November 02, 2011

Show #169: Braves Start Their Off Season Moves

Looking back at the WS.  The Awards Season.  Hinske and McLouth.  And the Derek Lowe trade.



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  1. 176
    Walker Says:

    Wow that would be an unfortunate end to a career. Man I hope he comes back, he was a talented switch hitting 1st basemen.

  2. 177
    David Says:

    171 — They were interested in Pujols so much because of the large Latin population in Miami, and they figured he’d be a big draw for attendance. Fielder wouldn’t do that for Miami.

    So what do you guys think about Cody Ross? Sounds like the Braves’ front office is interested with him — Fredi and Carlos Tosca worked with him while in Miami, Uggla played with him. According to DOB, Ross himself said (yesterday) that he’d like to rejoin all of those guys and he thinks the Braves have a really good team.

    My thoughts: NO. If Cody Ross is our “outfield upgrade,” that’d be a huge disappointment. Low OBP, high K total, coming off an injury-shortened season, and he’s not a power hitter.

  3. 178
    Nate Says:

    David, I’m with u on Cody Ross. Plus he’d probably end up playing a lot more than he should.

  4. 179
    john j Says:

    Wren WILL be dumping one or two of the young guys; bet on it. Wren is hoping to get something for them but ultimately will take what he can get. Tight budget, young guys who want to be paid, and throwing $10mil away on Lowe make it almost impossible to improve the team AND stay in budget. As someone said, hope that the remaining players can all play at or above their potential which may be good enough for Braves to compete; but, there is no Superman coming to help. Anyway, Wren has Kryptonite in his pocket (or, somewhere). Enjoy what we have. By the way, other GM’s know his situation (no deep pockets) and WILL NOT give him full value for dumping his young stars.

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