October 09, 2011

Show #168: Mega End of the Season Debrief Show – Part 2

Chris Dimino of 790theZone joins us to discuss all things end of the season collapse.



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  1. 51
    Curt Says:

    Speaking of wagers, we decided to post the results of yearly wagers up here, since it makes for rather tedious radio to declare me the winner yet again.

    So, without further ado, here are the results.

    Question #1 – Over or Under on Braves winning 91 games (Actual – 89):
    Steve – Over; Curt – Over; Ham – Over; Scott – Over (No correct picks)

    Question #2 – Over or Under on Chipper homers at 18 (Actual – 18):
    Steve – Under; Curt – Over; Ham – Under; Scott – Under (Push – no winners)

    Question #3 – Over or Under on McLouth batting .265 (Actual – .228):
    Steve – Over; Curt – Under; Ham – Over; Scott – Under (Curt & Scott correct)

    Question #4 – Over or Under on Freeman homers at 13 (Actual – 21):
    Steve – Under; Curt – Over; Ham – Under; Scott – Under (Curt correct)

    Question #5 – Who has more saves – Venters or Kimbrel? (Kimbrel – 46, Venters – 5):
    Steve – Venters; Curt – Kimbrel; Ham – Kimbrel; Scott – Kimbrel (All right but Steve)

    Question #6 – Staff leader in wins and how many (Hudson – 16):
    Steve – Hudson – 17; Curt – Hudson – 17; Ham – Hanson – 17; Scott – Hudson – 17 (All correct but Ham on pitcher, push on total)

    Division and WC winners:

    Steve – AL: Boston, White Sox, Oakland, Texas (WC)
    NL: Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Colorado, Atlanta (WC)
    WS: Boston over Colorado

    Curt – AL: Boston, White Sox, Texas, Yankees (WC)
    NL: Philadelphia, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Atlanta (WC)
    WS: Boston over Atlanta

    Ham – AL: Boston, Minnesota, Texas, White Sox (WC)
    NL: Atlanta, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Philadelphia (WC)
    WS: Boston over Atlanta

    Scott – AL: Boston, Detroit, Oakland, Texas (WC)
    NL: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Colorado, Philadelphia (WC)
    WS: Atlanta over Boston

    So tallying it all up, giving 1 point for each correct pick and 1 point for each correct division/WC pick, your grand totals:

    Curt – 7
    Scott – 4
    Ham – 3
    Steve – 3

    Proving once again, nothing.

  2. 52
    Walker Says:

    Atlanta over Boston ……….. Boston over Atlanta. LOLLL!!!

  3. 53
    Curt Says:

    No kidding. Talk about the ABT curse

  4. 54
    Leah Says:

    I say Cards in 7. They got magic.

  5. 55
    Kate Says:

    Braves hired Greg Walker as the new hitting coach.

  6. 56
    Walker Says:

    Congrats to him. Now he can teach our players how professionals hit. By being patient and not swinging at pitcher’s pitches before getting two strikes. Get two strikes and protect. Get 2-1, 3-1 counts and rip.

  7. 57
    Will Says:

    Mien got, Pujols managed to make me watch a ws highlight

  8. 58
    Walker Says:

    Who’s the dumb scout who missed on Pujols? That could have made his career. This guy is a once in 40 years player.

  9. 59
    Nate Says:

    Ndamukong Suh is classless, must be a Phillies fan.

  10. 60
    Curt Says:

    That would be dumb scouts. I think quite a few teams missed on him.

  11. 61
    David Says:

    Back before this World Series started, I said Rangers in 5 (along with #50). I figured that their offense would continue hitting well and their pitching would stifle the Cardinals’. Obviously, I was wrong with that prediction.

    What I’m more glad about, though, is that we’re seeing a good, evenly-matched WS. The fact that we haven’t had a Game 7 since 2002 and only two Game 6s (’09 and ’03) since then has made me want it to be at least exciting and not one-sided.

  12. 62
    Walker Says:

    Guess whats #1


  13. 63
    Curt Says:

    Good to see us actually on the winning side of one of those “all-time” series. Smoltz said something after the Braves lost that 18-inning game to the Astros that he was tired of being on the losing end of the greatest “blankety-blank” games or series.

    I agree.

  14. 64
    Walker Says:

    Yeah that was a great series. I thought were going to lose after Piazza hit that homer though. But we fought back. Too bad we couldn’t fight in the World Series.

  15. 65
    Shaun Says:

    Maybe I’m just extremely forgetful, but why don’t I remember much of anything from that 1999 series except Ventura’s grand-slam single and Andruw’s walk-off walk? And am I the only person who feels this way? It doesn’t seem so, since no one really talks about this series as an all-time great series. How is such a dramatic series so forgetful?

    I guess maybe it’s just that, although the games were very close and there was a lot of late-inning drama, there just weren’t that many walk-offs for such a close series. There weren’t many what we might call signature moments, aside from those mentioned above.

  16. 66
    Walker Says:

    @ Shaun
    I think it’s because there weren’t many walkoffs and because it looked like the Braves were going to sweep the series when they won the first 3 games. The series wasn’t really close until Ventura hit that homer. That’s when it got going.

  17. 67
    Walker Says:

    I guess when you dig deeper the 1999 nlcs was great but the 2001 world series was amazing.

  18. 68
    David Says:

    If Texas wins this game, this has got to be one of the worst-played WS-clinching games ever.

  19. 69
    Curt Says:


  20. 70
    Walker Says:

    Amazing game these Cardinals never freaking die. The Braves had no chance this year. We need to learn to play with this kind of heart.

  21. 71
    Walker Says:

    Washington and Larussa have made dumb choices but at least they are animated and show emotion. Fredi please take notes.

  22. 72
    Nate Says:

    Unbelievable game.

  23. 73
    Curt Says:

    I must be rooting for the Rangers. Way to blow 2 2-run leads. Cruz has to make that catch, or know he won’t and field that better. What a terrible play. And then to have the outfield playing so deep in the 9th where any little flare is going to drop in and score the tying run. Crazy. Very Braves-esque.

  24. 74
    Nate Says:

    If the Cards win tonight that Cruz play should be showed over and over. It’s the last out of the WS. You have to want it more than that.

  25. 75
    Anonymous Says:

    I feel a pit in my stomach whenever I hear “The Cardinals came from nowhere” or something along those lines because, as a Braves fan, I know that nowhere = Our Collapse…

    At least we’re not Rangers fans right?

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