September 25, 2011

Show #166: The Braves Leave No Room for Error

Sizing up the Braves chances of getting to the post season.  Should Fredi stay?  And is there a better batting order?



490 Responses to “Show #166: The Braves Leave No Room for Error”

  1. 1
    Walker Says:

    I’m bringing some positivity. I actually think the Braves do belong in the playoffs because I am a loyal fan and would like to see my team win the world series. The biggest mistakes made before this year were definitely on the coaching staff. We hurriedly hired Fredi and regrettably fired TP and hired Larry Parrish. For all you TP haters out there, the Braves have only 3 games left and have only scored 635 runs all year. This will be their worst output since 1994 which was shortened. Be careful what you wish for. Even with all this I will still root for my Braves because if they end up with a better record than the Cardinals they DO deserve a playoff spot.

  2. 2
    Steve Says:

    Walker – if they make it in, what kind of shot do you give the Bravos in the first round? I’m not trying to make any kind of point here, just want to know your thinking.

  3. 3
    Walker Says:

    The weird thing about the playoffs is that it gives off a kind of fresh start feeling. And of course the cliche “Anything can happen” idea gives me hope. Don’t laugh but If they make it I would give them a 60 % shot at getting to the NLCS. There is history of clubs struggling in September and clicking in October. Besides all that I selfishly want that high of seeing my team in the playoffs. After 162 games there is no sport where teams earn their playoff spot more than baseball. Making the playoffs is a real accomplishment and you’ll never know when your team will make it again. Who knows, the next time the Braves make the playoffs may be 2028.

  4. 4
    Pure Says:

    We’re fans. Freaking out and being frustrated are what we do best. But if we get in the playoffs, I’ll happily forget September. I think we’re one good win away from completely having a different outlook for October.

  5. 5
    Nate Says:

    The Heyward situation plus the way the bullpen has been handled all year are my main concerns with Fredi. What is his beef with Heyward? Even when his ABs improve he still bats behind Alex Gonzalez and Jack Wilson. I was under the impression that this guy was a meaningful part of our future. I think Fredi is in way over his head. The Braves and Twins both have this model of continuation in management and coaching. For both clubs the model has produced nothing but first round exits from the playoffs if they make it. I guess that’s good. And yes, I realize both those teams won a WS 15-20 years ago.

    The game has changed in the last 20 years. The Braves need to do the same.

    As a fan I hope we win all 3. I guess that issue needed to be addressed this week? But in the role of a rational thinking human I would bet we miss the playoffs.

  6. 6
    Nate Says:

    Ham, your comment about your brain giving you the double bird is pure gold. I think we’ve all had that moment once or twice.

  7. 7
    ham Says:

    Walker – not sure what your comment means, but I hope you don’t think that we’re not real fans.

  8. 8
    George Says:

    I agree with most, however, I do have confidence in Venters & Kimbrel. If we somehow get the miraculous charge to go to playoffs, they could turn some of this around…..I don’t know about going all the way. Fredi has totally mismanged this team. Much more so than I believe Mark Richt has mismanaged UGA. I’d like to see Jim Fregosi, but I don’t think it would happen.

  9. 9
    George Says:

    No excuse for poor situational at-bats.

  10. 10
    DAP Says:

    curt, if we win 1 game and the cardinals lose two games, we clinch, no playoff needed. i hope you are right and that happens.

    i agree if it comes to a playoff, we dont have a good chance.

  11. 11
    Will Says:

    It’s all Curt’s fault

  12. 12
    Steve Says:

    #11 – Finally someone’s making sense!

  13. 13
    DAP Says:

    freddi had good teams in florida that he didnt do much with? yeah right. they finished ahead of the braves in both 2009 and 2008. in 2009, they finished second to the phillies. and the team improved its W/L record every single year he was there, each year with terrible pitching staffs.

  14. 14
    Walker Says:

    I don’t question your fanhood. We are all loyal fans.

  15. 15
    Steve Says:

    DAP – butchering the facts aside for the moment, what do you think about Fredi as a manager and what he’s done this first year?

  16. 16
    john j Says:

    Guess Florida fired Fredi for no reason.

  17. 17
    john j Says:

    One can still be a fan and recognize that the Cardinals were 10 1/2 games out on Aug 26. And, it is NOT primarily a pitching/injury problem; if you score 3 or less runs in most of your games, you lose most of your games. It isn’t anti-Braves to recognize that they suck right now but, yes, they could start hitting again any day, week, month, or season. I hope they win 3 but I am only willing to bet a quarter on it. A lot of frustration goes with the realization that not one player out of 25+ has been able to step up. What’s his name, Parrish? should be proud of how he has helped turn a bunch of pretty good hitters into a team that can’t buy a timely hit.

  18. 18
    DAP Says:

    steve, butchering the facts? those are pretty basic numbers. those marlins teams were not all that good, and they won 84 and 87 games the final two full years under fredi gonzalez. including finishing 2nd to the eventual NL champion phillies.

    that post wasnt meant to build fredi up, or say that he has done a great job this season with the braves. just saying that he did well with bad teams in florida, while you guys were saying he did badly with good teams. it just isnt true.

    both in 2008 and 2009, the marlins pitching gave up nearly as many runs as the offense scored. thats really bad pitching, guys.

  19. 19
    DAP Says:

    john j “Guess Florida fired Fredi for no reason”

    no good reason. everyone involved with baseball knows that.

  20. 20
    DAP Says:

    and steve, i wrote a long piece about what i think of fredi, but lost it. ill try to sum up… he spent a good chunk of the season trying to figure out this team. in atlanta, we havent had a new manager in a long time, so we dont really know what thats like. he made some good moves and bad moves with the lineup, and alot of strategic mishaps, especially in the early part of the season.

    fredi deserves to stay, but parrish doesnt. i never thought pendleton should have lost his job, and im a person who always supported pendleton’s position on the team. the braves were consistently a very good offensive team during his entire time as hitting coach, and this year, it has all dried up.

  21. 21
    DAP Says:

    john j “And, it is NOT primarily a pitching/injury problem”

    depends on how you look at it, right? venters and kimbrel have blown 4 saves in the last couple of weeks. we couldve clinched by now.

  22. 22
    Steve Says:

    #18 – to clarify, my butchering comment was in reference to Hammy, not you.

  23. 23
    DAP Says:

    #22 gotcha.

  24. 24
    ham Says:

    Wait, what? Which facts did I butcher (this week)?

  25. 25
    Bubdylan Says:

    ham … butcher …. heh…. cuz ham’s a meat …. and butchering is …. heh…

  26. 26
    Frigatedoc Says:

    If the Braves do not make the playoffs AND the way the Falcons are playing….it is going to be a long winter……

  27. 27
    Bubdylan Says:

    At least there’s still the Georgia Bulldogs.


  28. 28
    Curt Says:

    Like Ham the butcher bringing Alice the meat

  29. 29
    Frigatedoc Says:

    The Braves play a team with 99 wins, the Cards play a team with 104 losses.

  30. 30
    Walker Says:

    I love this quote by Delgado. I like this kid.

    “I have never pitched against the Phillies, but I know they are a good team,” he said after the Braves lost 3-0 to the Washington Nationals on Sunday. “But I’m going to go as long as I can and keep the ball down. I will try to focus, concentrate and not lose control.”

  31. 31
    Steve Says:

    We actually have a lead. Feels good.

  32. 32
    Walker Says:

    Cmon Braves lets get some more runs

  33. 33
    john j Says:

    DAP: I appreciate you trying to sway folk’s opinions but I stand by what I said about it not being “primarily…. pitching” that has lost a 10 1/2 game lead. A few runs here and there and we would also have clinched by now. Look up the word “primarily”; I did not rule out that pitching played a roll. Overall, considering the injuries, the pitching has not been bad. The bullpen for every team loses some games. On the other hand, the hitting has been terrible. The Braves have scored 3 runs or less in 15 games since Aug 26 and may very well do it again 3 more times. And, Fredi and most of his staff suck; you are welcome to your opinion. I’ll keep mine.

  34. 34
    Nate Says:

    Why do you leave Diaz in to face the righty? He had a good AB, but Jason Heyward has a better chance of tying the game with one swing.

  35. 35
    ham Says:

    W T triple F!!! This is killing me! We had Lee. Uggghhh. I am just going to start watching the Astros games and assume that they must win.


  36. 36
    Nate Says:

    Venters has now given up runs in 3 of his last 4 outings. This sucks.

  37. 37
    Walker Says:

    GO ASTROS!! Your’re my only hope.

