September 25, 2011

Show #166: The Braves Leave No Room for Error

Sizing up the Braves chances of getting to the post season.  Should Fredi stay?  And is there a better batting order?



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  1. 351
    Ham Says:

    #346 not at all. I can’t even cheer anymore.

  2. 352
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    No, it isn’t the 13 inning yet…

  3. 353
    john j Says:

    The Braves have already scored their usual 3 runs so, I am afraid they are done.

  4. 354
    Steve Says:

    Curt – I just saw your tweet about Linebrink. But seriously, if he even sniffs this game, I’ll complete freak out and fire Fredi myself. I don’t know what that really means.

  5. 355
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Oh… wait… you aren’t talking about OUR starting pitchers…

  6. 356
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    We need a pitcher named Andy or Griffith to pitch to Mayberry…

  7. 357
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    It sure seems like more than three double plays…

  8. 358
    Leah Says:

    I know this makes me a loser but if we don’t score I have to go to sleep.

  9. 359
    john j Says:

    Time for Heyward to end it.

  10. 360
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Repeating post 289

  11. 361
    Bubdylan Says:

    Yeah, Leah, how could you quit on THIS ballteam?

  12. 362
    Steve Says:

    C’mon. Man in scoring position. Let’s put it away here.

  13. 363
    Leah Says:

    Aw Brooksy. Remember last season’s magic?

  14. 364
    Steve Says:

    I would take the symmetry of Conrad being the late inning hero here.

  15. 365
    Leah Says:

    Listen to that crowd! Very disappointed crowd but a great crowd.

  16. 366
    Leah Says:

    Prado, you gonna take that?

  17. 367
    john j Says:

    Prado can do it?

  18. 368
    john j Says:

    That might have been Conrads last at bat as a Brave.

  19. 369
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Thank you sir, may I have another????

  20. 370
    Adam Says:

    These guys are AAA kids! We should be lighting them up!

  21. 371
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    I think Atlanta needs to convert to a marathon team, at least we would know when it was supposed to be over…

  22. 372
    Curt Says:

    Imagine how different this season would have been if Prado could hit

  23. 373
    Nate Says:

    Oh dear…

  24. 374
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Fire away, Steve!

  25. 375
    john j Says:

    a busted year for Prado, er, I mean bat.

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