November 02, 2011

Show #169: Braves Start Their Off Season Moves

Looking back at the WS.  The Awards Season.  Hinske and McLouth.  And the Derek Lowe trade.



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  1. 26
    David Says:

    Curt — do you have a link for that hot stove section? I can’t seem to find it.

    Minor and Teheran for Ethier is idiotic. Ethier’s a good ballplayer, but I wouldn’t even give up either of those players on their own for Ethier, much less both of them together. He’s arb-eligible for 2012, which means he’ll make more than he made this year ($9.5 mil), and he’s a free agent after next season. Trading away two young, major-league minimum guys that can be part of your rotation for years to come for a one-year rental? Not to mention, Ethier’s left-handed (I would think a RH bat would be preferable), and he’s not a 30-hr/100-rbi guy that we could really use in the outfield.

  2. 27
    Curt Says:

    David, I base my desire for having Medlen in the rotation based not on those 4 outs, but his 2010 season as a starter. The Braves went 13-1 in games that he started. I won’t bore you with all his other stats, but he was the 2nd or 3rd best starter for us in 2010. And his arm will only be stronger coming off of that surgery. I like him more than I do JJ or Hanson right now. I just think he is a winner and we need more of that in our starting rotation.

    As far as the hot stove stuff, it was in the new magazine – with the Packers on the cover. I don’t know if they make all of their print stuff available online. Joe Sheehan wrote the piece. Closest I could find online was this:

  3. 28
    Shaun Says:

    Let’s keep in mind that it wouldn’t be shocking to see both Minor and Medlen in the rotation on Opening Day. Hanson’s no sure thing, with his injury, and Jurrjens could very well be traded. That only leaves two guarantees, as of right now: Hudson and Beachy.

    Having to choose between Minor and Medlen is not really a problem at this point. And if the Braves end up having to send Minor to Triple-A to stay stretched out, I could argue that it would be a good thing, in a way.

  4. 29
    David Says:

    Curt — I can agree with that, and you’re right that his arm will be stronger coming off of surgery. I also like him better than JJ, although I still have really high hopes for Hanson. His shoulder issues are a big worry, but I also think that he can continue as the pitcher he was during the first half of this year. That being said, if Hanson comes out and has a really strong 1st half, I’d like to see the Braves trade him at the deadline.

    Shaun, I think you’re exactly right — that we could see both of them in the rotation to start the year.

    How do you guys feel about Prado potentially being traded?

  5. 30
    Shaun Says:

    I like that the Braves are apparently exploring options with Prado and Jurrjens. They could potentially get 4-6 legit major leaguers, essentially, for those two, once you consider the players that they could bring in a trade an potential savings from not having to pay those two. I’m assuming this is what the Braves are thinking, and they’ll only trade either if they can get 2-3 potential major league contributors for each without taking a hit in the payroll.

    Also, something tells me that maybe they are looking to trade Prado and Jurrjens to save a little money that they would pay them in arbitration in order to make a fairly big move at left or short.

  6. 31
    Steve Says:

    I’m much more comfortable with JJ being traded than Prado. I’m convinced that JJ will be consistently injured going forward. And I believe that Prado bounces back in a big way. I mean, you know he took like 2 days off after the season and is now practicing his swing and working out 16 hours a day.

  7. 32
    Steve Says:

    Have you read the Ken Rosenthal article about the Braves? Good stuff, nothing earth shaking, but there’s a line in there about the Braves INCREASING payroll this coming season! Pretty interesting news…

  8. 33
    Nate Says:

    I really hope we keep Prado. We need more Medlen’s and Prado’s. I would shed very few tears over Hanson or JJ leaving, especially if we can get a really good bat for them. Those guys are great when they’re healthy and consistent with their mechanics, but at this point, how much can you really rely on those 2 guys? Dimico made a good point about trading pitchers for a bat in his interview with you guys, and the postseason results strengthened his argument, imo.

    I’m surprised Delgado hasn’t gotten more love this offseason. I thought he pitched the best out of all of the Big 4 down the stretch. I would also be stunned if Teheran starts the year in AAA. Dude’s a stud. What more does he have to prove in the minors? Minor has had ample opportunity to win the 5th man job, and he’ll get another one this Spring, but he just doesn’t excite me as much as Delgado and Teheran.

    Has anyone read the SI report on the disgusting, horrid PennState allegations? Unforgivable.

  9. 34
    Curt Says:

    According to DOB:

    Royals general manager Dayton Moore acknowledged Friday having a conversation with the Braves about potential trade match-ups but apparently the asking price was too steep.