  38. 38
    john j Says:

    When Fredi was fired in Florida, his bench coach and hitting coach were also fired with him. Maybe, just maybe, Fredi has trouble hiring a competent staff, managing the bench, the pitching staff and hitting. Other than that, he might grow into his postion.

  39. 39
    Walker Says:

    I may be unrealistic but I won’t be surprised if Parrish if gone after this year.

  40. 40
    Nate Says:

    1 for 10 with RISP. boo.

  41. 41
    ham Says:


    Can’t believe I am still getting angry like this. At a loss as a fan.

  42. 42
    john j Says:

    Activate Parrish for the final two games; he knows how it should be done.

  43. 43
    Nate Says:

    This month has been like April 2010.

  44. 44
    john j Says:

    16 games in a month with 3 runs or less?

  45. 45
    ham Says:

    His name . . . . is Wilton Lopez.

  46. 46
    Walker Says:

    Unfrtunate but can’t be surprised. The lineup needs to be shook up tomorrow.


  47. 47
    Walker Says:

    Bobby Valentine is enjoying this collapse

  48. 48
    Nate Says:

    I hope Chipper is playing tomorrow.

  49. 49
    john j Says:

    37, “you’re our only hope, Obi Wan Kenobi”. Maybe the Braves should bring light sabers instead of bats. May the force be with them.

  50. 50
    john j Says:

    First Alderan and now Atlanta. Sorry, I’ve been watching the Blu Ray Star Wars.

  51. 51
    Walker Says:

    Am I foolish to think that the Astros Bullpen holds on to this lead?

  52. 52
    ham Says:

    walker – i fear you might be. It seems to be unraveling in Houston

  53. 53
    Frigatedoc Says:

    At this point guys, if they get in, do we really want this team to represent?

  54. 54
    ham Says:

    jfc – how did pujols just steal third? c’mon astros – we need you.

  55. 55
    ham Says:

    and there goes the lead

    we are going to be even when we wake up in the morning, folks. count on it.

  56. 56
    Walker Says:

    Murphy’s Law is in full effect this month

  57. 57
    Curt Says:

    This is the worst groundhog day of all time

  58. 58
    Bubdylan Says:

    Cardinals tied it up. Good. Good.

  59. 59
    Bubdylan Says:

    When I posted #58, the previous refresh had failed to update. That is why it was lame. That, plus I’m lame.

  60. 60
    Bubdylan Says:

    Am I the only one with a sick part of himself pulling for the Cardinals?

  61. 61
    Bubdylan Says:

    Brewers have the same number of wins at home as the Astros have wins of any kind.

  62. 62
    Walker Says:

    Lets hope the Astros squeak out a run.

  63. 63
    ham Says:

    Houston hanging tough.

  64. 64
    Steve Says:

    I like the strange Star Wars turn the board has taken tonight. A little brevity in the midst of the platter of poo poo.

    The crowd was soooooooooooo into it tonight. Cheering on two strike counts the whole night. It really had a playoffs feel tonight. And an all too familiar playoff-like result.

  65. 65
    ham Says:

    we got a little rally going in houston. 1st and 3rd, no outs.

  66. 66
    Walker Says:

    Cmon Schafer

  67. 67
    Walker Says:

    I mean Sanchez

  68. 68
    ham Says:


  69. 69
    Steve Says:

    Bub – why the rooting for the Cards? B/c the Braves don’t deserve it? Or to create chaos so that something new replaces it? Or, none of the above?

  70. 70
    Steve Says:

    Astros just won.

  71. 71
    Walker Says:

    Thank you Astros.

  72. 72
    Bubdylan Says:

    Stevie, because I want the misery to end.

    But also because the sick part of me is… sick.

  73. 73
    Bubdylan Says:

    Speaking of illness, think I’ll go find myself a Cardinals message board somewhere.

    *evil laughter*

  74. 74
    Walker Says:

    The Braves have another day to get their **** together.

  75. 75
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Wow….we COULD clinch tomorrow after all of this?

  76. 76
    David Says:

    Fredi Gonzalez on Cliff Lee: “He’s pretty good. He’s better than pretty good. He’s darn good.”

    English 101 Lesson: The Varying Degrees of Adjectives, taught by Fredi Gonzalez:

    Pretty < Darn

  77. 77
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Yeah, if the Astros do our bidding for us, I guess. How lame is this ending?!
    Looks like the ‘stros walked it off tonight with a win over STL.

  78. 78
    Frigatedoc Says:

    So IF we win tomorrow….worst thing we can do is tie?

  79. 79
    Curt Says:

    I am taking so little gratification in sitting around hoping the Astros win. What a pathetic way to get to the post season. Hey Braves, how about doing it yourself. Man up.

  80. 80
    The Braves Says:

    Curt –

    That hurts.

    But we have seen pictures of you from highschool…


    Were gonna do it just to get back at you….

  81. 81
    Curt Says:

    Here’s hoping

  82. 82
    Jeff Says:

    OK, two games left, one game lead in the WC. I’ve got a weird feeling we’re going to win today, sort of the same feeling I had when DLowe started game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. Umm, so have we got Ortiz in the lineup?

  83. 83
    DAP Says:

    john j “I stand by what I said about it not being “primarily…. pitching” that has lost a 10 1/2 game lead.”

    i cant say youre wrong, man. stand on.

  84. 84
    Steve Says:

    I desparately want the Braves to get in because of a win TONIGHT. This is the last moment of the season to take back some of the control and show they have something left. I’m not interested in getting in solely because of beating the collection of middle relievers on Wednesday.

    Of course, the somewhat ridiculous thing about that last paragraph is that I don’t think they have a win left in them. Losing that lead last night + a clearly hobbled Chipper feels like the final nail. And I don’t think the Cards lose the final two in Houston.

  85. 85
    ham Says:

    @84 – Don’t forget who is taking the mound for us tonight. Make sure you factor that into the saddest equation ever.

  86. 86
    Leah Says:

    Watched Moneyball last night. Watching a movie about baseball while your team plays such an important game is not recommended. The last thing I want is to have a tie breaker in St. Louis. That would be worse than embarrassing. Something is broken with this team. Post season hope meter is still at a zero but I still will watch. Every pitch. And get rip roaring mad when they lose.

  87. 87
    ham Says:

    And Stevie (@84) that is a bold assumption that we could beat a Pu-Pu platter of Phillies pitchers if it came down to that. I fear that our Poo-Poo platter of a lineup would struggle in A League of Their Own. Double Entendre INTENDED! ZING!

  88. 88
    Walker Says:

    Against Oswalt there is no reason why Prado should hit 2nd in the lineup tonight. Jason needs to be at the top. This left right thing isn’t working right now so I say stack up the left handed hitters.

  89. 89
    john j Says:

    Darth Vader: “Luke, I am your father.” I’ll be as surprised as Luke was if we clinch tonight. But who knows, Luke, I mean Lowe might have one left in him. After all, he was seen backing up to collect his last check and he is feeling guilty about making $1.67 mil per win; one more win will cut it to $1.5 mil per win which is much more reasonable.

  90. 90
    john j Says:

    Don’t look now, but, Bourn is .271 BA and only .314 OBP since coming over. Fredi and his pal, Parrish have converted another good hitter to fit their 3 runs or less offense.

  91. 91
    Frigatedoc Says:

    It’s all because Glenn Hubbard is gone……

  92. 92
    Leah Says:

    And…so it goes. Uncle.

  93. 93
    Walker Says:


    In all seriousness, that is not a coincidence. I’m campaigning hard to get Parrish fired and TP re hired.

  94. 94
    Walker Says:

    Parrish is a mole sent to destroy our hitters.

  95. 95
    Pure Says:

    Bullpen, better warm up. NOW.

  96. 96
    ham Says:

    And . . . we’re . . . off . . .

    Just turned on the game, and it’s over. Kill me.

  97. 97
    john j Says:

    I must say what I have said all season. Wren made a terrible decsion on the long contract to Lowe. He should have been traded early this year even if the Braves had to eat most of the contract. He is a cancer.

    Of course, it doesn’t really matter since the Braves haven’t hit for weeks.

  98. 98
    john j Says:

    The Braves are likely to make the top 10 all time list of Sept. chokes.

  99. 99
    john j Says:

    With the entire season on the line, it will be interesting to see what Fredi does to manufacture a run or two.

  100. 100
    Curt Says:

    I’m not sure if I’m more mad at Lowe, or myself for actually expecting a different result tonight

  101. 101
    Curt Says:

    Needless to say, I am a 10 on the pissed meter

  102. 102
    Steve Says:

    Curt, I’m with you. I allowed myself belief in Lowe. This just blows.

  103. 103
    Nate Says:

    #90, thought the same thing during last night’s game.

    #100, ditto.

