October 02, 2011

Show #167: Reviewing the Braves Collapse

Recapping the final week.  The Parrish firing.  Lowe and Heyward.  And questions heading into the offseason.



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  1. 76
    Steve Says:

    #69 – All true.

  2. 77
    Steve Says:

    It’s kinda funny (and by that I mean awful), looking at the titles of Shows #163 – 167, starting with the oldest in the top left corner of the homepage. It really kinda sums it up in its horrible glory.

  3. 78
    Bubdylan Says:

    Steve, #77 is great. Wish it went down a couple more to where we were doing okay. But that might be too sad…

  4. 79
    john j Says:

    Did some catching up today and enjoyed the humorous posts. The funniest ones, however, are the ones that seem to say that a GM is not responsible for the bad contracts they make. It is their job to make good decisions and, yes, they should be held accountable for the ones that don’t work out just like any other manager in any other business. Wren may be a wonderful GM but he is not running a hot streak of good signings/contracts/trades. In particular, he seems to forget that he is on a short financial leash and there isn’t room in the budget for big mistakes. He may deserve some slack on McLouth but KK and Lowe are examples of moves that were HUGE mistakes that have had tremendous negative impact on the team. Guess we could leave the verdict out on Fredi but it could turn out to be the worst decision of them all. Hope Wren got a big bonus this year for hitting the bottom line on profits.

  5. 80
    Walker Says:

    KK and Lowe were mistakes but was he supposed to go into the 2009 season with a horrible starting rotation?

    And remember, we don’t win the 2010 wild card without Lowe.

  6. 81
    Nate Says:

    I think the 2008 season and not wanting to get into a bidding war with a division rival(Mets) played a huge role in the Lowe contract. Lowe said he wouldn’t sign for less than 4 years, so it is what it is.

    Wren has made some savvy moves, and he has made some moves that make me wonder if he’s lost his mind. That’s where I stand with him. The pitching has come a long way since he took over, now he needs to keep working on the offense.

  7. 82
    Anne Says:

    Fat Elvis needs a shave and a haircut. (two bits)

  8. 83
    Anonymous Says:

    We didn’t win the 2010 WC without Lowe; somewhat agreed. And we didn’t win 2011 with Lowe (or, is it because of Lowe?) And, without a major turnaround from Lowe, it is quite likely that his $15 mil salary will make it extremely difficult to put together a competitive team in 2012. Overall, when we had some young pitchers coming up, I would have preferred taking my chances in 2010 W/O Lowe so that Braves could have put together an even better team in 2011 and 2012. Lowe has been more of a salary eater than an innings eater. I never liked the deal but he could prove me wrong by leading the Braves to a division title in 2012; wanna bet on it? On the other hand, if Lowe keeps pitching like he finnished the season, his contract will be one of the worst the Braves ever got themselves into. Time will tell.

  9. 84
    David Says:

    It’s okay to attribute the 2010 WC with Lowe and his contributions.

    But, considering that the Braves won the WC by 1 game, you could say the same about every single Braves player who contributed to a win — the obvious guys like Chipper, McCann, Prado, Heyward, Hanson, and even the guys like Melky, Brooks, and Diory Hernandez. Hell, even Kenshin Kawakami won a game last year — so, really, we couldn’t have won the 2010 WC without KK. (In his one win, he went 7 ip and gave up 1 run on 2 hits and won 4-3 against the Detroit Tigers.)

  10. 85
    Anonymous Says:

    It wAs a true team effort

  11. 86
    john j Says:

    I didn’t mean to leave #83 as “Anonymous”. See you next year; hopefully, without Lowe in the discussions. Guessing Braves will only have to eat $12 mil of the contract (Rockies want Millwood back so, maybe they would take Lowe also as they are 3 starters short) as some team takes him as a number 4 0r 5. Maybe Lowe will do what some suggested Chipper do which is to rework his contract or retire. FAT CHANCE!

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