    The Kansas City star is reporting the Braves wanted top outfield prospect Wil Myers, as well as center fielder Lorenzo Cain for Jair Jurrjens and possibly Martin Prado, but the Royals are unlikely to part with Myers.

  10. 35
    David Says:

    Also from DOB around 6pm today: “Royals still want another starter plus (Jonathan) Sanchez but won’t trade Myers and with Lorenzo Cain handed a CF job, #Braves/Jurrjens seems less a fit”

  11. 36
    Walker Says:

    That was a dumb trade the Giants made. You don’t trade a young flamethrowing cheap lefty for a fringe starter who really is a 4th outfielder.

  12. 37
    Kate Says:

    Wren says Medlen is one of eight starters the Braves have.

  13. 38
    Nate Says:

    Thanks, Kate. Vizcaino, EOF, Venters, and Kimbrel. Should be fun to watch.

    Does anyone know if JJ Hoover is pitching as a reliever or a starter in the AFL?

  14. 39
    Curt Says:

    Looks like he is working as a reliever.

    Any word on Marek? Might have to look up his progress.

  15. 40
    Steve Says:

    Re Marek:

    Braves: Removed catcher J.C. Boscan, reliever Stephen Marek and outfielders Wilkin Ramirez and Antoan Richardson from their 40 man roster. All will be free agents.

  16. 41
    Curt Says:

    Why? Guess he isn’t bouncing back. That’s disappointing.

    More on Prado –

  17. 42
    Walker Says:

    I just read Alex Gonzalez will most likely get a 2 year deal. So it might be Pastornicky at shortstop for us next year.

  18. 43
    Leah Says:

    I will cry bitter tears if we lose Prado.

  19. 44
    Nate Says:

    I don’t like the idea of trading Prado for Seth Smith. Prado is better at baseball. We downgraded a position 2 seasons ago and lost a clutch bat. I really don’t want to do that again. Please, Wren, just stand pat if these are the only moves available.

  20. 45
    Nate Says:

    Also, why aren’t we trying to keep a guy like Prado? He works hard and can play about 5 different positions, which seems like a major plus given Chipper and Heyward’s knack for injuries. Not to mention, he was probably our best player a year ago. I am having some horrible deja vu over these Prado trade rumors. Prado isn’t a jerk, so what’s the reasoning behind these trade rumors? Do we think the league has figured Prado out? Is he really just a utility guy? Didn’t Chipper say Prado is one of our top hitters? I’m lost on this.

  21. 46
    Curt Says:

    I think Wren just can’t help himself. Mark Bradley had a nice article a couple of weeks ago about all the tinkering Wren does and perhaps it’s too much. Perhaps he needs to let some cohesion settle in, instead of constantly tweaking. I tend to agree with him, and you Nate. Don’t make a move just to make a move.

    Did you guys read the story about Wilson Ramos getting kidnapped in Venezuela? No wonder Prado was so stressed with his family down there. Crazy and very sad.

  22. 47
    Kate Says:

    This is from an article by Jayson Stark.

    • Teams that have spoken with the Braves report they’re continuing to “float” Jair Jurrjens’ name, even after their potential deal to send him to Kansas City fell through. “They’re not really pushing him. They’re floating him,” said an executive of one team that spoke with them. “The impression we got is they’ve got to unload money. They want to get a bat, and the only way to do it is to unload money. The one guy they’d move, no problem, is Martin Prado. He seems like he’s fallen from grace over there.”

  23. 48
    Walker Says:

    From Mark Bowman:

    “Lowe was actually a pretty good guy who certainly created a number of laughs over the past few years. His self-deprecating humor was priceless. A few hours before he started a game in late August this year, Eric Hinske walked in the clubhouse and said “Are you starting tonight?” Lowe responded, “Yep, we’ll get them tomorrow.”


  24. 49
    Curt Says:

    I don’t get the Prado thing. Other than they think he has no position and they don’t want to pay him to be a utility player. It’s incomprehensible as to what he has done to fall this far.

    And again, this desperation with which the Braves operate. It seems to put them in a postion where they don’t get the most out of trades. AND AGAIN WITH FREAKING PAYROLL ISSUES! SELL THE TEAM! Read today that 12/11/11 is the date when Liberty can unload the team. Please let that be the big offseason move. I can’t take this anymore. Mark Cuban, I’m begging you.

  25. 50
    Walker Says:

    I sincerely doubt that they will trade Prado. Who will play 3rd when Chipper goes on the DL. And I don’t know if Wren has noticed but 3rd base is a position of talent scarcity in the Majors. Unless we get Kemp, it would be in our best interest to keep him.

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