  104. 104
    john j Says:

    One more and I am done for the night. I should not have listened to my Ray Charles album today. The songs keep going through my head…………..

    Bourn to lose.

    It’s crying time .


    Georgia on my mind.


    Let’s go get stoned.

    What’d I say?


  105. 105
    john j Says:

    I listened to “Busted” twice.

  106. 106
    john j Says:

    Did Ray Charles ever sing “Meet me in St. Louie, Louie”?

  107. 107
    Bubdylan Says:

    “Let’s Go Get Stoned” is such a sweet tune. I just bought a Ray Charles collection and heard that song for the first time this year. The background ladies make that song.

    The Braves suck.

  108. 108
    Will Says:

    We are still winning the battle of who can suck less

  109. 109
    Bubdylan Says:

    Yay. Here’s to getting swept into the playoffs by our arch rivals at home.

  110. 110
    Curt Says:

    Even more fun is watching the Astros blow a 5 run lead

  111. 111
    Steve Says:

    #108 and #109 are great and awful.

  112. 112
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Have they given up?

  113. 113
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Can’t remember the last time I was this upset with the team. It would be different if it were 7 -5 or 7-6.

  114. 114
    Bubdylan Says:

    With apologies to the twelve steppers among us (which means I’m apologizing to myself…)

  115. 115
    Bubdylan Says:



  116. 116
    Bubdylan Says:




    (still one of the best memories of the year)

  117. 117
    Adam Says:

    If we don’t make the playoffs I’m blaming Greg Norton.

  118. 118
    Bubdylan Says:


    What an absolute nightmare of an ending to a promising season. Can’t believe we added Freeman, Bourn, and Uggla to last year’s good team, put three rookies in running for ROY, and ended with this trash. A real lead off man, a real clean up hitter, and a real closer, three huge missing pieces from the Braves of late. And this is how it ends. No words. Well, a few words (see above), but they don’t really cover it.

  119. 119
    Bubdylan Says:

    (Oops, didn’t add a closer, we had Wagner.)

  120. 120
    Walker Says:

    Getting stoned seems like a good idea right now to ease the pain.

  121. 121
    Frigatedoc Says:

    So, if the Cards lose tonight…..then the braves and cards both lose tomorrow. Does the Braves have a champagne celebration?

  122. 122
    Bubdylan Says:


  123. 123
    Walker Says:

    @121 It would be embarrassingly awkward.

  124. 124
    Walker Says:

    Respect to the Astros for playing their little hearts out. Respect.

  125. 125
    Frigatedoc Says:

    The Braves are the epitome of what it is to be an Atlanta sports fan. How did the Dream do?

  126. 126
    Bubdylan Says:

    Well… it’s actually, really slipping away now, isn’t it?

  127. 127
    Walker Says:

    A positive is that the Braves can’t back into the playoffs. They actually have to earn their way with a win. Hudson is pitching and Fredi BETTER give a pep talk and JUGGLE the lineup.

  128. 128
    Curt Says:

    Dream won. On to the finals

  129. 129
    Nate Says:

    I told my friend I was thinking about going to the game tomorrow night(tonight). He said, “Let me save you a few dollars.” And then he kicked me in the gut.

  130. 130
    Nate Says:

    If any Braves fans are looking to fill their offseason with something besides football and EPL(kudos to those who know what this is), then I strongly recommend Sons of Anarchy. Just got started on it over the Summer. I’ve almost caught up. It’s really good.

  131. 131
    Jo-Bu Says:

    As ol’ Hawk Harrelson might say: This season iiiis OVA!

    HOCKEY! Gwinnett Gladiators opening night Friday, October 21st vs. Greenville.

  132. 132
    Matt Says:

    Pastornicky just got called up for tomorrow’s game. nice time for a debut

  133. 133
    Leah Says:

    If the Braves and Cardinals both lose will we be tied? Cause that’s fear #1 for me. Fear #2 is that they’d both win. I want nuthin to do with an elimination game.

  134. 134
    Adam Says:

    fear #1 and fear #2 are the same thing. Either way we’d have to play one game against the Cardinals, winner gets the wild card spot. And I really don’t feel like we can win ANYTHING right now.

  135. 135
    Adam Says:

    It’s times like these that I’m glad the Braves aren’t nationally popular. All ESPN is talking about is the Boston collapse. They lost a 9 game lead starting on September 2. ESPN even went so far as to make a song about their failure.

    We lost an 8.5 game lead starting on September 5…

  136. 136
    Steve Says:

    #117 – Definitely.

    Bub – it really does seem impossible, with ALL THE UPGRADES the team made that we may not make the playoffs and we’ll definitely not have as many wins as last year. Unreal.

  137. 137
    Nate Says:

    For those who have been saying ALL YEAR Derek Lowe will turn it around in September, this month he is 0-5 with an 8.75 ERA. I think we can throw away last September’s stats. He sucks.

  138. 138
    john j Says:

    Braves kept hoping Lowe could pitch a good game or two so they can get something for him. Earlier in the year they could have traded him if they would have eaten about a third to half of next year’s contract. Now, Braves will eat it all as he should never pitch for the Braves again. Take the hit, Release him TODAY and a year from now they’ll have $15 mil to work with. Also, that will make him the scapegoat for Fredi. But how does Lowe take the blame for the pathetic hitting?

  139. 139
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Smoltz a cheater? Leo just went on my poop list…..

  140. 140
    Jo-Bu Says:

    139 – The day the story came out, Smoltzy just happened to be live on MLBN, they confronted him and John said something to the effect that: Ah, you know, that’s just Leo having some fun — I’ve never juiced a ball.

  141. 141
    Nate Says:

    John J, he can’t take the blame for no offense

  142. 142
    Walker Says:

    I will continue to be a homer and a blind fan and pull a Joe Namath. I guarantee a Braves win tonight 5-1. Hudson goes 7 innings. J hey gets a big hit and McCann hits a big HR.

  143. 143
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Prediction…….Bobby Cox in the dugout tonight…..

  144. 144
    ham Says:

    Even though I will be watching tonight’s game with a barf bag on my head, I am struck with an odd sense of optimism for tonight’s game. (Cue a Met’s-Glavinian first inning bed pooper . . . .)

    I just can’t bring myself to believe that tonight could be the last day of baseball for us this year.

    Having said that, I don’t really love tonight’s lineup. Maybe because it is made up of 2011 Braves from top to bottom. (DON’T QUESTION MY FANHOOD!)

    I am out of sorts.

  145. 145
    Curt Says:

    Only big hit Heyward is getting will be of the pinch hit variety. Diaz starting in right

  146. 146
    Walker Says:

    Why is Diaz starting against a righty?

  147. 147
    Nate Says:

    Because Fredi isn’t good at his job?

  148. 148
    Bubdylan Says:

    I ain’t raisin’ one finger of optimism for this sorry situation. If they want to surprise me and pull through, bully for them. Otherwise, Roll Tide, etc.

  149. 149
    john j Says:

    I don’t think God listens to prayers about sports. So, guess we just cross our fingers. Maybe we have 1 or 2 games left. Hudson can be good at times and McCann squinted pretty good last night so, maybe he will be joined by others in seeing the ball. Even with a Braves win and a Cardinal loss, we have now been made keenly aware of some serious flaws with this team’s players/management. Plenty to keep everyone busy in the off-season.

  150. 150
    john j Says:

    Playoffs or not, I am hoping that I have seen Lowe pitching in a Braves uniform for the LAST TIME!

  151. 151
    Leah Says:

    #134 not in my mind. We tie for WC in a loss is way more embarrassing.

  152. 152
    Anonymous Says:

    Here we go….

  153. 153
    Ham Says:

    That was me.

  154. 154
    Ham Says:

    Any reason to be (extra) nervous that Ross is not catching Huddy.

    I am sort of freaking out.

  155. 155
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Bourn looks determined…

    He is showing a “let’s go get’em boys” attitude to the rest of the team.

  156. 156
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    What do you know?

    We scored a run w/o the benefit of a home run…

  157. 157
    Leah Says:

    Great run. Still, I have no faith. I hope my negativity counter jinx us.

  158. 158
    Ham Says:

    Does Fredi know what RHP means? Just curious. I mean, you know, since he started Diaz over Heyward.

  159. 159
    Ham Says:

    Do you guys mind if I start cussing openly. Stevie, can we have one free night?

  160. 160
    Walker Says:

    Anyone else get frustrated with Freddie jogging to first base? It freaks me out.

  161. 161
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    They said on the broadcast that Blanton has trouble with right handed hitters…

  162. 162
    Ham Says:

    Thanks for talking me down, MnM.

    Man, we hate scoring runs.

