Nate Says:

    DOB’s twitter is where it’s at this afternoon. Although I must mention, I first heard about the Parrish firing from Steve.

  5. 480
    Steve Says:

    Damn straight, Nate!

    Jo-Bu, I don’t think we’ll see Leo again. I thought it was always telling that the Big 3 (Maddux, Glav, Smoltz) never really came talked him up much when he left. I’ve always there was more to the Leo story then we knew. And listening to him on the radio her in ATL, he gets more unlikeable by the day.

  6. 481
    Leah Says:

    Holy cow! It’s been a busy day!

  7. 482
    Bubdylan Says:

    Firing Parish? Demoting Lowe?! Doing actual actions?

  8. 483
    Walker Says:

    Today should be such a happy day. Sigh

  9. 484
    Brave in new york Says:

    Interesting comments from Frank Wren in the ajc… Sounds like Lowe may not be in the 2012 rotation.

  10. 485
    Anonymous Says:

    December 14, 2011:

    3,2,1… ring
    Wren: Hello
    Blue Jays GM: It’s Alex, how ya doin’, buddy?
    Wren: Last week was pretty tough.
    Blue Jays GM: Yeah, I saw that. Hey, I have something shiny here.
    Wren: Wow!
    Blue Jays GM: Just give me that disappointing guy. What’s his name-Howard or something?
    Wren: Heyward.
    Blue Jays GM: Right. That guy.
    Wren: Done!

  11. 486
    Nate Says:

    I swear to God #485 is not me. Seriously.

  12. 487
    Will Says:

    If we rank the disappointments in Braves history, 1-10. This is probably somewhere around 3 or 4, I suppose. It sucks, but there have been bigger sucks. No? There haven’t been bigger chokes in my memory…but for example losing a WS to the Twins because we lose a ball in the frikking dome ceiling sucks worse than this, no? Can any body help properly frame the suckiness? I am late to my therapist…

  13. 488
    Curt Says:

    I would say 2 or 3. 96 WS tops everything. 91 is up there.

  14. 489
    Nate Says:

    Trevarris Jackson almost Kyle Kendricked the Falcons…

  15. 490
    Steve Says:

    #485 is fantastic, by the way.

    Season wrap up show will be posted tonight.

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