  163. 163
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Sorry Leah, I think you and I are like crossing two sets of fingers (I had no confidence coming into the game – my prediction was everyone wins but us…)

  164. 164
    Ham Says:

    I take that back!! His NAME …. IS DAN UGGLA!

  165. 165
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    @ 163

    Well, maybe not…

  166. 166
    Adam Says:

    Oh thank you Uggla. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  167. 167
    Walker Says:

    HIS NAME IS…….

  168. 168
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    No, I think it is just that they want to save the runners on base because they hate solo home runs and sac flies…

  169. 169
    Walker Says:

    Nothing is better than giving Hudson a lead. Also the Charlie Manuel should start resting his position players soon.

  170. 170
    Ham Says:

    Easy boys . . .

    I love how much the crowd is into it.

  171. 171
    john j Says:

    Bourn is determined but our high school players don’t slide and then come off the bag. They also know the importance of NOT making the first out at 3rd or home.

  172. 172
    ham Says:

    It looks like Houston has decided not to help us out at all.

  173. 173
    Walker Says:

    Its a must win situation. The Cardinals are killing Houston right now.

  174. 174
    Walker Says:

    @ 171 If it worked you would praise him. He was actually safe.

  175. 175
    Pure Says:

    Damn Astros can’t get outs. Must win.

  176. 176
    Walker Says:

    Hopefully Carpenter implodes.

  177. 177
    Walker Says:

    In fact he will implode

  178. 178
    john j Says:

    174, couldn’t agree less. call was close in the first place and could have gone either way (Umps don’t have slow-mo) but he then came off the bag. Can’t be a homer on every call. But, I will say that Bourn did show up tonight even if it was only for one of the few times this month.

  179. 179
    Ham Says:

    The phillies are relentless. In a related story, I hate them.

  180. 180
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Unfortunately, he felt he missed an opportunity by no going to third on the ground ball and was trying to make up for it…

  181. 181
    Ham Says:

    Big K. Big inning. Do you guys trust O’Ventbrel in this situation, or do you ride Huddy?

  182. 182
    Walker Says:

    They just showed a replay. Not being a homer just stating facts. He was safe.

  183. 183
    Walker Says:

    You ride Huddy for now until he slips a little. But he won’t.

  184. 184
    Ham Says:

    I gotta say, there is a split second where Bourne comes off the bag and Palanco is tagging him on the butt. Having said that, I don’t think the ump made that call – he missed the slide call.

    The ESPN db’s are siding with the ump. In another related story, I hate them too.

  185. 185
    Ham Says:

    *Bourn. Damn Auto spell.

  186. 186
    Walker Says:

    Wow technical difficulties. Damn

  187. 187
    Walker Says:

    Where was Jason? He should have pinch hit.

  188. 188
    Ham Says:

    Yeah. Does Worley struggle with righties too, or is it Fredi who struggles with the concept of righties.

  189. 189
    Bubdylan Says:

    Fredi struggles with concepts. And baseball.

  190. 190
    Ham Says:


  191. 191
    Bubdylan Says:

    Here comes the pain.

  192. 192
    Ham Says:

    6 outs. Huge DP.

  193. 193
    Steve Says:

    EOF!!!! How freaking big a moment was that?

  194. 194
    Walker Says:

    Its all up to the offense and bullpen.

  195. 195
    Steve Says:

    Hammy. The ESPN guys thought Bourn was tagged out at third, really? Although, he did come off the bag for a moment as you said.

  196. 196
    Ham Says:

    The Cardinals are up 7-0. Carpenter is currently imploding by giving up zero hits.

  197. 197
    Leah Says:

    I’m afraid.

  198. 198
    Bubdylan Says:

    So weird: NY and the Cards both up 7-0, and in each race, the other teams are battling in 3-2 games.

  199. 199
    Steve Says:

    #198 – it really is crazy

  200. 200
    Bubdylan Says:

    And the innings each game is in: 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th.

  201. 201
    Bubdylan Says:

    Well, EACH game isn’t in those four innings, rather respectively. English fail.

  202. 202
    Leah Says:

    Baseball gods…huge sense of humor.

  203. 203
    Leah Says:

    Walk Howard. WALK him or I say type every swear word I’ve ever heard on this here board.

  204. 204
    Bubdylan Says:

    Not with a lefty pitching…

  205. 205
    Leah Says:

    I disagree strongly with Don.

  206. 206
    Leah Says:

    …and Bub.

  207. 207
    Ham Says:


  208. 208
    Bubdylan Says:


  209. 209
    Leah Says:

    Venters hit a batter? Wha…

  210. 210
    Ham Says:

    How the holy hell is Kimbrel not ready right now?

  211. 211
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    The runs we didn’t score are looming large…

  212. 212
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    2-2 pitch was the same one he hit Howard with…

  213. 213
    Leah Says:

    My 10 yo… “Mom, you have to believe!”. “They won’t win if you don’t.”. Poor kid. Such disappointment for him in the AM.

  214. 214
    Bubdylan Says:

    … as are the games we didn’t win.

  215. 215
    Ham Says:

    No Leah, no!

    I am sick to my stomach.

  216. 216
    Bubdylan Says:

    (last comment meant in response to Mark’s second to last comment … err…)

  217. 217
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    It isn’t his stuff, it’s his command…

  218. 218
    Bubdylan Says:

    Well, that was easy.

  219. 219
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Or lack thereof..

  220. 220
    Ham Says:


    Let’s score 123 runs now.

  221. 221
    Bubdylan Says:

    +10 for “whew-hoo”

  222. 222
    Nate Says:

    When did Jonny Venters become Mike Gonzalez?

  223. 223
    Bubdylan Says:

    When his arm got the same treatment in a Braves bullpen.

  224. 224
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    About three weeks ago…

  225. 225
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Back-to-back-to-back sounds pretty good… and let me be specific, I mean home runs…

  226. 226
    Leah Says:

    Thought his name was Dan Uggla again…but no.

  227. 227
    Leah Says:

    We wouldn’t lose a 1 run game would we?

  228. 228
    Bubdylan Says:

    Bottom of the order for Philly. Do I dare to hope a little hope?

  229. 229
    Walker Says:

    3 outs to go. Bottom of the order. Lets Go Braves.

  230. 230
    Leah Says:

    I’m afraid again.

  231. 231
    Leah Says:

    Literally watching through my fingers.

  232. 232
    Bubdylan Says:

    I’ve been watching through one finger since the first game in this series…

  233. 233
    Leah Says:


  234. 234
    Leah Says:

    Speaking of…Ham, loved your mind flipping you off comment on the show. Very funny. Busted a gut.

  235. 235
    Bubdylan Says:

    Can’t be smooth, can it?

  236. 236
    Bubdylan Says:

    1 down.

  237. 237
    Ham Says:


  238. 238
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    It is like he get quicker and quicker — and when he does, his location starts to suffer…

  239. 239
    Ham Says:

    There goes the bottom of the order.

  240. 240
    Leah Says:

    MnM…was thinking same thing.

  241. 241
    Curt Says:

    And now we have worked our way to the top of the order. Terrific

  242. 242
    Ham Says:

    The ump was calling that earlier.

  243. 243
    Curt Says:

    Way too many pitches

  244. 244
    Ham Says:

    I REALLY don’t want to face Utley with the bags juiced.

  245. 245
    Curt Says:

    Way too many walks, too

  246. 246
    Bubdylan Says:


  247. 247
    Adam Says:

    Bad Kimbrel! BAD!

  248. 248
    Curt Says:

    Just can’t make it easy

  249. 249
    Leah Says:

    Too bad. Here we go…with our rookie.

  250. 250
    Ham Says:


  251. 251
    Curt Says:

    see #248

  252. 252
    Bubdylan Says:

    Cursed. That’s what they are. Cursed.

  253. 253
    Mark in Memphis Says:


  254. 254
    Curt Says:

    2 walks

  255. 255
    Leah Says:

    Huh…Astros killing us in this game too.

  256. 256
    Bubdylan Says:


  257. 257
    Curt Says:

    in a 1 run game

  258. 258
    Ham Says:

    He’s come unhinged

  259. 259
    Curt Says:

    3 walks?

  260. 260
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    At least they probably won’t pinch run at second with the game tied… can’t afford to burn a hitter…

  261. 261
    Pure Says:

    It’s all falling apart…

  262. 262
    David Says:

    Ugh. This is not fun.

  263. 263
    Curt Says:

    who the hell is booing him?

  264. 264
    Ham Says:

    WTF. Shake it off Craig. We need you tomorrow.

  265. 265
    Leah Says:

    Guys…come on…it’s over, right? I need to prepare.

  266. 266
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Bring in the long man and see how long we can keep them from scoring…

  267. 267
    Bubdylan Says:

    Leah, if this team hasn’t prepared you by now…

  268. 268
    Adam Says:

    Well it’s not like we were going to make it deep into the post season anyways.

  269. 269
    Curt Says:

    this move seems ambitious

  270. 270
    Curt Says:

    God love em

  271. 271
    Leah Says:

    Meds, good to see you.

  272. 272
    Walker Says:


  273. 273
    Leah Says:

    Um, Mr. Dylan, have we met? Eternal sunshine over here trying to cope.

  274. 274
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    With St. Louis up 7-0 Top of 8, it is now “Win or Go Home”…

  275. 275
    Walker Says:

    @268 Negativity begone

  276. 276
    Bubdylan Says:

    I almost … almost got excited when Kris came in. But I pulled back just in time.

    Okay, offense, let’s … score … some …. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  277. 277
    Nate Says:

    Somebody get a hit

  278. 278
    Ham Says:

    We will score this inning. BELIEVE! Leah – cheer with me!

  279. 279
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Unless it is a homer, several somebodies get a hit!

  280. 280
    Leah Says:

    Mac is forgiven for his recent sucktitude if he homers here and now.

  281. 281
    Bubdylan Says:

    Eternal Sunshine of the Sportsless Mind?

  282. 282
    Leah Says:

    Best I can do Hammy.

  283. 283
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Eternal Sunshine of the Win-less Mind

  284. 284
    Bubdylan Says:

    I Be Leave.

    clap, clap, clap-clap-clap

    I Be Leave.

    clap, clap, clap-clap-clap

  285. 285
    Curt Says:

    McCann. Be the ball

  286. 286
    Bubdylan Says:

    Who’s THIS guy?

  287. 287
    Leah Says:

    Haha…it’d be awesome if the kid knocked one out.

  288. 288
    Ham Says:


  289. 289
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    This is where the home run should be.

    Jason hits one in his first AB and his last AB of the regular season in Atlanta… (that was for Steve)…

  290. 290
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    And the swing was for Castanza…

  291. 291
    Ham Says:

    Thank God, it’s Jack Wilson.

  292. 292
    Bubdylan Says:

    The J-Hey K’d? Oooh, did I just make that up?

  293. 293
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Jack 1 Wilson…?

  294. 294
    Leah Says:

    Where’d we get Jack? Rev asked, can’t remember.

  295. 295
    Ham Says:

    Did I say THIS inning?

  296. 296
    Bubdylan Says:

    When Wren hired Gonzalez. Oh, sorry, thought you said “where’d we get Jacked?”

  297. 297
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    How apropos… an extra inning Braves game…

  298. 298
    Mark in Memphis Says:



  299. 299
    john j Says:

    Wren is probably working up a five year deal for Wilson right now.

  300. 300
    Bubdylan Says:

    I hope you mean Wilson, Tom Hanks’s volley ball.

  301. 301
    Bubdylan Says:

    Is it good that my sister just accidentally started up the Apocalypse Now dvd that was in my player and The Doors’ “This Is the End” came on?

  302. 302
    john j Says:

    How about 18 innings before a flight to St Louis?

  303. 303
    Ham Says:


  304. 304
    Curt Says:

    How different is this season if Medlen is around all year?

  305. 305
    Bubdylan Says:

    Or if Fredi is around no year?

  306. 306
    Curt Says:

    I hope you mean Wilson, the neighbor from Home Improvement

  307. 307
    Curt Says:

    #305. That

  308. 308
    Curt Says:

    Surely Schwimer gets the Friends theme song if he gets an AB?

  309. 309
    Ham Says:

    They are bringing out their scrubs and I am not feeling more confident.

  310. 310
    Leah Says:

    End it Hinske! Why do I hope?

  311. 311
    Bubdylan Says:

    Curt, I was thinking Wilson the volleyball would be better. This offense might could hit it.

    Besides, Wilson from Home Improvement never showed his face. We wouldn’t be able to tell him from any of the fans.

  312. 312
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Or The Flipper Theme

  313. 313
    Leah Says:

    Hammy, I blame you.

  314. 314
    Bubdylan Says:

    Holy crap. The Rays scored 6.

  315. 315
    Ham Says:

    The body language in the dugout is abysmal.

  316. 316
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Walk + Bourn = Double…

  317. 317
    Leah Says:

    It’s only fair that we play extra innings. Cards are gonna be tired after all that hitting the ball they’ve been doing.

  318. 318
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Or Hit + Steal = Double

  319. 319
    Ham Says:

    It’s final in Houston. must. Win.

  320. 320
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    And all that base running…

  321. 321
    Curt Says:

    I’m, sadly, very pleased that I just permanently banned some Philly jerk off from the ABT facebook group

  322. 322
    Leah Says:

    Ooooo Curt. That’s awesome!

  323. 323
    Bubdylan Says:

    Michael Schwimmer needs a career boost. Here we come to save the day.

  324. 324
    Bubdylan Says:

    Chipper should eat this guy for lunch.

  325. 325
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Not really, I was surprised Chipper didn’t offer at the 2-2 change in the dirt. He struck out earlier on one…

  326. 326
    Curt Says:

    of course

  327. 327
    Bubdylan Says:

    Yeesh. This is silly.

  328. 328
    Nate Says:

    We can’t even hit their poo poo platter.

  329. 329
    Bubdylan Says:

    Good. Cuz Medlen was obviously struggling.

  330. 330
    Curt Says:

    Just remembered Wilson not being able to handle that sure DP. Winds are against us

  331. 331
    john j Says:

    315, u r right. Looks like a bunch of guys who want to go home and meet again in Feb. Why weren’t they all on the railing when Bourn got on? Wilson was sitting there looking down at his volley balls.

  332. 332
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Well, he had only had one appearance this year and he didn’t want to over work him (commonly referred to as “a Venters-ing”…)

  333. 333
    Ham Says:

    I just typed “sigh” for the second time tonight, then WordPress told me “you already said that once” then froze my computer.

    Even the machines are sick of this.

  334. 334
    Bubdylan Says:

    #333 = classic post.

  335. 335
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    I, for one, would like to see him run (and pull a calf muscle…)

  336. 336
    Nate Says:

    Meanwhile, the Phillies have at least one guy get on every inning.

  337. 337
    Ham Says:

    Nomar just called Meds “Melden”. See my earlier story about hating him.

  338. 338
    Curt Says:

    Bets on Phils runs right here?

  339. 339
    Leah Says:

    Last season was more fun than this season. That’s where I am. Starting the end of season chatter.

  340. 340
    Leah Says:

    Baseball makes me bipolar.

  341. 341
    Leah Says:

    What’s his name???? Come on “Blue Eyes”! Tell ‘em what your name is!

  342. 342
    Bubdylan Says:

    Wow. Tampa Bay down to their last out and last strike in the bottom of the 9th. Game tying homer from Dan Johnson and his .108 batting average. 7-7.

  343. 343
    Nate Says:

    I am amazed that the walk did not come back to completely burn us. Felt like a very appropriate ending.

  344. 344
    Kate Says:

    Maybe next year the team will stay healthy and play to their potential.

  345. 345
    Curt Says:

    And monkeys will fly, something, something

  346. 346
    Steve Says:

    I’m not enjoying this.

  347. 347
    Bubdylan Says:

    Yankees just brought in Scott Proctor. *giggles*

  348. 348
    Nate Says:

    We can’t even figure out AAA call-ups.

  349. 349
    Steve Says:

    So, who pitches in the 12th? Teheran?

  350. 350
    Leah Says:

    Atleast the bullpen will be fresh. Ya know, tomorrow night, after our flight to St. Louis.

  351. 351
    Ham Says:

    #346 not at all. I can’t even cheer anymore.

  352. 352
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    No, it isn’t the 13 inning yet…

  353. 353
    john j Says:

    The Braves have already scored their usual 3 runs so, I am afraid they are done.

  354. 354
    Steve Says:

    Curt – I just saw your tweet about Linebrink. But seriously, if he even sniffs this game, I’ll complete freak out and fire Fredi myself. I don’t know what that really means.

  355. 355
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Oh… wait… you aren’t talking about OUR starting pitchers…

  356. 356
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    We need a pitcher named Andy or Griffith to pitch to Mayberry…

  357. 357
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    It sure seems like more than three double plays…

  358. 358
    Leah Says:

    I know this makes me a loser but if we don’t score I have to go to sleep.

  359. 359
    john j Says:

    Time for Heyward to end it.

  360. 360
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Repeating post 289

  361. 361
    Bubdylan Says:

    Yeah, Leah, how could you quit on THIS ballteam?

  362. 362
    Steve Says:

    C’mon. Man in scoring position. Let’s put it away here.

  363. 363
    Leah Says:

    Aw Brooksy. Remember last season’s magic?

  364. 364
    Steve Says:

    I would take the symmetry of Conrad being the late inning hero here.

  365. 365
    Leah Says:

    Listen to that crowd! Very disappointed crowd but a great crowd.

  366. 366
    Leah Says:

    Prado, you gonna take that?

  367. 367
    john j Says:

    Prado can do it?

  368. 368
    john j Says:

    That might have been Conrads last at bat as a Brave.

  369. 369
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Thank you sir, may I have another????

  370. 370
    Adam Says:

    These guys are AAA kids! We should be lighting them up!

  371. 371
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    I think Atlanta needs to convert to a marathon team, at least we would know when it was supposed to be over…

  372. 372
    Curt Says:

    Imagine how different this season would have been if Prado could hit

  373. 373
    Nate Says:

    Oh dear…

  374. 374
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Fire away, Steve!

  375. 375
    john j Says:

    a busted year for Prado, er, I mean bat.

  376. 376
    Ham Says:

    Oh man – that’s Scott Linebrink’s music.

  377. 377
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Well, we have our AAA pitcher on the mound… maybe he is just what we need against the AAA kids…

  378. 378
    Steve Says:

    Fredi really put Linebrink in. I don’t know what to do right now.

  379. 379
    Bubdylan Says:

    Scott Linebrink.

    G’night, all. See you when pitchers & catchers report.

  380. 380
    Ham Says:

    That had “Chris Burke” written all over it.

  381. 381
    Ham Says:

    8 walks since the eighth inning.

  382. 382
    Jo-Bu Says:

    This is really gonna suck.

  383. 383
    john j Says:

    Walk the .176 batter to get to the good hitters. nice strategy by Linebrink

  384. 384
    Curt Says:

    who the hell will start tomorrow?

  385. 385
    Nate Says:

    #383, that appears to be the strategy most of our relievers are going with this evening.

  386. 386
    Nate Says:


  387. 387
    Ham Says:

    All the Phillies are standing on the top step of the dugout. All the Braves are sitting down. We don’t deserve to win.

  388. 388
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    There’s nothing like a well pitched game… And this was nothing like a well pitched game…

  389. 389
    Nate Says:


  390. 390
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    I used to love baseball…

  391. 391
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Go Steelers!

  392. 392
    Curt Says:

    It seems all too fitting

  393. 393
    Ham Says:

    . . . . .

  394. 394
    Steve Says:

    Linebrink should have been DFA’d weeks ago. And this is where it gets us.

  395. 395
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    One batter too late…

  396. 396
    Adam Says:

    And our season ends on the last day of regular season play in the 13th inning with an infield dink. Fantastic.

  397. 397
    Nate Says:

    How many of these hits/walks come after we have 2 strikes on the guy? It’s so frustrating.

  398. 398
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Please refer back to 352

  399. 399
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    I am with Joe a bit here…

    I have found Brian’s pitch calls to be a bit suspect lately…

  400. 400
    Nate Says:

    The main thing to take away from Fredi’s first year is that we made epic collapse history.

  401. 401
    Ham Says:

    M in M you are a genius. An evil, twisted, sadistic genius.

  402. 402
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    “All hands on deck”?

    Try get below and pump out this sinking ship…

  403. 403
    Nate Says:

    #399, I have felt the same about Mac for weeks. especially with the young guys on the mound.

  404. 404
    Ham Says:

    They just showed a shot of St Louis pulling out the champagne and getting ready.

    I hate.

  405. 405
    Steve Says:

    #400 – Yes

  406. 406
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    I do wish the “young un’s” could have been around JJ (though I understand they wouldn’t have been called up had he been able to pitch) and see you don’t have to throw your hardest to get outs… Let up a little, get a little more movement on the ball, pitch a bit more to contact and go longer in games…

    It was a domino effect. The young starters pitched well, but came out of games earlier, which taxed the bullpen more, which caused them to not pitch as well, which led to exposing our lack of offense, which caused us to lose games we should have won, which will probably cause the Braves to miss the playoffs…

  407. 407
    Pure Says:

    If we lose today, guys don’t even bother making a podcast for a month. I won’t be reading or listening about baseball for quite a while.

  408. 408
    Nate Says:

    Dear Frank,

    it’s time to clean house.

    -A Fan

  409. 409
    Ham Says:


  410. 410
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Well, Henske is officially not a good luck charm for the playoffs anymore… Atlanta sucked the luck out of him…

    At least Venters and Kimbrel will get a rest now…

  411. 411
    Walker Says:

    I’ve hit rock bottom

  412. 412
    Nate Says:

    Just a terrible way to go out.

  413. 413
    Curt Says:

    Leyritz has some company

  414. 414
    Nate Says:

    The Braves continue to crush their fans year after year.

  415. 415
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    The really amazing thing is that Boston may get their win from a rain shortened game…

  416. 416
    Steve Says:

    #411 – As have I. Good night folks. It will feel better tomorrow after a good night of sleep. Not really.

  417. 417
    john j Says:

    18th game since Aug 16 with 3 runs or less. Say goodbye to many of these players. And, hopefully some of the coaches. Need some guys with heart. The list is way too long of players that quit in August.

  418. 418
    Nate Says:

    On the bright side, now the fellas can all go huntin’.

  419. 419
    QC Bravo Says:

    Fredi will still pitch Kimbrel and Venters Sat, Sun and Monday.

  420. 420
    Steve Says:

    #419 – Fantastic.

  421. 421
    Nate Says:

    Possibly the post of the year, QC Bravo.

  422. 422
    john j Says:

    Tough season, McCann was supposed to be Chipper’s replacement as the leader; he showed nothing in the second half. I hope it was injuries. Prado, Heyward, Gonzales failed to meet minimum goals. The pinch hitting was terrible. Braves will have to find some hitters by trading pitching and my guess is that Freeman is the only untouchable on the team besides Chipper who wouldn’t go anywhere. NO matter how good your pitching staff is, got to score some runs. But, Wren, please start by giving Lowe away or resign or do both.

  423. 423
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Sorry guys…..I know the Braves lost that game but I want to throw a big poo poo sandwich at the third base umpire. He cost us a run that sorry blank blank blank

  424. 424
    Curt Says:

    Hopefully this is the end of Liberty Media too

  425. 425
    Nate Says:

    The lasting image I have is how lifeless our dugout looked when they were playing for their postseason lives.

  426. 426
    Jo-Bu Says:

    All I want for Christmas is the entire coaching staff of the Atlanta Braves to be FIRED for making Atlanta a laughing stock of the MLB!!!

    Send Fredi’s ass packin’ right now for a Christmas in September special. NOW!

    Of course that won’t happen and Fredi G will be here for the next two seasons if not longer.

  427. 427
    Walker Says:

    Why we didn’t make the playoffs:

    1. Venters and Kimbrel dominate but fall apart due to overwork
    2. Uggla had terrible 1st half, excellent start of 2nd half and mediocre last month a and a half
    3. McCann had excellent 1st half, but terrible terrible 2nd half
    4. Heyward completely surprises with horrible season.
    5. Prado has a less than mediocre season
    6. Lowe sucked and McLouth continued to suck
    7. Proctor- need I say more
    8. Gonzalez has a great year with the glove but completely lost at plate and just when he heats up he gets hurt.
    9.Linebrink started off okay but later looked like Proctor
    10. Fred Gonzalez makes stupid decisions and there are so many.
    11. Larry Parrish obviously can’t reach hitters.
    12. JJ and Tommy are MIA in the 2nd half

    How the hell did we win 89 games?

  428. 428
    Jo-Bu Says:

    So when does the end-of-season podcast hit the web? I wasn’t on here last season so i’m a newbee.

  429. 429
    Curt Says:

    Sunday. Should be a love-fest

  430. 430
    Kate Says:

    Is up and running yet?

  431. 431
    Leah Says:

    So tired of condolences. Not even checking Facebook…EVER AGAIN!

  432. 432
    Curt Says:

    Kate – it actually is

  433. 433
    ham Says:

    the quotes from Fredi are just . . . . there aren’t words. He took ZERO accountability for how things ended up. Disgusting. I know that everyone worked their butts off, and left it on the field, blah blah blah. BUT not even one word of accountability. I feel bad for everyone on the team except for him. So angry right now.

    At least the Red Sox pooped the bed as well. There isn’t a whole lot of baseball talk going on right now. The train in was as quiet as I have seen it in a long time.

    Right now, I am not looking forward to next season. I know in time that I will and all that, but I can’t imagine another day with F-Gone (if only) at the helm.

  434. 434
    Nate Says:

    If you watched the postgame comments it was even worse. He had such a too bad, tough luck tone. And his we’ll get ‘em next year was perhaps the weakest and most unconvincing we’ll get ‘em next year I have ever heard. You finished the season 3-9 against your division. Something tells me the teams we play the most know how easily we’ll roll over if they just play hard. The Phillies clinched weeks ago, yet they always make the pitcher work every at bat of every game. They are better than the Braves and they play much harder as a team. As do the other 3 teams that beat us out for the postseason. The Braves showed no heart this last month, and I think it all starts with the coaching staff. I have no doubt that this coaching staff is back next year, and we will see similar results.

  435. 435
    Leah Says:

    I’m actually ok with last night’s loss…don’t hate me. We NEVER would have won tonight’s game with a taxed bullpen and dejected offense after a long game and a late flight. I’d rather we just limped away.

    So thankful for the Red Sox right now.

  436. 436
    Nate Says:

    We added so many good pieces in the offseason, too. Meanwhile, Joe Maddon’s team is so depleted that people predict they take major steps back in 2011. Instead, they beat out a team with twice their payroll and make the postseason. They beat out the Red Sox after the Sox acquired the Rays 2nd best hitter in the offseason. That would be like us beating out the Phillies after they acquired Brian McCann or Chipper. A good manager can definitely have a huge effect on a group of players. Joe Maddon might be just a tad smarter than old F-Gone, though.

  437. 437
    john j Says:

    Associated Press:”The Braves were 10 1/2 games of St. Louis before play August 26. They were still up by 8 1/2 games on the morning of Sept. 6. Instead of popping champagne for a second straight trip to the playoffs, they became the FIRST TEAM IN MAJOR-LEAGUE HISTORY TO SQUANDER A LEAD OF AT LEAST EIGHT GAMES FOR A PLAYOFF SPOT IN SEPTEMBER.” The caps were mine.

    SO, They are first at something. I think they are also first at having the worst managing/coaching staff. So, we win twice!

  438. 438
    BRAVEinNY (Matt) Says:

    To me- the worst part of all of this is that there is no game today…

  439. 439
    Kate Says:

    At least my fantasy team didn’t choke away a huge September lead. Not having any Braves on my team really paid off.

  440. 440
    Leah Says:

    Bless your heart Matt. I don’t want to watch another game til February.

  441. 441
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Fredi needs to go, but we all know that will not happen….

    I think Chipper would make a good player/manager…

  442. 442
    Curt Says:

    “It was one more reminder of why the Cards are still alive and the Braves are done. Some folks look at the bright glare of a playoff hunt as if it were a scalding heat lamp (see: Atlanta Braves). Others bask in the warmth of the intense pressure and act as though it’s some soothing morning sun. That would be the Cardinals.” – Bryan Burwell, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

  443. 443
    BRAVEinNY (Matt) Says:

    In a statment today Fredi Gonzalez said they are bringing back the entire coaching staff…

  444. 444
    Walker Says:

    From AJC:

    Atlanta ranked 26th in the major leagues in batting average (.243) and on-base percentage (.308), after finishing fourth in the majors in OBP (.339) in 2010 under former hitting coach Terry Pendleton, who now serves as first-base coach and infield instructor.

    The Braves hit .205 with 31 runs while going 3-9 in their last 12 games, and had a .195 average with runners in scoring position for the month of September.

    “I’m sure that L.P. [Parrish] will sit back and evaluate some things, maybe do some things different, like we all will,” Gonzalez said.


  445. 445
    Walker Says:

    I hope the Cardinals enjoy this moment because this time next week the Phillies would have swept them. The Phillies are definitely going to the world series. Their at bats were amazing and their pitchers were hitting the corners at will in extras.

  446. 446
    Jo-Bu Says:

    443 – Ham, I love the tag F-Gone! Yep, he’ll serve his entire contract with the Braves and maybe even a little more.

    My problem with Fredi wasn’t so much that he wasted the bullpen this season. With so many close games, I can forgive (some of) that. But there were times when he ran Jonny out there when he didn’t need to.

    My biggest problem with him is that he’s not all a tactical and strategic manager. Doesn’t play the matchups well, sits players who are hot, doesn’t know when to hit and run, picks the wrong time to squeeze (safety or suicide), and his post game comments leave one to wonder whether the man was even near the ballpark!

    He needs to go., damnit!!!

    I said that last years team was better and I really mean that from a team standpoint (not on paper) that the 2010 Braves were a character team and found way to win game instead of losing them. Not sure what happened with this year’s team but something tells me that they either don’t like to play for Fredi or that something is wrong in the clubhouse. I can sure see why the 2010 Braves played their hearts out for Bobby and perhaps that might be the reason the team just didn’t look like they went all out in every game down the stretch. Last night’s game with their backs against the wall they did play hard — too little too late and we should have never been in the position. Fredi needs to learn how to inspire and/or motivate his players. He’s terrible and we are stuck with him.

  447. 447
    Walker Says:

    This was a hard season but it really irks me that Buster Onley is putting rumors out there that Heyward might be traded. If the Braves trade Heyward at 22 years old and after 2 seasons, I’d lose it. I can imagine it now. We trade him and next year he’s in MVP talks.

  448. 448
    john j Says:

    It’s been mentioned several times over the last few months, but, to me the key to success starts with new ownership. All Liberty Media wants is for the Braves to send the parent company a certain amount of profit every year. A new owner that cares about winning will put an end to this mediocrity crap. Of course, there could be a problem finding anyone who wants the team.

    New owners will mean that someone as ignorant as Fredi, will be gone. By the way what happened to Schuerholz? Does he not care anymore? Maybe his concern is collecting his paycheck and Liberty Media bonus.

  449. 449
    Nate Says:

    The Olney quote certainly makes it sound like there is more to the Heyward saga than we are all privy to, sort of like the situation with our former SS, as Olney also mentions in the quote…

  450. 450
    john j Says:

    My guess is, as I said earlier today, that EVERYONE except Freeman will be open for discussion and trade (that would include McCann, though not likely, and only if enough was offered). This is the MLB and the Braves don’t have a competitive budget nor can they afford to keep all the youthful talent. They want youth and cheap journeyman players for the bench. Chipper is likely their last lifer.

    Heyward needs winter ball or something to show Braves he can hit.

  451. 451
    George Says:

    Tragic, Ain’t it?

    Please don’t ever end the post-season hope meter anymore.

    See y’all next year.

  452. 452
    Curt Says:

    George, I hear you buddy. Unlike Fredi, I will take full responsibility for the massive goocher we put on the team.

  453. 453
    john j Says:

    As long as the Yankees or Phillies don’t win it all, I will find some joy.

  454. 454
    Walker Says:

    @450 I disagree. McCann, Bourn, Kimbrel, Venters, Heyward, Uggla, Tehran are also untouchables. It just wouldn’t make sense to move these guys if you are looking to compete next year. I know we fell flat on our face but I’ve been hearing too much language about blowing the team up. Usually that talk is for veteran teams. We have one of the top 5 talented rosters in Baseball with most of our young players 3 or 4 years away from free agency. The problem is Fredi and Parrish. Yeah the Braves are on a budget but that’s even more reason to keep their cost controlled players. 30 million from Chipper and Lowe come off the books after next year. That money will be reinvested. I don’t see how they keep Bourn though.

  455. 455
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    I am a bit behind on my show listening, so forgive me.

  456. 456
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Do yourself a favor. Stop paying attention to what comes out of Fredi’s mouth in the press…

    It does not make one tenth of one games difference in the standings. It most likely doesn’t reflect anything about what he is really feeling. It is “press talk”, nothing more. Judging Fredi by that crap is useless.

  457. 457
    Nate Says:

    The young players will get better. The main things that need to improve, imo, are the starters going longer in games, and the hitters putting together better ABs. The Phillies just put on a clinic these last 3 games on how to make a pitcher work. It seemed like they got a ton of 2 strike hits and seemingly worked the pitcher every AB. They look like they have a team approach when it comes to hitting, which goes against LP’s style of coaching.

  458. 458
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    “putting this season” directly on Fredi is like blaming a marksman for bad shooting when he has a really good gun but has been provided sub-standard, inconsistent ammo.

    If you ascribe to the “win a 1/3, lose a 1/3, what counts is what you do with the other third” theory, we went 35-19 in those games, mostly due to strong starting pitching and a strong back end of the bullpen. It obscured our lack luster offense (which was there all year).

    Until our starting pitching got hurt, then the replacements pitched well, but they had shorter outings, taxing our bullpen and exposing our poorly performing offense.

    Wren didn’t do enough to put a capable major league offense on the field – the fact that Nate McLouth was our starting center fielder for most of that time is unforgivable. When he did bat well, he was batting ninth.

    Lowe was an anchor much of the second half as well as Heyward. Playing the two of them in the second half was ludicrous. Both of them should have been sent to the minors till they got straightened out.

    Prado wasn’t himself after the injury. Is this really going to be our starting left fielder for the future?

    JJ was a first half bright spot, as was Freddie after a few weeks. Huddy did well pretty much all year.

  459. 459
    Bubdylan Says:

    “Braves will bring back their entire coaching staff, manager Fredi Gonzalez said.”

    Adios, Bravos.

  460. 460
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Our young pitchers could learn from JJ. He went from trying to strike everyone out to pitching a bit more to contact. Which resulted in fewer pitches per inning and going longer into games. The 5 2/3 inning starts killed out bullpen.

  461. 461
    Nate Says:

    My Offseason Questions:
    How do you move Derek Lowe? Will the Braves eat most of that salary to clear a spot in the rotation for one of the young guys or Medlen?

    How do you improve the durability of the pitching staff?

    How do you improve the situational hitting?

    Will they offer Bourn an extension?

    Will they upgrade at SS?

    Will they add another arm to the bullpen or just give Martinez, Vizcaino, and Medlen bigger roles?

    The other positions seem pretty set, unless they move Heyward, which seems about as likely as firing Fredi.

    I have been reminding myself all day that this is a very young, inexperienced team. They need time. It was also Fredi’s first year with this group. Hopefully he now has a better understanding of what he has and how to best use it.

  462. 462
    Nate Says:

    Lowe + Hanson + Rookies= Bullpen death.

  463. 463
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    The offense scored 2 or fewer runs in 31 of 92 (33.7%) games in the first half, going 7 – 24 (22.58% wins).

    The offense scored 2 or fewer runs in 23 of 70 (32.86%) games in the second half, going 5 – 18 (21.74% wins).

    The offense couldn’t score runs in the first half and they couldn’t score runs in the second half.

    The pitching allowed 2 or fewer runs in 36 or 92 (39.13%) games in the first half, going 34 – 2 (94.44% wins).

    The pitching allowed 2 or fewer runs in 14 or 70 (20%) second half games, going 13 – 1 (92.86% wins).

    The pitching won at about the same rate of allowing 2 for fewer runs, but just couldn’t do it as often in the second half.

    Lack of offense exposed.

  464. 464
    Walker Says:

    @ Mark in Memphis

    Yes the players didn’t perform well, but Fredi made many mistakes that I KNOW affected the outcome of games. He is the leader so he should be blamed. It is what it is. I wonder if Parrish even stressed putting together good at bats instead of taking strike 1 fastball down the middle then swinging at a ball in the dirt.

  465. 465
    Anne Says:

    Am loving @bravesorganist’s retweets about HIM being traded next year. Among other scenaries, “for Brian Wilson and a beard to be grown later.”

  466. 466
    ham Says:

    Guess which quote the following team is about “a perception held by some within the organization that this team — despite four wildly successful months — operated in a vacuum of clubhouse leadership. This, in turn, cultivated a climate of a lack of accountability, over which the manager presided with a curious sense of detachment,”

    I’ll give you a clue: Rumors are that this team may announce today that they are parting ways with their manager.

    I’ll give you another clue: don’t get your hopes up, Braves fans.

    I’ll give you a final clue: I hate Fredi.

  467. 467
    Steve Says:

    Welcome to the best parts of your offseason: funny tweets about our organist!

    Anne – I agree 100% with you. It’s damn funny stuff. It’s just a sad state of affairs that it’s September 30 and it’s all we’ve got.

  468. 468
    Steve Says:

    I have no idea if any of this is true or not, but it’s uncomfortable/fascinating all the same:–dont-worry-the-internet-has-found-your-wallet

  469. 469
    Steve Says:

    Parrish it out. Just announced.

  470. 470
    Nate Says:

    That had to happen. Crazy that it happened a day after Fredi said everyone would be back.

  471. 471
    Jo-Bu Says:

    470 – Well, that’s why you cannot believe ANYTHING Fredi says. How many times during the season did he say he was going to do something in the pre-game, then do the complete opposite. I hope they can Roger McDowell as well, He doesn’t seem to know when it’s time to visit the mound — especially if your a rookie pitcher with just a handful of games under your belt.

    I look for more changes but the one change we all want will not happen.

  472. 472
    Walker Says:

    Finally a decision that makes sense. Glad somebody is being held accountable, now I feel better. Parrish was terrible.

  473. 473
    Walker Says:

    I disagree with firing McDowell. There is just no reason to do that at all. Offensive issues are why we aren’t in the playoffs.

  474. 474
    Walker Says:

    Frank Wren said he will try to trade Lowe. If not he will go to bullpen. I’m loving the news today.

  475. 475
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Glad to hear that D-Lowe will either be traded or to the ‘pen. He’s going to the ‘pen, he’s done, and I think this is the Braves way of saying, ok, you wanna stay (and I know he’s under contract through next year), go to the ‘pen.

    It’s a kind of KK thing. Nobody wants him and he’s done. It’s sure going to bust his ego. He’ll probably start drinking and drag racing on P’Tree Street again. Maybe he doesn’t get off this time.

  476. 476
    Nate Says:

    M in M and Jo Bu, I’m with u on no longer listening to Fredi. I just wonder how much control he has in regard to his coaching staff. Also, I think McDowell has done a decent job.

    I love the news on Lowe. Delgado, Beachy, and Minor all outpitched him down the stretch. Medlen and Teheran would also be better options. The Hamburglar belongs in the ‘pen or in AAA.

  477. 477
    Jo-Bu Says:

    I want Leo back but I doubt it will happen. The thing that bothers me about McDowell is that he’s a jerk and that whole SF thing. I don’t know whether or not Leo might have roughed up any feathers with his recent comments but I always liked him as a fan.

  478. 478
    Nate Says:

    I guess Gonzo is gone since Wren mentioned SS, OF, and utility infielder as the primary needs for an upgrade. It will be interesting to see what happens with Heyward and Prado. I wonder if Wren is going to get someone to come off the bench or someone to challenge for a starting spot. Speaking of OF, I hope we lock down Michael Bourn like Wren did with Uggla last offseason. We all know how hard it is to find a leadoff man and CF.

  479. 479
    Nate Says:

    DOB’s twitter is where it’s at this afternoon. Although I must mention, I first heard about the Parrish firing from Steve.

  480. 480
    Steve Says:

    Damn straight, Nate!

    Jo-Bu, I don’t think we’ll see Leo again. I thought it was always telling that the Big 3 (Maddux, Glav, Smoltz) never really came talked him up much when he left. I’ve always there was more to the Leo story then we knew. And listening to him on the radio her in ATL, he gets more unlikeable by the day.

  481. 481
    Leah Says:

    Holy cow! It’s been a busy day!

  482. 482
    Bubdylan Says:

    Firing Parish? Demoting Lowe?! Doing actual actions?

  483. 483
    Walker Says:

    Today should be such a happy day. Sigh

  484. 484
    Brave in new york Says:

    Interesting comments from Frank Wren in the ajc… Sounds like Lowe may not be in the 2012 rotation.

  485. 485
    Anonymous Says:

    December 14, 2011:

    3,2,1… ring
    Wren: Hello
    Blue Jays GM: It’s Alex, how ya doin’, buddy?
    Wren: Last week was pretty tough.
    Blue Jays GM: Yeah, I saw that. Hey, I have something shiny here.
    Wren: Wow!
    Blue Jays GM: Just give me that disappointing guy. What’s his name-Howard or something?
    Wren: Heyward.
    Blue Jays GM: Right. That guy.
    Wren: Done!

  486. 486
    Nate Says:

    I swear to God #485 is not me. Seriously.

  487. 487
    Will Says:

    If we rank the disappointments in Braves history, 1-10. This is probably somewhere around 3 or 4, I suppose. It sucks, but there have been bigger sucks. No? There haven’t been bigger chokes in my memory…but for example losing a WS to the Twins because we lose a ball in the frikking dome ceiling sucks worse than this, no? Can any body help properly frame the suckiness? I am late to my therapist…

  488. 488
    Curt Says:

    I would say 2 or 3. 96 WS tops everything. 91 is up there.

  489. 489
    Nate Says:

    Trevarris Jackson almost Kyle Kendricked the Falcons…

  490. 490
    Steve Says:

    #485 is fantastic, by the way.

    Season wrap up show will be posted tonight.

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